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Over the last few weeks, you may have seen a poster, scored a lollipop and stickers, or had your photo taken for a promotion about “Antipodium”… So what is it?

Antipodium is an international fashion label that is part of the new ‘Sportsgirls Like’ designer collaboration. Geoffrey J. Finch is the designer behind the label. He lives in London, but is a Queenslander at heart. He finds inspiration in the stylish collective that hang out at his London studio.

The Antipodium collection, Field Day, will be hitting Sportsgirls stores in September. Each piece is named after a location in East London, and takes inspiration from a local festival that takes place every summer. You can get a sneak peak here.

Yours in fashion design,


London iTunes festival worldwide

The iTunes Festival 2011 festival kicked off in London yesterday (July 1st). This is an incredible live music festival running for 31 nights and includes spectacular live performances by 62 artists, all at one venue, the Roundhouse in London. The line up includes some great artists including Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Adele Linkin Park, Paul Simon and many more.

Every ticket to the iTunes Festival is free – you simply need to go to www.itunesfestival.com and click on the ‘Apply for Tickets’ button. If you’re lucky enough to be in London or know someone there, who doesn’t know about this event, then try your luck for a ticket.

The thing I find really exciting though, is the fact that if you can’t join in the fun (like me), you can watch the shows lives with iTunes on your computer, or with the app you can download. It’s further proof of how far the internet and technology has developed and something I still sit in awe of, that no matter where you are in the world you don’t have to miss out on all the fun.

You can also watch past performances anytime. So even if you can’t be amongst the crowds enjoying the music live, you can be apart of the festival anywhere in the world and at least enjoy watching some of the amazing artists.

Yours in music festivities,

Design considerations

I chose this TED Talk to share with the Brio Group team this morning as I liked how Thomas Heatherwick’s London Architect firm considered their designs in a holistic approach. Not only did they consider the impact their designs have on the existing natural and built environment, but they also considered how it affects the audience which are not persay the people working or residing in the buildings but also the general public and passers by.

Heatherwick Studio conceptualises beautifully creative buildings that invite participation and provoke feelings/moments.

I hope you enjoy this TED Talk as much as we did.

Another TED Talk which I discovered and loved, was by a woman of my own heart… Jessi Arrington buys and wears only second hand clothing to reduce her impact on the environment [high 5 sister!]. She has a fantastic personality and rocks in her colourful outfits! She says, “If you believe you’re a beautiful person inside and out, there is no look you can’t pull off!’ Here is another feel good TED Talk…

Yours in awesome TED Talks!
Amber van Sloten

London commuters meet Lynx’s augmented reality fallen angels

Yesterday I wrote about men’s body wash (Old Spice Campaign), now today I’m turning my attention to men’s deodorant. And with reason … yet again, advertising campaigns are exploring more interactive ways to engage with consumers.

This month Lynx and its ad agency BBH launched a campaign that used augmented reality to drop sexy fallen angels to earth to interact with Victoria Station commuters.

If you’ve ever walked through a station in London, you’ll appreciate just how insanely fast-paced and busy they can be. Thousands of people in heavy coats snap at eachother’s heels as they marathon walk their way in and out of the station. Rarely can anything pull commuters to a halt. But, when you have heavenly creatures luring you to stop and play … well, why not really?


Points to Lynx for creating some stillness and smiles in Victoria station. No doubt the hormone-driven teens and appreciative suits enjoyed their 30-odd seconds with these technology-born vixens.

Would you take the time to engage with this augmented reality campaigns?

Yours in advertising campaigns,


The Gift of Genius

Last week saw the passing of a woman both humble and great, Dame Joan Sutherland.

Sixty years ago Joan Sutherland won a competition that allowed her to sail away to London and learn to forge her gift into an art form that has given us back bel canto singing, something that had all but disappeared with the last of the formidable castrati, singers whose voices could be trained to both soar and tremble.

The operas she was able to reinstate with her husband Richard Bonynge, are now part of every great opera house’s repertoire, but before Maria Callas and Dame Joan Sutherland brought their skills and gifts to bear, the great colaratura roles had remain unsung for decades.

I first heard a recording of Dame Joan singing Lucia di Lamermoor in 1972, and I was lucky enough to see her perform twice, twenty years apart. I am so grateful to have sat, and stood, in an auditorium to witness the phenomenon that was her voice. Her recordings are with us to remind us what the human voice, and spirit, can rise to.

Yours in Design


Grand Designs – another look

Our old mate Kevin McLoud is back revisiting his old mates from the successful TV series, Grand Designs, to see how they are getting on after living in their dream homes for a few years.

I caught the episode that revisited the couple of architects who decided to build next to the railway line in Islington in North London. The site was a large one by London standards, it had been a factory or workshop, but the fascinating part of the whole episode was the design of their home / office.

Because the railway line ran on the boundary where the office was situated, they set the structure on springs to absorb the vibrations from the passing trains.

They soundproofed the wall facing the railway by building it completely of sandbags mortared with cement, then clad the rest of the structure with quilted fabric.

Just to extend the quirky design theme further, they decided to build the home part of their design, separate from the office, out of straw bales on a wooden frame.
The walls had curves, which are achievable with bales, the outside cladding was a mix of corrugated steel and polycarbonate, this to make a design feature of the straw which was clearly visible through the corrugations of the polycarbonate.

The curves inside were lined in huge sheets of plywood, looking wonderful with what looked like a waxed finish, and the whole site was designed to look back down into a garden which linked the structures, providing an oasis and also growing food for the residents.

I could not help but wish we could all have the freedom to design our homes to suit ourselves.

Yours in Design,