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The RAV4 Outdoor Website

To illustrate the adventurous reputation of Toyota’s Rav4, the car manufacturer built an outdoor website on the Bryanston Cycle Park in Johannesburg.

Parts from the website were brought to life on a 1.8km cycling track that was fitted with sensors, custom-built option bars and WiFi. Cyclists could literally use their bike as a cursor and navigate their way through the outdoor site. They could choose options while on the course to pick which area of the site they wanted to view. They were also able to live tweet during their ride by hitting wooden twitter buttons along the route.

At the end, the cyclist rode through a “refresh” button that refreshed the track for the next cyclist. What a great way to show just how adventurous Toyota’s Rav4 4×4 SUV can be.

See how the participants took to the outdoor site:

Find out more here.

Scoda and Toyota’s cars of glass

After seeing these two beautiful ads in similar spots on prime time TV I thought they must be part of a campaign series. They both use glass and elegantly show the superior class and safety of their brand’s cars. But no they’re made by rival companies Scoda and Toyota and launched around the same time – which I’m sure would have the agencies on both sides fuming! Both are very nice executions and worth a watch. But maybe it’s just me that draw the link between the two… tell me what you think!

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