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Will you still Facebook when you’re dead?

ifidie is an app hosted by Facebook that allows you to leave a message that will only be published if you die. You install the app, record a video or write a message, then name three trustees from your Facebook friends. After you die, if all three of your trustees agree, the message will be posted on your wall. The app suggests you can leave a proper farewell, reveal a long-kept secret, or tell someone what you really think of them!

So, handy? Or creepy?



But wait, it gets creepier… ifidie used Facebook and Twitter check-ins to track where people were at certain points in time, and called them with the ominous message that DEATH CAN COME AT ANY TIME. The creepy all-knowing voice knew where they were and told them they must go to ifidie.com. They called thousands of people and not only did this attract media attention, it actually did increase the traffic to their website.



Yours in taking things too far,



Sharing the Christmas cheer

Portable North Pole

I will be the first to admit I am a big, big fan of this time of year. Christmas would have to be my favourite holiday of the year and really what’s not to love. I really enjoy the spirit of giving at this time of year, so in honor of this I thought I’d share a wonderful Christmas website, so you can spread the Christmas cheer too!

Well Santa has embraced the 21st technology and developed The Portable North Pole, so he can communicate with us from afar. This website offers a service that lets you create a free personalised message from Santa to a special someone, whether their young or old.

The site asks you a number of questions about whom you’re sending the message to. Such as their name, age, favourite toy, how they’ve been good and so on. You can then upload some photos of them and the present they want and the site creates a personalised video message using the options you’ve selected.

Last year I and a great time creating messages for family and friends. It definitely brought out a spark of that Christmas cheer and magic in everyone. I love that technology has developed in a way that lets you create the magic of Santa for the young ones we love, that believe, and those that like to enjoy the innocent magic of Santa and Christmas.

Below is a video sample, so you can see the wonderful message that has been created and I enourage you to send out some Christmas cheer to those you love.



Yours in Christmas cheer