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Gruen Planet’s first episode airs tonight


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The Gruen Transfer is my favourite show. Hands down. It’s required reading (or watching) for those in our industry and gives the rest of the world an insight into what we advertisers do each day.

So naturally I’m busting with excitement for Gruen Planet which airs tonight on ABC1 at 9pm.

Over an eight-week season Gruen Planet will delve into the world of public relations – the world of ‘spin’ with Gruen Transfer host Wil Anderson and panelists Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson.

“Persuasion is persuasion,” says Sampson, pointing out that the techniques used in PR and damage control are not dissimilar to those used to persuade consumers to buy a product.

Topics will include a proposal to run an ad during grand final week asserting that footballers should not be role models, the rebranding of Rupert Murdoch and a pitch to persuade Australians they hate the Melbourne Cup.

Tonight’s episode will focus on the political survival of prime minister Julie Gillard, described as ‘The only leader on Earth more besieged than Gaddafi’. The show will look at how she should be repositioned as a political brand but will also cover SABMiller’s acquisition of Fosters to tackle the question: How do you sell Aussie beers that are no longer Aussie? And do brands really need to worry about patriotism?

The last part of the show will ask contestants to come up with a campaign to convince Australians that they should stop expecting our footballers to be role models in the run up to grand final week for the NRL and AFL.

And for those of you miss tonight’s episode: a repeat of the show will air on Thursday at 9.30pm on ABC2 or you can catch-up with iView.

Will you be watching?

Yours in spin,

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Need a laugh? Brisbane Comedy Festival to liven up the Powerhouse

The Brisbane Comedy Festival will hit the Brisbane Powerhouse in March, promising a giggling start to autumn. And let’s admit it, after such a mixed-up summer (storms, floods, cyclone, and a weekend heat wave), I think we can all use a bit of humour.

So what can you expect from the Festival which opens Tuesday 1 March and ends Sunday 27 March? Enjoy well-known comedians who will return to the popular festival, plus a handful of new funny faces. Also returning is Chalkboard, which offers a surprise, late night line-up every Friday and Saturday night. Tickets go on sale at noon on the day of the show. And if it’s anything like last year, these evenings sell out super fast – so remember to get in quick!

Headlining comedians you can look forward to seeing are: Wil Anderson, Josh Thomas, George McEncroe, Mel Buttle, Josh Earl, Lily Tomlin, Dave O’Neil, Peter Helliar and Denise Scott. To view the full programme, visit the Brisbane Powerhouse website.

Yours in Brisbane comedy,


Republic of Everyone’s Green’s Party advert banned by ABC’s Gruen Nation

Well after seeing Todd Sampson claim this to be ‘the best Greens ad ever’ and that the Republic of Everyone’s, Ben Peacock to expect a phone call from the Greens, it seems that the ABC has put a bit of a dampener on the whole shebang.

“As reported yesterday by Campaign Brief, A fake political commercial for the Green Party on the ABC’s Gruen Nation on Wednesday night has hit a green nerve, with thousands of supportive messages posted requesting that the ad be adopted by the party and aired nationally.

Sydney-based sustainable brand consultancy Republic of Everyone, who developed the “If You Think – vote Greens” spot, was approached by the Green Party to discuss using the concept following the show. However, the ABC owns the copyright and have refused to allow that to happen.

But as it stands the fact that The Greens can’t buy it is working in their favour with the press picking up the story and the spot going viral with over 24,000 hits in less than 24 hours.” – Campaign Brief (read the rest of the article here)

What do you think? Should agencies who pitch for free (and provide content to the ABC for free) be allowed to retain the copyright on their work? Seeing as we retain the copyright on all work we create until it’s been paid for I’d think so, but it looks like the ABC has them stitched up in a very unfair contract.

Yours in advertising,