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The handlettered logo

Somewhere on my travels around the internet last week I stumbled upon this website showcasing the hand-lettered logos from now defunct US department store chains.

I adore the modern script that you can imagine being in the 50s and 60s and not out of place on the next series of Mad Men.

GOLDSMITH’S Memphis, TN. (1946) Founded in 1870, converted to Macy’s in 2005. The logo was designed by Margaret Grace, an employee of the store’s advertising department at the time. The script logo was used in all signage and advertising until the mid-90s, when an all-lower case sans serif font was used.

SAGE ALLEN Hartford, CT. (1970s)
DIAMOND’S Cleveland, OH. Founded in 1860, converted to Dillard’s in 1992.
McALPIN’S Cincinnati, OH Founded in 1852 as Ellis, McAlpin & Co. All McAlpin’s stores were converted to the Dillard’s in 1998.

(Images via Annyas)

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Tricky Toblerone!

toblerone2-nobear toblerone2-bear

It turns out that Toblerone bars are clever as well as yummy! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have never noticed the hidden message in the logo. I have always presumed that the symbol quite simply represented Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps, but recently, as I chomped away, I happened to inspect the packaging and notice the little bear hidden in the mountain! It turns out that Toblerone’s city of origin was Bern – a city in Switzerland whose name means “City of bears. Hence, the bear in the mountain!