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Internet state of play 2010

The internet and its technologies is something that we as a community sometimes take for granted. Now more than ever, the internet is being embraced by companies worldwide. Discover how Brio Group can help harness your company’s digital capabilities.

While many of us are aware of our own internet use, such as the number of emails we receive a day, how many friends message us on Facebook, or how many websites we visit and what they are – it’s sometimes hard to imagine what these numbers would equate to if multiplied by all of the internet users worldwide.

Focus is a website which provides loads of information for business professionals and has most recently produced a graphical data representation titled “The State of the Internet: Summing up 2010“.

The image draws data from a number of sources including Facebook, Verisign, Twitter and Flickr and compiles it into a snapshot of the number of internet users in 2010 and what they have been doing.

Some of the numbers are quite phenomenal such as 3000 images being uploaded to Flickr every second, 2 billion videos being watched on YouTube for the year and 100 million new accounts created on Twitter.

The image is really quite impressive, to take a look at yourself, CLICK HERE to be taken to the Focus website to view.

How much do you contribute to the figures?

Yours in Digital,


Social media for business

Social Media is fast becoming a must-have for every business moving and expanding forward in the online space. Brio Group helps clients with full social media packages and the expertise to maximise social media impact.

Businesses are fast learning their presence in social media networks is now an important part of their marketing and communication plans. To help businesses take the first steps for social media success, here we share a preview of our top 6 tips.

1) Select your Social Media Sites
You could spend weeks wading through the sea of social networking sites, only to return to the top five. Some businesses use just one, others use a mix. Select the best sites that fit your strategy, audience, and your dedication to update each site with regular, fresh content. You may like to consider: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or My Space.

2) Look, Listen and Learn
Instead of diving head first into social media, it’s best to look at what your competitors are up to and how the big guns get it right. Look at how your competitors are engaging with their followers. What information can you gather about how their audience interacts with them? Some companies fail by simply using social media as a soapbox to promote their company 100% of the time. It’s vital to remember that social media is not about blatant promotion; it’s about connecting with your audience with engaging content.

3) Social Media Strategy
Social Media is fast becoming a must-have for every business moving and expanding in the online space. Did you know that 60% of businesses who use social media do not have a strategy – simply because they don’t have time? Don’t follow their lead! Without a strategy you’re not getting the best return on your digital investment. Your strategy should align with your business’s objectives and goals, and be a living document.

4) Social Media Policy
A social media policy is your business’s internal rulebook for using social media responsibly. Your policy should feature accountabilities, responsiveness guidelines, brand reputation management plans, and a risk analysis. Your staff will refer to this guide to ensure consistent communication and timely actions and engagement. And importantly, to ensure they follow procedure to water down any negative comment fires.

5) Clever Content Creation
Content is king; it helps drive conversations and inform. Without regular content, your audience will soon forget about your brand. Therefore regular content that is carefully targeted to your audience to encourage interaction, or to spark action, is the lifeblood of your social networking page.

6) Monitor, Measure and Reporting
One of the benefits of social media is that it’s completely measureable. This is why it’s so important to establish your goals early on in the game.

If you found these tips handy and would like to explore the FREE full article, complete with helpful Brio Group expert tips, visit our website.

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Social Media – the reporters of the modern age

With the flood waters slowing releasing their hold on Brisbane, the city is very slowly stirring back to life. Not only has the event been life changing for young Brisbanites who never saw the fury of the 1974 flood, it’s been a momentous leap forward in the communication sector. Facebook and Twitter faced their biggest test yet – used as a call for help, to access information, to share the experience through video and photography, and connect with loved ones on the other side of the world.

For many years I refused to see the benefits of these social media sites, but the flood of 2011 has truly opened my eyes to the amazing capacity, and speed, at which we can now communicate. Visually, it’s been an incredible experience – with video footage of the Toowoomba flash flood spreading with lightning speed – seen on Facebook hours before it was shown on any other information and news channels. The Queensland Police Service embraced Facebook, using it like a notice board, and regularly posting information about press conference times, flood conditions and streaming live video. Facebook has become the ultimate channel of information from which even the news is now accessing its main stories and visuals.

But this raises a whole new set of questions that I think will become very prominent over the next few years when we fully begin to grasp just how much Facebook has changed from being a distracting smoko break, to the biggest media giant since News Corporation. As I found myself searching Facebook for flood information and graphics, I began to realise that the eyewitness account seems to have found more prominence and value, than a fumbling, put-on-the-spot news reader trying to ‘wing it’ with breaking news. The public has essentially become the reporters, photojournalists and film makers of the modern age – and for free.

How, then, do the creative industries expect their work to be valued in any monetary capacity if everyone can ultimately be the photographer, the reporter, the film maker… for free. In the race to be the first to report, when does the quality of the craft disappear to compensate for the speed at which it’s delivered to a hungry public? What does this continued evolution in communication mean for those whose careers are based on roles that could now become obsolete?

Yours where you see it first,


The end of Social Media

Now that I have your attention >>> The end of YOUR social media life that is.

Just like we all have a legal ‘Will’ (well I hope you do) to state where we’d like our assets distributed when we enter the afterlife, in this ever evolving cyber world we also have to think about what will happen to our cyber existence.

Outofcyber.com has been set up to delete your social media accounts to protect your personal and private pages from being taken over by a parent, partner or bureaucrat when you die.

Can you think of confidential or explicit emails saved in your personal or business email account that you wouldn’t want anyone to read? It really makes you think doesn’t it.

Although there is no repeat business in this sort of venture, business partners Mr Knight and Mr Romeo are finding that outofcyber.com is doing quick well and have plans for business expansion in the cyber sector.

Yours in the afterlife,
Amber van Sloten

Julian Assange book deal leaked

The editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has signed a deal with UK publisher Canongate and US Publisher Knopf (a division of Random House) for his written memoirs. Canongate is partnered with Melbourne publisher Text, so it’s possible that the book will also be published here in Australia.

Ironically, the news was first leaked in a Spanish tweet, from Claudio Lopez, who works for Random House.

In another ironic coincidence, Canongate and Text also publish Barack Obama’s memoirs, whose government has been publicly embarrassed by the secret documents made public by WikiLeaks.

Assange has to deliver the manuscript by March for publication later in 2011, unless it gets leaked before then!

Yours in WikiLeaks updates,

5 reasons why custom design impacts social media success

Social networking sites have become an essential part of a business’s branding strategy and promotional campaigns. Custom designed Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages not only help your branding, but designed and built right, they can help you meet your social media goals, whether that may be lead generation or gaining more fans.

When designing for social media success, it’s all about applying user-centric design principles and understanding the limitations of each social networking site. For example, the limitations of custom branding your Twitter account graphically lie only in the background image and your profile pic, whereas on Facebook you can almost create a mini-website experience by employing FBML custom tabs, clever design and some coding. It may sound hard work, but it’s completely worth it to support your fan’s user experience.

Here we explore the 5 reasons why you should employ custom branding to your business social networking sites:

1. Social media’s ‘free’ real estate can further tell your brand story
We strongly recommend setting up a Facebook welcome page tab that carries on your brand’s look and feel, lets the audience know what they can expect by becoming a fan of your Facebook page, and include links to your company website and other social networking sites. Plus you can use this valuable space to embed a company video, an eNewsletter sign up form, or even advertise a competition to assist user engagement. Set the page to default for new users, and you’ll have a much better fan conversion rate.

2. A professional design helps sell your important first impression
Your social networking site is an extension of your brand and should communicate your brand essence: logo, company colours, and positioning statement (if necessary), it should also inject a social personality and use language the social user is familiar with. For example, by simply adding a ‘Like us now’ graphic pointing to the ‘like’ button on your Facebook welcome page tab, you’re helping to direct the user to convert to a fan. See how we’ve applied this to our Brio Group Facebook page’s welcome tab.

3. A user-centric design assists engagement
Users consume social media in different ways, some are motivated to participate and contribute, while some are more comfortable to sit back and read and listen. Before commencing design, it’s essential to get to know your target audience. Are they vocal? Opinionated? Responsive to competitions? Do they consume videos, reports or fact sheets? Design with your target audience and engagement in mind.

4. Capture leads by clever design and understanding audience expectations
Social networking sites are known to be free mediums. Generally speaking, the user is responsive to promotions that are giving away something for free, as this is their mindset when using social media. They’re not on eBay, for example, where they expect to bid and buy. They’re in a sharing, social, free environment. So with this in mind, it’s important to tailor your competitions and content in this manner. Your designs should communicate this angle and with some coding you can incorporate competition forms or free report/eNewsletter/etc sign up forms via your Facebook page, which will allow you to capture their data.

5. Holistic user experience across channels
It’s simple 101 branding knowledge, but sharing the same look and feel and messaging across all of your touchpoints builds a consistent, easily recognisable and strong brand. Your YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages should all look like they’re from the same stable. A simple, and extremely effective, tip is to integrate your social networking sites with your website and blog. The user will appreciate a holistic experience across all your channels – each offering something fresh and value-adding. And why wouldn’t they become a fan of that?

Are you a fan of a company on Facebook that does it really well – share your story!

Yours in social media,


Spare Ticket event connection site launches in 12 days!


There’s 12 days to go until Australia’s first event connection site is launched and the Brio kids seriously can not wait! With the huge amount of festivals, concerts and cricket coming up this summer (and the huge amount of people I know on Facebook trying to flog spare tickets) this site couldn’t come soon enough! As I’m no journo I thought I’d let Kaya Strehler’s fabulous write up from Cream Magazine do the talking for me…

“How lame is it when an event is sold out, so you head to eBay and of course some annoying freak is sitting at home charging ludicrous prices for said event. Well freaks no more! SpareTicket.com.au is the cyber savior love child of eBay and Facebook, offering members the ability to list tickets to concerts, theatre, festivals, sports events, fashion shows, special film screenings, whatever, but the kicker is that if the ticket holder doesn’t want to actually sell his or her ticket, they can offer a challenge as opposed to a price, for example “I’ll give you this ticket is you drive me to the venue” or “You can have this ticket if you mow my lawn“. We love it already.

The site only supports tickets that are at cost or below (depends on how much you value your mowing skills) so inflated prices will be history and the social networking factor is an added perk allowing you to mingle with like-minded event goers.”
- Kaya Strehler, Cream magazine

www.spareticket.com.au will launch on December 20th. Registration is now open.
Like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/spareticket
Follow them on Twitter: twitter.com/spareticket

Yours in summer fun,

Advertising on social networking sites

It seems that brands are popping up everywhere in paid social media advertising spots lately … brands that I’d consider either buying from, or at least aligning myself with (by ‘liking’ their Facebook page for example).

I’m interested in yoga, travel and cult TV shows like Mad Men and Dexter – and like magic, local businesses delivering messages and offers about these very interests grab my attention when I’m Facebooking. This is because social networking sites know alot about their users. Advertisers can tap into this invaluable data and target their marketing very effectively.

I’ve compiled 5 reasons why businesses should consider advertising on social networking sites:

1. Control is in your hands with self-service ads.
Self-service ads are not like online display ads. Instead, they consist of an image, brief copy, a headline, and a link. So first off, they don’t take hours to design. To set the ad you need about 20 minutes and a credit card. It’s important to first indentify your goals and expectations, and then define the reach and set a budget. I recommend selecting CPC (cost per click) ads and monitor daily to see how much of your budget you’re spending. The beauty of self-service ads is that control is at your fingertips to change your budget, copy, reach, and more to maximise your campaign and get the most clicks and conversions. To learn more, see Facebook’s Fan Engagement Ads, YouTube’s Sponsored Videos, and LinkedIn’s DirectAds.

2. Target your audience.
Advertise through Facebook and you can narrow down who you want to target by geography, age, sex, martial status, education, interests and more! This data produces an estimated reach so you can determine if your reach fits your goals and expectations. Meanwhile, LinkedIn allows you to target your reach by geography, job function and seniority, industry and company size, and gender and age.

3. Set a budget that works for you.
Set a daily budget that you’re comfortable with and remember you can adjust your budget at any time. If you’re a first time social media advertiser, why not start small and test your ad’s performance? You can choose to pay only when people click or see your ad (impressions). Plus you can cancel your ad at any time. No commitments. No stress … I like that!

4. Enjoy the benefits of word of mouth.
Every time someone interacts with your ad on Facebook, it’s shared with their friends. Their engagment, or affiliation, with your brand is spread like word of mouth – opening your business up to new audiences it currently doesn’t reach.

5. Australians are big social media consumers.
If your target audience is within Australia, you’re in luck! A 2010 Nielsen global survey revealed that Australians spend the most time on social networking sites than any other country. Did you know that Facebook users spend just under an hour a day on the site; whereas, an average YouTube user spends 2 hours and 38 minutes on the site each month?

If you found this post useful, and would like to discover more about how your business or campaign can benefit from social advertising, please contact Brio Group on 1800 8710 8710.

Have you ‘liked’ a business on Facebook, after seeing the brand’s Facebook ad? What was your experience?

Yours in social media,


‘Twitter’ has movie potential

Poor Twitter. That little bird has always been the second idea, the afterthought. Just as facebook was the first to pioneer social networking, it’s also been the first to be made into a movie.

But don’t worry Twitter fans! I know you’ve been wondering how great the Twitter movie could be… so here’s a sneak peak of the fictitious Twitter movie! Enjoy!


Yours in social networking,


Twitter for Dogs – Puppy Tweets

Want to know what your pup is up to when you are at work? The world of technology is taking on a futuristic and furry new face. That’s right Twitter for dogs, produced by Mattel, is now available with something called Puppy Tweets.  The new system will allow your dog to send its “thoughts” to Twitter.

So how does this crazy contraption work?  Basically, Puppy Tweets by Mattel is an electronic dog tag with sensor. Attach it to your dog’s collar, stick the WiFi USB sensor into your computer, and then the device will tweet for them, based on your pet’s movements and sounds. This Sydney Morning Herald news clip shows how this social media for dogs works.

What would your dog be saying if it had a Twitter account and enough knowledge to tweet?

Yours in “Dog Twitter”