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Google in the future

How often do you ask someone a question they don’t know the answer to, and their response is “Google it”?

I came across this video about the evolution of the Google search and it made me realise how much has changed since we started using Google. Little things like Quick Answers (where the answer to your question is listed before your search results) and Instant (where your results come up before you’ve finished typing your sentence) are part of Google’s ever-evolving quest for ultimate user satisfaction. They are working towards being able to provide the answers for questions like “What is the best time for me to sew seeds in India, given that there was a monsoon earlier this year?”
And once they’ve achieved this, they’ll start providing answers to even more complex questions!

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Blekko vs Google

Blekko is the new search engine taking on Google.

The site’s users will be able to assign tags to search results, making it return more relevant results to what the user is actually searching for; rather than Google returning heaps of results from ehow.com and answers.com that barely give the user the answer they’re looking for. The problem with those results are that they generally come up first in Google searches.

Blekko has over 3 billion web pages in its index, yes, I know, that is not exactly a small number, but when you compare it to Google’s over 1 trillion, then I suppose you can see how I think that 3 billion is not exactly a big number.

Other search engines that have given it a red hot go are Delver, Silobreaker and Cuil. Meanwhile, Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have recently joined forces to try and compete… it’ll be interesting to see how that is working out!

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