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Report: How Australian consumers and businesses use social media

Social media is joining more and more Australian business’s marketing plans, a new report reveals. To date large companies have seen the benefits of engaging in social media, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, to develop a more direct and open relationship with their audience. Meanwhile, 14% of small business and 25% of medium businesses currently use social media, and according to figures an uptake in these markets is expected over the next year. This anticipated rise in social media for business use is indicative of business owners and marketers recognsing the benefits of social media and the significant amount of time consumers now spend online (about 5 hours a week on Facebook).

Facebook trumps other social networking sites:

The Sensis report, which explores how Australian consumers and businesses use social media, also revealed that Facebook is the number 1 choice for consumers and businesses. Facebook captures 97% of social networking users and 60% of all internet users.

What consumers want:

This report is a helpful tool for marketers to gain an insight into the consumer’s behaviour within the social sphere. Not surprisingly, when asked what consumers wanted from businesses and brands they followed, discounts was the most commonly sought after item. Giveaways, invitations to events and general product information were also sought by a sizeabe proportion of followers.

Below are some key takeaways from the report:

To access the report in full, click here.

Yours in social media for business,


Digital media budget? Let’s include YouTube marketing!

If you’re working on your marketing budget for 2011/12 and trying to decide the value of including more digital media, in particular, YouTube productions and channels to that budget – new figures just released from the video giant in celebration of its 6th birthday may be of interest.

YouTube announced that users from across the globe upload more than 48 hours of video every single day to the service. This is a reported 37% increase in video uploaded every minute in the past six months. These are phenomenal numbers and worth taking note for any marketing manager looking to move more to the digital space.

Over the past weekend, YouTube set a new record in user interest – over 3 billion video views in one day! This is a 50% increase in usage compared to last year.

Infographic courtesy of Photographer1773

A number of clients approach me here at Brio Group with questions about the value of using YouTube as a medium and assigning marketing budget towards it. My advice is if you can see where your product or service is transferable, not only to the web but to video, YouTube is a cost-effective way to spread the word about your company and your offerings.

I’d be happy to discuss in more detail with you, so feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to be a part of the YouTube explosion!

Yours in YouTube marketing,


Social media at the forefront of news coverage

Proof we don’t do things in halves, the universe threw two of the century’s largest moments into three days – a royal wedding and the takedown of the world’s most wanted terrorist. And proof of the changing ways we communicate in the 21st century, social media was at the forefront of alerting the world.

The pomp and decadence of the Royal Wedding on Friday shone a pretty, romantic light over the world – which let’s admit, has been pretty bleak in 2011 courtesy of Mother Nature’s tragedies. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr were championing conversation, coverage and updates in the minutes pre, during and post wedding which two billion people stopped to watch.

However, this romance was quite literally killed, overshadowed by the death of Osama bin Laden yesterday. Like the Royal Wedding, social media played a pivotal role in this story, notably in how the news broke.  As reported on Wired, the Osama takedown set the Twitter record, with the micro-blogging site being the avenue where the news was first shared – by a Blackberry.

Personally, I first heard the news of bin Laden’s death at the gym, via Facebook, which led me to research news sites on my iPhone. In fact, the more I think about it, Facebook has been the source of my news and updates through the ups and downs of 2011: the Queensland floods and cyclone, Christchurch’s earthquake, Japan’s tsunami and earthquake, the Royal Wedding coverage … and now bin Laden.

How did you hear about the bin Laden news? And what is your best source of news?

Yours in social media changing the way we communicate,


Choose your words carefully – they could change your world

Words have more power than people give them credit for. In fact writers often scroll through hundreds of words before finding the perfect one, the one word that encapsulates their message completely and correctly.

It’s no surprise then, that effective cut-through communication relies on the mutual understanding of those words and their intended meaning by both sides in the communication equation – sender and receiver. We often forgot that with the rise of social media it’s not enough to simply send your message out into the world; it needs to be understood quickly so it can be processed and acted upon even quicker.

I saw a video recently of a homeless man on the street, his sign saying “PLEASE HELP, I’M BLIND”. He had a few people stopping by and giving money, but nothing that would greatly ease his suffering. He had the right message, but the wrong words to create action in his audience.  His message wasn’t cutting through all the other market place noise.

The clip continues as a professional woman comes into shot. She pauses, picks up his sign. You see her hastily writing something, but you’re unsure what. The homeless man touches her shoes as she puts the sign back into position beside him. The scene changes and more donations are being given to help, the homeless man scrambling to capture all coins in his tin. The professional woman returns after some time and the homeless man recognises her by her shoes, which he’s felt again. He asks with genuine sincerity and appreciation, what did she do to his sign and her reply? “I wrote the same, with different words”.

She used the right words, in the right context to create cut-through communication and connection between sender and receiver, and the effect in this demonstration was profound. Imagine if all your communication was received this way.

Brio Group can help you find the right words to achieve cut-through communication in the busiest of marketplaces. We also offer helpful hints on writing better Press Releases, creating copy for your ads and understanding the rapidly growing business benefits of social media.

Yours in 355 specifically chosen words,


Sharing is caring: how social media can transform your business

A majority of brands understand the importance of communicating their message clearly to their audience, however the most successful brands are also very aware that as social media continues to bring people together – creating a global village – it’s increasingly important to engage in clear, open, two-way communication.

With this in mind I’d like to introduce Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a perfect example of how engaging consumers (or simply those who share your passions) can lead to brand success.

In 2006, Gary Vaynerchuk created WineLibrary.com, and as part of that The Thunder Show was born – which is part wine advice, part sport commentary and all exuberant personality and passion. He also began searching for ways to engage with people who shared his passions, but  this was all outside of his role running a million dollar wine business. What set him apart was that instead of simply communicating to his audiences, he engaged with them by answering questions and providing instant information. These people in turn began following his online programs, comments and posts, all without prompting by Gary.

So what did he do differently to gain this organic following? Gary cared. He cared enough to cultivate relationships the old fashioned way – by listening, responding and not plugging his services to get something back. He communicated in a real and meaningful way – not simply dictating information to yield a sales result.

Through sharing his passion, Gary has morphed into a social media guru, dispersing priceless advice on the significance of online engagement and more importantly the power of The Thank You Economy. Now, I could explain what it’s all about, but part of Gary’s brilliance is the passion he exudes when discussing the topic.


Viewer advisory: This program contains explicit language

Yours in social media for business,


Do you know your target market?

The Neo Property Marketing Team possibly knew they were targeting bachelors when they conceptualised this advertising campaign for the sale of the property at 15 Queen Anne Court on the Gold Coast. Some might even say it’s spot on for the Gold Coast demographic.


This advert is just shy of 500,000 hits on youtube to date. Probably not all qualified leads wanting to view the advertised property, more likely for entertainment value.

But we can’t deny this TV advertisement going viral has lots of people talking so an interested buyer may have been it by now.

What are your thoughts on this style of advertising – sex sells?!

Yours in advertising,
Amber van Sloten

Eat your way to the music

Eclectic alternative rock heroes, the Flaming Lips, have always been known for their creative approach. Last year frontman, Wayne Coyne, took his obsession with fake blood to a new level, and created a one off poster made from his own blood. Earlier this year, the Flaming Lips released the track ‘Two Blobs Fucking‘ as 12 separate youtube clips that need to be played simultaneously on iPhones.

The band have continued to think progressively and embrace technology as they plan to release their new four song EP on a USB stick… inside a gummy brain… inside a gummy skull. You have to eat your way to the music! In Coyne’s words:

“It’s a life-sized human skull completely made out of edible gummy bear stuff. It also has a gummy brain inside of it and, inside of that, there’s a USB flash drive that has three new songs on it. It’s pretty outrageous.” (pitchfork.com)

They found a gummy-innovation-expert who turned out to be a big fan and took an enthusiastic interest in the project, which will be released in April.

Yours in creativity,

To goo, or not to goo? That’s Cadbury’s eternal question

Everyone knows them, almost everyone has their own way of eating them, and this year 1,621,728 people “like” them.

Yes, the Cadbury Crème Egg has smashed, crashed, splatted, blended, mouse-trapped and sliced its way onto our TVs and social media sites once again. This time in their limited season “How Do You Goo” Campaign, with an added bonus, GOO DARES WINS!

Now I’m not loyal to many brands and chocolate is certainly no exception, but these little guys with their own personalities and quirks have me coming back for more every year – even to the point where I think I should “stock up” because its going to be a long hard year (or roughly 8 months) before I see them again. Talk about brand loyalty!

However, I’m beginning to believe my loyalty has more to do with the creative campaign that supports the brand as opposed to the actual chocolate or fondant used. My theory proved correct this weekend as I found a competitor’s crème egg on the shelf at my local supermarket, placed right beside my favourite Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

What was I to do – was I to goo, or not to goo?

In the end my partner convinced me to try the competitor’s egg, so I forlornly left my Crème Egg on the shelf and continued shopping. But as we walked the aisles I looked down at that little egg and felt like a traitor – I was forsaking a crème egg’s dream – being split in half with the fondant methodically licked out the center from one side, while the other was eaten whole for full sweetness effect.

So, in ode to the Cadbury Crème Egg I left behind on the supermarket shelf I dedicate this blog (+ video) and encourage people to go forth and Goo because you only have until April 24th.



Yours In Goo Camaraderie,


For more Creme Egg Goo-dness visit the official website.

NAB’s social media win: the clever Valentine’s Day tweet

I think I’m in love. No, not because it’s Valentines Day and love is in the air, but because I’ve just seen the whole roll out of the cheeky PR stunt National Australia Bank (NAB) pulled over the weekend as part of its new campaign. A stunt which the bank timed perfectly with Valentines Day, and even had competitor Westpac tweeting in response!

The Twitter stunt very briefly goes like this: @NAB tweets on Friday night – it appears to be that of a “staff member” who had a bad day, and accidentally tweeted their personal message on the NAB profile instead of their own. People commiserate – after all who hasn’t posted something they wish they hadn’t – but the faux pas takes off and is re-tweeted 100+ times, each time growing in momentum and linking people back to the NAB profile. It appears so genuine that even rival bank @Westpac jumps on board and shares in the commiserations – humanising the banking world yet again.

Regardless of how you view the stunt – and there has been wide criticism for its “unprofessional” approach – Friday night’s tweet probably achieved all initial objectives: it humanised the banking world, proving NAB do have a sense of humour; it used social media to generate conversations with potential consumers; and on a more measureable level it increased NAB’s Twitter followers. Combine this with a relatable and memorable tone and perfect, if not unconventional timing and it’s full steam ahead for kickstarting NAB’s cheeky new campaign. (One which could have followed suite of expected and previous bland banking campaigns had they been too afraid to take a risk).

I don’t advocate deceiving the public merely to pull off a campaign, but in the right context and aligned with the perfect mix of media to provide accurate information (and to let the public in on the joke quickly)  social media is opening more and more pathways for re-inventing how businesses can communicate with their consumers, especially if they’re willing to take a chance.

I’m excited to see how the remaining “big 4” roll out their upcoming campaigns, after all, Barbara will probably have something to say about social media not belonging in “Bank World”.

Check out the NAB YouTube or visit the NAB Twitter page to see the bank’s social media for business efforts.

Yours in social media for business,