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The Royal Wedding – a social media affair?

It was reported yesterday that tweets will be banned during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding ceremony today. That’s right it was alleged signal-blocking technology would be installed at Westminster Abbey, preventing social media leaks by those privy to be up close and personal with the pair. The fears were reportedly about the possibilities of photos, tweets or any sort of exposure reaching the world and news media before the Royal’s official release.

However, Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police have denied these twitter-banning claims. Which is a good thing given the entire wedding is being streamed live on YouTube, so us common folk outside the Abbey or in living rooms around the globe will not miss a beat (or tweet, as we’d be out of the signal-blocking technology!).

It’s not news that social media trumps official news casts in speed. Think back to the Queensland floods coverage or the Logies leaks (in 2011, the Logies banned Twitter). With everyone armed with a Smartphone being capable of being a social-journalist, reporting via social media is very real and very now. It’s simply part of the changing ways we communicate.

Within hours, social media channels will be running wild with Royal Wedding banter. Will you be watching the wedding on TV, or will you be online keep tabs on YouTube, while checking Twitter and Facebook? If you’re all for the latter, we recommend reading Mashable’s How to Follow the Royal Wedding Online article.

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T-Mobile’s wedding dance

The world is a buzz with excitement regarding the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William to the beautiful Kate Middleton. While fashionistas across the globe are speculating what she’ll wear, others are wondering what their vows will be.

Meanwhile, the clever folks at T-Mobile have come up with a redo of the famous 2009 viral wedding dance video, adapted for royalty!

The clip is great, with T-Mobile even hiring lookalikes (who are very convincing!) to play the part of the Royal Family.

The video is cleverly choreographed with the royal family easy to spot and name during the performance. It’s really very well done and the tagline “One’s life is for sharing” is typically British. The video has already racked up over 3.5 million views on You Tube.


I had quite a jolly good chuckle at this video, how about you?

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