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CMO’s Guide to Social Media Sites

The social-media landscape has grown since last year with an additional 5 more communities/platforms added and a quite a few of  them are already booming. So, which social media tools and channels will work best for your business?

This years largest growing community is Pintrest, which reached 10 million monthly visitors in less time than Facebook or Twitter did. It’s demographics include mostly women and it is quite popular in the Midwest. The concept behind Pintrest is that members can post images of whatever is of interest to them. From there, followers can then ‘like’, or ‘repin’ those images, which is then pushed out to their followers. Pintrest is a bit different as it offers a way to reach a group that is not usually considered a part of the ‘digerati’ and can be most useful for brand exposure and driving traffic to your site if your material gets ‘pinned’ by others.

This year, Google launched Google+, which offers some unique ways to interact, including Circles and Hangouts (group video chats) which make customer communication a breeze. Unlike Facebook ‘Likes’, positive ratings on Google+ can influence your brand’s search ranking. This channel has become a “must have” for social marketers, as it has more than 90 million users (though, there are questions about how active they are).

Three other communities that have recently been added to the social media pool are  SlideShare, Quora and Instagram.

SlideShare is similar to YouTube for slide shows. It is a great way to promote your brand / products and communicate with customers, however it is pretty much a one way conversation at this stage.

Quora was founded by two former Facebooker’s and is based on questions for community members to answer. It’s an ideal place to share your expertise as it is a perfect addition to your content marketing efforts.

Instagram is an iPhone app that lets you take photo’s of your products or services, apply interesting effects and share them, which can also be pushed out to your Facebook page and Twitter.

Is it time for you to re-evaluate which social media tools could work for you? Gone are the days where having a Facebook page is the only option. There is a continuing amount of other channels that have different capabilities and purpose, and used together can connect with a massive amount of people. For an analysis of which social medial tools are the latest and greatest, CMO have, for the third consecutive year, turned to 97th Floor, an SEO and Social Media Firm for their perspective of the different social media channels and ones that could definitely be worth your time.

You can view 97th Floors take on 10 Social Network Choices on 2012 CMO’s Guide To The Social Landscape.

Yours in Social Media

Angie Rapisarda

Take the stairs!

On any normal day, due to complete laziness I would probably take the escalator. If you presented me with the opportunity to have ‘fun’ whilst climbing a set of stairs, I’d definitely consider it.

The Fun Project – Piano Staircase was an initiative of Volkswagen to see if by making the daily chore of climbing the stairs to be ‘fun’, would increase the number of people to actually use them. See the results here.


Yours in laziness,


Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca is YouTube’s trends manager, and he has deep thoughts about silly web video. In this talk from TEDYouth, he shares the 4 reasons a video goes viral. (This is the first talk posted from an amazing TEDYouth event. Many others will come on line next month as part of our TED-Ed launch.

“In a world where over two days of video get uploaded every minute, only that which is truly unique and unexpected can stand out in the way that [viral videos] have.” (Kevin Allocca)

Yours in going viral,

The Joy of Books

Type Books Signage


Books are more than pages of text and images and this gorgeous stop-motion animation video for Type Books, in Toronto Canada, reminds us of the joys of books. It also helps to remind us of the joy of wandering though the cramped shelves of the local neighbourhood bookstore, deciding which book has the potential to delight us. Even though I myself am a technology lover and I do love being able to read a book or magazine on my iPad, this video reminds me of feeling the printed pages, the smell of the paper of a new book and it sure makes me want to explore a little bookstore to find a new treasure to curl up and get lost in. I think that’s why this beautiful creation is so inspiring and in the short time since it’s release has had well over a million hits on YouTube and gone viral over the internet.

It is a lovingly crafted video that imagines what happens after the bookstore closes, with the books moving, dancing, changing in a domino-like effect and even reading one another. It’s whimsical, magical and inspiring.

What I also love about this video is that it was created by the owners (Sean Ohlenkamp and Joanne Saul) of the bookshop themselves with the help of 25 volunteers. It helps though, that Sean Ohlenkamp is also an associate creative director at a Toronto-based advertising agency and has created some other beautiful campaigns and stop-motion animation, you can see here.

“After organizing our bookshelf almost a year ago…my wife and I (Sean Ohlenkamp) decided to take it to the next level. We spent many sleepless nights moving, stacking, and animating books at Type bookstore in Toronto. Everything you see here can be purchased at Type Books.”

Stop-motion animation is incredibly intensive, as everything is shot by frame-by-frame. Each change is a new scene. The owners and team of volunteers shot this video over four nights, starting as soon as the shop shut at 6pm, right through to 10am. Sean has estimated that each second contains approximately 10 frames, so in the almost 2 minutes of this video there’s about 1,200 frames.

I myself admire the time and energy this would have taken moving around every book for each frame, but a wonderful end result that’s spreading around the world, is worth it. What do you think of this campaign? Are you inspired to head out to a bookstore and buy a book to read this weekend?

Yours in awesome advertising,

Hey Big Nose!

A great campaign for a product not normally associated with clever marketing, functional yes, clever no … An air conditioning company in Argentina ran a campaign offering discounts on their products to people with big noses, arguing that the big noses needed the filtered air the most. Put your snozz in the instore display, if it’s big enough to touch the sensor, you get the discount!

Carlsberg Cinema Bikers Stunt

Carlsberg and advertising agency Duval Guillaume put together a brilliant viral commercial, by pulling a prank on unsuspecting movie goers. They filled a cinema with 148 of the baddest biker boys they could find and only left two seats left, smack bang in the middle. The reactions are priceless, as you will see, with some choosing to walk away and others taking their seats. Those who were brave enough to venture through the scary crowd were treated to a spotlight beam, a round of applause and you guessed it a cold bottle of Carlsberg Beer, while the movie screen shows the phrase ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’. The fun campaign has been hugely successful and has had over 7,000,00 hits alone.

The question I pose to you, is would you take a seat if you were faced with this situation?



Your’s in awesome advertising,

The Ultimate Pleasure Hunt


While checking the latest news on ninemsn the other day an advert on the side caught my attention. The words ‘Pleasure Seeker’ and ‘Streets Magnum’ made me think “yummy, let’s check this out”. What I encountered was the latest global campaign for Magnum, an engaging online game that takes you on journey across the internet in search of the ‘ultimate pleasure’.

In this online game you control a girl with your keyboard, as she runs and jumps through a series of websites, interacting with them and the brands within. Highlights of this include her ‘gate crashing’ a fashion show on YouTube, grabbing a hang-glider from a ski resort to fly through the sky and driving off in a luxury Saab.

The creative is great and had me gasping out an audible ‘WOW’ or amazed laugh every now and again. I can only imagine the time and effort it would have taken all parties involved to collaborate with all the brands and build this fun interactive experience.

The interactivity then follows through with the ability to submit your score, share on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your score. First round for me was a score of 2,411, ranking me 1,185. Maybe you can beat mine when you check it out at pleasurehunt.mymagnum.com.au

The end result is an effective, fun and inspiring campaign that will have people talking about and sharing their experience with people all over the world, just like me.

Yours in pleasure hunting,


Behind the brand: SpareTicket.com.au

Ever wondered what really goes on in agencies when they create brands? There’s a lot of brainstorming, cups of coffee, drawing and scribbling – all in the name of idea generation! It’s hard work, but a lot of fun. At Brio Group, we recently brought the SpareTicket.com.au brand to life. Everything from the branding through to website, social media, marketing collateral and advertising kits.

To discover more about the steps, how we work, and hear an insight behind the creative and strategic minds of some of the Brio crew, check out our YouTube clip. We hope you enjoy!

To see the brand in action, visit the SpareTicket.com.au website.

Yours in branding,


SpareTicket.com.au shortlisted for Qantm Create Awards


Ok shameless plug here: we’re all very excited to have our website SpareTicket.com.au shortlisted for the Qantm Create Design Awards presented by Desktop!

We’d love it if you ‘liked’ or tweeted us here: www.createawards.com.au/shortlisted/round-one/spareticket/

You can see all the round 1 finalists in the latest issue of Desktop magazine available at all good newsagents and bookstores or view the entries online at www.createawards.com.au.

If you’d like to see how we built the brand and website from scratch and utilised social media to launch the brand, check out the behind the scenes video below (including interviews with the Brio team and Rhonda Locke, the creator of SpareTicket.com.au):

We hope you enjoy it!

Yours in building brands,