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Yellow Bird missing. Ransom note found.

I received a rather ominous email the other day from Yellow Bird Project. If you haven’t heard of them, Yellow Bird Project is an organisation that sells t-shirts that have been designed by an array of indie rock musicians. The profits from the shirts go to the charity of the musician’s choice. Their mascot is a little bird who, until now, has been safely residing across their branded materials. As part of a very cool new campaign to get their Facebook ‘likes’ up, the yellow bird has been abducted. According to the demands of the ransom note, the only way to possible to save his life is to ‘like’ the Facebook page. If they get 10,000 likes, the bird might be spared!

The campaign is supported by a range of ‘have you seen this bird’ and ‘save the bird’ posters.

This online social media campaign is effective because it makes you feel emotionally involved with the situation. Will it work? Well, I liked it.

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Made in the Now

Take current news, add an online community to vote the most interesting news article, create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, sell said t-shirt for 24hours online and mix. The result? The latest brainchild from JM:Labs, Made in the Now (MITN).

This fantastic concept creates a new limited edition t-shirt every 24 hours with the design inspired by the highest voted daily news event. MITN only produce the t-shirt after you order further promoting responsible retail.

Recent designs have included Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple, Alexander McQueen’s bequest to his dogs, and the UN’s declaration of the Somalia famine. While the shirts are currently unavailable to back order, you can view the archive here.

What I like most about MITN is its ability to creatively tap into current affairs and the visual interpretation of the story.

Image credit: Mark Lobo Photography

Download the app, visit the website or take part in choosing the daily design topic on Facebook.

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