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Type cast

All designers love type, so for some inspiration I thought I’d share some amazing typographic ‘shadow art’. These pieces are from a range of artists who cleverly cast light onto their sculptures to create amazing shadow effects (in these cases they form words). Enjoy!

Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens:

Shadow Artist Kumi Yamashita:

Graphic artist Áron Jancsó:

Shadow sculpter Tobias Rehberger:

Yours in typography,


Splendid art at Splendour in the Grass

As one of the 30,000 or so people donning my gumboots for Splendour in the Grass this weekend, I’m getting excited not only for the big acts, but also for the inspiring Spendour arts scene. This year there will be a range of interactive, digital media, street art, sculpture, peformance art and installations from Australian and international artists.

As part of Splendid (a partnership between Lismore Regional Gallery, Northern Rivers Performing Arts and Splendour in the Grass) artists, Jimmy McGilchrist and Lachlan Dowd will produce an interactive digital media project called Curious Creatures. Strange and beautiful creatures will be projected from the surrounding woods onto the festival fence line, as they roam the perimeter and respond to the actions of passers-by.

Another Splendid project is Close Encounters, by artist Jordana Maisie. A huge 6.5m UFO hovers over the crowd, with its mirrored surface reflecting the world around it. The crowd is invited to send a text to the phone number provided and have their message enter the dialogue appearing on the LED screen that wraps around the edge of the object.

Can’t wait! See you there!

Yours in festival arts,

Free art and lifestyle classes in Brisbane

Do you ever have those weeks that melt into the next, where everyday just mirrors the previous day? If your Monday to Friday routine is set by default like clockwork – wake up, drive the same route to work, work, eat the same tuna and crackers, work, drive the same route home, cook, TV, bed –  why not get a little crazy and shake your week up? Breaking the monotony could in fact make way for new interests, friends, or passions.

Whilst we carry on in whatever daily routine we adhere to, there’s loads of fun, free classes/events/workshops happening in Brisbane every day of the week.

Currently, Brisbane City Council is running Art Bites. It’s a series of free workshops designed for people just itching to discover their creative side. Coming up you can check out:

7 April: Solarplate printmaking

7 April: Life drawing

9 April: Metal and found object sculpture

13 April: Hip hop dance

BCC are also running the LIVE program (April-June 2011) which focuses on great art and culture events. So why not be a devil and shake up your working week with something new and exciting? Check out the full program and start planning your week.

And for the plan-in-advance readers, some big events to pencil in your Filofax are:  Stylin’ UP which sees Indigenous hip-hop and R&B artists showcase their free sets during in May. In June watch (and listen!) to Brisbane come alive during the large, annual free music event Fete de la Musique, plus be sure to check out the World Refugee Day Community Festival.

So, when boredom or itchy feet kick in remember that Brisbane is very much alive and well culturally – just go out and explore it!

Yours in breaking mid-week boredom,


Cereal Art


As a kid I always enjoyed making pictures out of my food, but Cereal-Artists Hank Willis Thomas and Ryan Alexiev have refined the skill well into their adult life. Their sweet mosaic of Barack Obama is comprised of all sorts of American cereals. It encompasses Cheerios and Lucky Charms into what is not just a breakfast of champions, but a comment about a democracy and corporate vs political branding.

Find this and more artwork here: www.cerealart.com

Yours in Design,