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Lose your licence and you’re screwed

Recently I was researching design ideas on the internet for a project. As you can imagine seeing some awesome ideas from someone else can spark off an inspiration in you, which translates into an awesome concept for the project you work on. One of the things that is so great about the internet is that inspiration is so easily accessible and in global sense as well. You discover gems that you would probably never have seen.

So in my researching I came across this great campaign for the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) in South Australia. The campaign is aimed at young drivers and just how ‘screwed’ they’d be, if they lost their licence.


mac campaign


I am inspired by the quirky humour in this advert. After all as a teenager I couldn’t think of anything worse then being embarrassed by your mum or any of the other situations the adverts play on (eg. trying to pick up girls on bikes, or making out in an expensive taxi). I for one had to laugh at the situations. Even the website is well executed in it’s humour, informing young drivers of the many other ways they’d be ‘screwed’, as well as what actions may cause them to get ‘screwed’. I also like the fact that this isn’t a shock tactics campaign and shows a new approach to target a particular audience. You can check out more about this campaign at www.mac.sa.gov.au/young_drivers/home.

What do you think of this campaign? If you were a young driver do you think you’d stop and take notice?

Yours in inspiring advertising


iPhone gadget goodness!

Just when I thought that I’d seen the best of the iPhone gadgets available, I’m forced to think again with the impending release of the Wow-Keys Keyboard.

The keyboard acts not only as a docking station for your iPhone, synching your iTunes and charging your mobile device, but it also allows you to utilise your phone as an input device for your machine. You can use it run programs, type messages, emails and more!

There are a number of benefits to the keyboard, it allows you to utilise your phone as a numeric keypad and enter data from your machine to your phone (for example create notes or type an email).

The keyboard also contains a very handy multimedia selection of buttons for use with any videos or music that you stream from you phone.

The keyboard is provided by CompuExpert and will go on sale on May 24th this year. It’s also compatible with both PC and Mac systems!

Would you use a keyboard like this?

Yours in sweet iPhone gadgets,


Is your brand a fractal?

Influenced by Lee’s original blog about fractals, I started to think about how fractals can be used for brands. I came to the conclusion that fractals are a good paradigm / framework to model your brand.

The definition of a fractal according to Hyperdictionary is:

A rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a smaller copy of the whole. Fractals are generally self-similar (bits look like the whole) and independent of scale (they look similar, no matter how close you zoom in).

If a brand is the total experience you get from interacting with a product or company, then a good brand will emanate a consistent message or culture both internally and externally. By taking a fractal point of view when creating a brand, we can design total experiences where all aspects, large and small, reinforce each other.

If your brand is a fractal, then any interaction with part of the brand will reflect the interaction with every other part of the brand, as well as the complete brand itself.

An example of a fractal brand is Apple.

As a whole, the Apple brand exudes a culture of lifestyle, imagination, innovation, quality, aspirations and empowerment through technology. Apple is a successful brand because they maintain this culture at all contact points. Their TVCs stimulate the imagination and promote the liberation found in their innovative products; the interior design of their stores give the feeling of quality and usability, as does their website; the staff are knowledgable and continue the theme of empowerment as they cheer for you when you’ve bought a product.

Is your brand a fractal? Look at ways to integrate all aspects of your brand, from your logo design through to how the phone is answered.

Yours in fractals,

(Image courtesy of Julia Map)

ACP launch Magshop app

In the design industry we regularly hear that print is a dying media. Bad news for a magazine publisher right? … Maybe not! ACP Magazines have embraced the digital age and expanded their online magazine store with the launch of a digital newsstand app for the iPad. This app allows you to browse their titles and download a digital range of 16 ACP mags to read on your iPad, including Good Food, Money, Wheels, Dolly, Cleo, Street Machine, Recipes +, and Rolling Stone.

The app is free, but obviously you have to pay for the digital versions of the magazines. Additionally, they’ve developed individual apps for four of the more popular magazines, which you can also purchase through the Magshop app. These apps include extras that you won’t get in the print editions, for example the Women’s Weekly app includes a behind-the-scene videos from the magazine’s celebrity shoots, cooking demonstrations, etc.

“Audiences should be able to access our great mastheads anywhere, and at any time, and the release of this application is the next step in our broader digital distribution strategy,” said ACP Magazines managing director, Phil Scott.

“Magazines have always been a highly engaging medium and tablet devices provide us exciting opportunities to connect with our readers on this platform.”

(Quotes sourced from: www.adnews.com.au)

But if you prefer a hard copy, you can also order or renew your print subscription using the Magshop app.

Yours in app-love,


App your Mac!

Apps are no longer just for iPhones and iPads – you can now get them on your Mac. Yes, that’s right, you can now download apps for your Apple desktop or laptop through Apple’s iTunes store!

Not only can you get the desktop version of apps that you may already use on iPhone or iPad – I hear the Mac Twitter App is fantastic and puts the online version to shame – the Mac App store now has the ability to let you download and install programs on your computer, which means no more boxes, no more disks and no more time-consuming installation. All you have to do to install new versions of iPhoto, Garage Band and a number of other new Apple software onto your Mac is just click download and the app does the rest.

With the Mac App Store, getting the apps you want on your Mac has never been easier. No more boxes, no more disks, no more time-consuming installation. Click once to download and install any app on your Mac. The Mac App Store is now available as a software update for any Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Yours in Mac Apps,


Apple teases ‘Black Friday’ shoppers

Apple has advertised that they are marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping season with a special one day shopping event. You’re invited to “wrap it up” this Friday when the apple online store will be having a sale on iPods, iPads and other Mac gifts.

This isn’t the first time Apple have had a Black Friday sale with no pricing details divulged. Each year the mention of less expensive products intrigues and tantalises shoppers!

Yours in online shopping,


iPhone Accessories

So you’ve got a brand new iPhone 4, what to do next?


The iPhone 4 is probably the most sought after smart phone on the market, even considering the recent hiccups in terms of reception, it seems that the world once again loves iPhone. What’s not to love about a phone that can provide entertainment and a whole world of fun in addition to being a fully functional business companion.

I was browsing the web today and came across some of the most ingenious (and yes of course there are one or two “out there”) iPhone accessories.

My most favourite iPhone accessory that I found today was the iPhone MacLove Titan Stand. The stand allows you to dock your iPhone on your desktop and features design inspired by Apple’s Mac. It allows for your phone to be titled to landscape view as well as being operated in portrait view. The stand has a non-slip base and seems to be very effective in holding your phone in place.

Have you come across any iPhone Accessories that you just have to share? What’s your favourite?

Yours in Tech Accessories,