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Spare Ticket announced as AMI National Finalist

Ok shameless plug warning! We’re super excited to see our client Spare Ticket announced as a National Finalist for the Australian Marketing Institute’s Awards for Marketing Excellence in the ‘New Brand’ category. We’re up against some ‘stiff’ competition: Warnie’s underwear brand SpinnersSimplot’s Quorn and Queensland winner Mater Mother’s Private Redland; so fingers crossed!

The awards are a part of the AMI’s two day conference, Focus on the Future, held at the Hilton Sydney from October 19-20. The conference will showcase a number of high profile speakers from Microsoft, Commonwealth Bank, Spreets, Telstra and Nestle, to name a few, bringing together some of the world’s greatest marketing minds.

Will you be going?

Yours in marketing coolness,

SpareTicket.com.au shortlisted for Qantm Create Awards


Ok shameless plug here: we’re all very excited to have our website SpareTicket.com.au shortlisted for the Qantm Create Design Awards presented by Desktop!

We’d love it if you ‘liked’ or tweeted us here: www.createawards.com.au/shortlisted/round-one/spareticket/

You can see all the round 1 finalists in the latest issue of Desktop magazine available at all good newsagents and bookstores or view the entries online at www.createawards.com.au.

If you’d like to see how we built the brand and website from scratch and utilised social media to launch the brand, check out the behind the scenes video below (including interviews with the Brio team and Rhonda Locke, the creator of SpareTicket.com.au):

We hope you enjoy it!

Yours in building brands,

Slash your advertising spend with Facebook ads and DSPs

When it comes to media planning and buying we all want to reach our target market with little or no wastage. Media is expensive – it often outweighs creative by 5 to 1 – and must be measured in terms of ROI (Return On Investment). While we’re seeing more accountability with MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) introduced early last year there’s still one media channel that wins hands down when it comes to measuring ROI – digital.

The two most exciting aspects of digital media buying for me has got to be Facebook Advertising and DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) allowing highly targeted advertising and minimising wastage. I’ll start with Facebook:

Facebook is seriously clever. Most people will know that when you fill out your profile – gender, age, location, relationship status and interests – you are providing Facebook with rich data that can be used to serve you targeted ads that suit your interests. Every time you ‘like’ a page you are also signalling to Facebook ‘hey I like this stuff’ and Facebook will allow advertisers to use this information and align you with brands that are suited to your taste.

Now despite what you’ve heard in the media Facebook is not actually handing over your personal data to advertisers and your security is NOT at risk – it’s just storing that data and allowing advertisers to set parameters for their ads. Seriously if you want to remain anonymous you can adjust your Facebook privacy settings or opt out of behavioral advertising here – but I’m yet to find someone who’d prefer to see ads that that they have no interest in, over ones that do.

Here’s some screen grabs showing you a few ways you can structure your Facebook Ad and target only those who might be interested in your brand (I particularly like what I call the ‘peer pressure’ ‘like tool which shows which of your friends like that page:

Now for DSPs:

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) are changing the way online ads are bought and sold and has only just launched in Australia via Brandscreen. DSPs enable media buyers (and agencies) to bid and optimise across several exchanges in real time as well as manage the buy and creative placement of ads. As opposed to looking for an audience to deliver an ad to, DSP allows for people to be valued and targeted individually and anonymously and then be served a highly targeted ad. A bit like an online stock market for ads. Very exciting stuff!

Their website states: Brandscreen brings all the major exchanges within a single, self-serve buying platform, connecting you with Google DoubleClick AdX, Rubicon, AdMeld, Pubmatic, OpenX and ContextWeb. In Australia alone, Brandscreen is already seeing over 250 milion impressions available every day, covering over 2.3 million websites.

How are you measuring your advertising spend? It’s pretty complicated stuff so drop me a line at Brio Group if you’d like to talk more about getting more bang for your advertising buck.

Yours in behavioral advertising,

Building a brand: SpareTicket.com.au – a case study

Creating a new brand is an intensive, yet highly satisfying journey. Recently the Brio Group team had the pleasure of bringing to life SpareTicket.com.au - an online entertainment hub where Australians can buy, sell or share tickets to a whole host of events: music, theatre, sport, etc. Launched in late 2010, this relatively new brand is achieving the sort of hype any business owner can only be proud of. SpareTicket.com.au has achieved almost 1200 Facebook fans within a few months, and importantly has numerous members buying, selling and completing challenges to share tickets. In today’s blog post, I’d thought I’d share an insider’s view into the process of how we built this brand.


To create a website to buy, sell and share tickets to Australian-wide events online. Our client approached us to turn her innovative idea into reality. From sketches and strategy through to concept and creation, we enlisted each area of Brio: design, digital, advertising and PR to build a brand that had wings. Enter: SpareTicket.com.au – your ticket to adventure.


To build a brand that has wide-spread consumer appeal in the Australian market. To create a brand concept and strategy and roll this out across every touchpoint. To consult on advertising directions and opportunities that meets client’s business plan. To offer strategic direction for online marketing opportunities to attract new audiences on a minimum advertising spend.

In meeting these objectives, it was essential to keep the core brand attributes in mind: fun, engaging and memorable. A website that is easy to use, creates happiness and connects users.

Strategic Direction:

To bring to life a brand that is hinged on happiness, we developed a concept based on a free-spirited magpie – the traditional symbol of happiness. The bird has the potential to become a mascot, an easily-identifiable icon that is SpareTicket.com.au all over: fun, lively and happy.

We wanted to build a brand that went beyond a ‘buy and sell’ website. To create market cut through we developed a ‘challenge’ option: for example, mow someone’s lawn, or be their plus one in exchange for a ticket. This angle is unique in the market, adds PR appeal and opens up the connection-building objective.

To attract the target audience and communicate in channels they’re comfortable and responsive in, we pitched a social media strategy using Facebook and Twitter. After training the client and producing content calendars and a strategy that was in line with Facebook fan engagement ads, the brand was brought to life in the social sphere – an integral part of SpareTicket.com.au’s marketing. We also integrated their Facebook presence on the website’s home page.


We successfully produced SpareTicket.com.au by its launch date: 20 December 2010. The site is easy-to-use and is equipped with functionality that allows people to seamlessly buy, sell and connect with each other. The Facebook page acheived significant growth in the first month (over 500+ fans) and we continue to monitor this new site’s buy, sell and share results.

To discover our other case studies and see how we build brands for our clients, please visit the Work page of our website.

Yours in branding,


Using social media to build a brand

Social Media can be a powerful tool when building a brand and shouldn’t be left out of the marketing mix, in fact I believe it should be considered right from the beginning of the planning and design process. As a starting point I have put together Brio Group‘s tips on integrating social media so it can be part of your next marketing strategy.

1: Choose the right channels – it’s important to get clear on who the target market/s are that you want to attract. Make sure you research the new ways this market embrace when they are communicate. Next, list out the communication channels that are being used.

2: Be creative in your approach to using social media channels – don’t just copy what everyone else is doing on social media. There are many opportunities at the moment to stand out by using social media creatively. Consider how are you engaging with the audience, what you want them to do, how the message can be spread and how traditional media can leverage your use of social media.

3. Define your tone of voice for your brand – social media channels give you the perfect platform to define your brand’s voice in the market. Is the brand fun loving, serious and detailed, or conversational? Use social media to ‘speak’ to the target audience on a personal level.

4. Listen to your customers and engage with them – social media channels lets your brand interact with your customers so you can find out what they like most about your product, service … or even team members! Listen and respond regularly to the comments and have a contingency plan in place to deal with negative feedback. At Brio Group, we call it a Social Media Policy. This important document outlines different scenarios and how to respond to negative feedback so it can be dealt with professionally and promptly by any team member. Update your Social Media Policy regularly with any new scenarios that are experienced.

5. Don’t be pushy – the biggest mistake that we see businesses doing with social media is to just push their product or service onto their target markets (fans). That is not the purpose of social media. I always say, “people will buy from businesses they know like and trust”. Social media channels give you the perfect forum to build up this awareness, personality and trust in your brand and should not be exploited with pushy and quick sales tricks and promotions.

We recently developed a new brand and marketing strategy including website build for SpareTicket.com.au. We integrated quite a few social media components into this project with a pre-launch teaser and  launch campaign through social media channels that was supported by press releases and traditional media interviews and stories. We also set specific measurable marketing goals since the launch that we monitor weekly. The word of mouth spread of SpareTicket in the first month since launch has been phenomenal, mainly due to the power of social media. If you want to find out more about this project have a read of our case study.  If used well, your next campaign can also be a success if you harness the power of social media.

Yours in social media marketing,