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Internet state of play 2010

The internet and its technologies is something that we as a community sometimes take for granted. Now more than ever, the internet is being embraced by companies worldwide. Discover how Brio Group can help harness your company’s digital capabilities.

While many of us are aware of our own internet use, such as the number of emails we receive a day, how many friends message us on Facebook, or how many websites we visit and what they are – it’s sometimes hard to imagine what these numbers would equate to if multiplied by all of the internet users worldwide.

Focus is a website which provides loads of information for business professionals and has most recently produced a graphical data representation titled “The State of the Internet: Summing up 2010“.

The image draws data from a number of sources including Facebook, Verisign, Twitter and Flickr and compiles it into a snapshot of the number of internet users in 2010 and what they have been doing.

Some of the numbers are quite phenomenal such as 3000 images being uploaded to Flickr every second, 2 billion videos being watched on YouTube for the year and 100 million new accounts created on Twitter.

The image is really quite impressive, to take a look at yourself, CLICK HERE to be taken to the Focus website to view.

How much do you contribute to the figures?

Yours in Digital,


Social media for business

Social Media is fast becoming a must-have for every business moving and expanding forward in the online space. Brio Group helps clients with full social media packages and the expertise to maximise social media impact.

Businesses are fast learning their presence in social media networks is now an important part of their marketing and communication plans. To help businesses take the first steps for social media success, here we share a preview of our top 6 tips.

1) Select your Social Media Sites
You could spend weeks wading through the sea of social networking sites, only to return to the top five. Some businesses use just one, others use a mix. Select the best sites that fit your strategy, audience, and your dedication to update each site with regular, fresh content. You may like to consider: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or My Space.

2) Look, Listen and Learn
Instead of diving head first into social media, it’s best to look at what your competitors are up to and how the big guns get it right. Look at how your competitors are engaging with their followers. What information can you gather about how their audience interacts with them? Some companies fail by simply using social media as a soapbox to promote their company 100% of the time. It’s vital to remember that social media is not about blatant promotion; it’s about connecting with your audience with engaging content.

3) Social Media Strategy
Social Media is fast becoming a must-have for every business moving and expanding in the online space. Did you know that 60% of businesses who use social media do not have a strategy – simply because they don’t have time? Don’t follow their lead! Without a strategy you’re not getting the best return on your digital investment. Your strategy should align with your business’s objectives and goals, and be a living document.

4) Social Media Policy
A social media policy is your business’s internal rulebook for using social media responsibly. Your policy should feature accountabilities, responsiveness guidelines, brand reputation management plans, and a risk analysis. Your staff will refer to this guide to ensure consistent communication and timely actions and engagement. And importantly, to ensure they follow procedure to water down any negative comment fires.

5) Clever Content Creation
Content is king; it helps drive conversations and inform. Without regular content, your audience will soon forget about your brand. Therefore regular content that is carefully targeted to your audience to encourage interaction, or to spark action, is the lifeblood of your social networking page.

6) Monitor, Measure and Reporting
One of the benefits of social media is that it’s completely measureable. This is why it’s so important to establish your goals early on in the game.

If you found these tips handy and would like to explore the FREE full article, complete with helpful Brio Group expert tips, visit our website.

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YouTube for business

Have you ever considered YouTube as part of your digital marketing mix? It’s free, easy to use, and you can customise your channel to compliment your company’s branding. It’s a proven platform that allows you to share videos to existing and new audiences, integrate video content on your website or Facebook page, and can help increase your SEO.

Audiences today research businesses online to help make an informed decision to see if your business is the right fit for them. It’s the world’s no.1 entertainment site and attracts an equal mix of male and females aged between 18-55, spanning all geographies.

What content should I post?
You don’t need to be a Hollywood filmmaker to be worthy of uploading videos to YouTube. It’s a social channel, which means the eclectic mix of videos cover everything from the amateur to the professional. Business video content can fit somewhere in between. But before you go out and buy the latest and greatest video camera, take a look at what content you already have in the office. Chances are you’ll have PowerPoint slides, video footage from conferences, presentations, seminars and interviews – which all make great content. Remember, as long as your content is value-adding, helpful, entertaining, and helps position your business as an expert in your industry you’re on the right track.

Some effective content ideas:
– existing TV & Cinema commercials
– meet the team Q&A with key staff and personnel
– customer testimonials
– film a tour of your offices to help your audience feel connected with you
– create a video explaining your key services or products
– create ‘how to’ mini tutorials that explain how to use your products or services.

Brio Tip: Whenever you post videos that are suitable for sharing, promote it through Facebook and Twitter, write a blog about it, or embed the video on appropriate pages of your website.

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Aussie James West tracks down the Trans in time for Thanksgiving

Each year there must be millions of emails about Thanksgiving preparations hitting American inboxes from loved ones. Nothing unusual there. It’s a big holiday and no doubt takes loads of organising.

Florida’s Tran family send dozens of preparation emails each year; but unbeknown to them the James West (one of their relative’s partners) they’ve been emailing was in fact not the James West they intended. For the past three years, 28-year-old James West from Sydney had been receiving the emails along with family photo updates and even inside goss of what will join the turkey on the dinner table. And then it appeared his appetite finally kicked in.

After three years of disregarding the emails, James West, who traditionally doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving decided to change this in 2010. His mission: to track down the Trans and ask for a real invitation to Thanksgiving. The Aussie broadcast journalist filmed a sweet and sincere video My Thanksgiving Plea: Tracking down the Trans and kicked off a YouTube campaign to help rouse the attention of the Trans. It’s been reported some Tran family Googling also helped West meet his time-sensitive mission. But first, watch his plea here:


So, this pursuit indeed has a very sweet ending. West made it to Thanksgiving thanks to the welcoming hearts of the Trans. To watch a series of videos documenting the adventure visit James West’s blog where you’ll find Operation Tran.

news.com.au and CNN have followed the story, and even Mashable have reported on it too. Some news readers celebrate West’s pursuit while others label it ‘stalker-like’. Of course there are going to be cynics, but I’d high-five West if I ever ran into him. Good on him for having some fun with some mistaken identity emails and making some friends along the way.

What do you think? If you were the Trans, would you open up your home to Mr West?

Yours in the digital revolution,


“What’s my line?”

“You’re probably too young to remember”, was the response I received at a party this weekend. And I sure was!!!

“What’s my line?” was a popular game show from 1950-67… when they had black & white TV!

The idea of the game show was for 4 panelists to guess a person’s occupation by asking questions that had “yes” “no” answers. If the special guest was too recognisable the panelists had to wear blindfolds.

Many famous people from the ‘arts’ were invited on as special guests
Hugh Hefner – 12 years into the Playboy magazine
Ronald Reagan – when he was an actor
• A 33 year old Barbra Streisand
Clarence C. Nash – the voice of Donald duck
Colonel Sanders – today his caricature is so widely recognised
Elizabeth Taylor – onto her 2nd husband by 1954

My favourite guest was Salvador Dali who led the panelists to believe he was a jack of all trades.


I found it more interesting watching “What’s my line?” on youtube than switching on the TV.

Have you watched this show? How do you compare it to the game shows / reality shows of today?

Yours in Design,
Amber van Sloten

Jetstar flies the social media flag!

This morning I read that more than 71% of businesses intend to increase their use of social media – including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and company blogs – in 2010 (according to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report).

So it was timely when I discovered how Jetstar plan to divvy up their marketing budget. It’s pretty big news as it’s reported as the first major brand to make a dramatic shift of marketing spend into social media. Now, take a guess how much of their marketing spend Jetstar have lobbed into the social media basket?



Nope, not even close.

40%! While it may be bad news for print advertising, it’s telling news for the reality and future of digital marketing. This enthusiastic nod to social media has been described by Jetstar on Mumbrella as a “significant shift in marketing spend” to the new media phenomenon. In the article Jetstar aknowledged that traditional media had become expensive and fragmented.

I believe Jetstar’s push into using sites like Facebook and Twitter illustrate the company is open to follow trends and they recognise how their audience like to communicate.

And the proof is in the pudding. Mumbrella reported the Aussie budget airline trialed social media, including Twitter and YouTube, over the past 18 months, which confirmed their customers were comfortable reacting online. You may recall the 1000 seats for 2c sale through Twitter last year? It sold out in 2 hours!

If that’s indicative of the cool campaigns and customer-happy offers Jetstar may share when they commence their social media saturation in the next financial year, then I shall be following their tweets with credit card on hand!

Yours in design,