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iPhone Accessories

So you’ve got a brand new iPhone 4, what to do next?


The iPhone 4 is probably the most sought after smart phone on the market, even considering the recent hiccups in terms of reception, it seems that the world once again loves iPhone. What’s not to love about a phone that can provide entertainment and a whole world of fun in addition to being a fully functional business companion.

I was browsing the web today and came across some of the most ingenious (and yes of course there are one or two “out there”) iPhone accessories.

My most favourite iPhone accessory that I found today was the iPhone MacLove Titan Stand. The stand allows you to dock your iPhone on your desktop and features design inspired by Apple’s Mac. It allows for your phone to be titled to landscape view as well as being operated in portrait view. The stand has a non-slip base and seems to be very effective in holding your phone in place.

Have you come across any iPhone Accessories that you just have to share? What’s your favourite?

Yours in Tech Accessories,


iPad or PlayBook?

By now everyone has heard of Blackberry’s attempt to go up against Apple’s iPad, but what will make you sway towards buying one? Well, let’s compare a couple of things:

  • The PlayBook is smaller in screen size than the iPad (7 inches up against 9.7 inches);
  • PlayBook weights 400g to the iPad’s 700g; and
  • iPad does not have a camera, yet the PlayBook has 2!

RIM (the company that gave us the worst excuse for a smartphone, BlackBerry), invited game maker Electronic Arts to help introduce the PlayBook at their launch, which shows that they may not only be targeting the business world.

I might have to wait and play with a PlayBook before I make my final decision, but the industry sure is filling up with tablets from all competitors… Dell has ‘Streak’, and Samsung plans to launch ‘Galaxy Tab’ next month. Sure is looking to be a crazy tablet world in the next 12 months.

What will you do?

Yours in tablets,

iPhone UITableView Selected State

While playing around the other day in Xcode, I wanted to change a row of a table view to a different colour other than blue when selected. Now after having a look high and low for a solution, I figured I would throw a few things at it and see what I could come up with. I managed to sort it all out by using the below code:

- (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath {
cell.selectionStyle = UITableViewCellSelectionStyleGray;

With ‘cell’ being the UITableView row, you can use the above to change the selected state to gray. Other options available are:

UITableViewCellSelectionStyleGray (demonstrated above)
UITableViewCellSelectionStyleBlue (default)

More information can be found here.

Yours in iPhone Development,

Designing for iPhone 4’s Retina Display

Hmmm, ok so the new iPhone 4 is pretty amazing with some really amazing enhancements on the previous model such as the new high resolution retina display which now doubles the resolution to 640×960 pixels.

The screen resolution on Apple operating systems (OS) has always been superior to other OS’ especially in internet browsers (if you use a PC and haven’t seen the difference go to the Apple store and see for yourself!). The difference between the great quality of the screen of iPhone 3GS to amazing quality of the new iPhone 4 is just astounding! Think of crystal clear and then think clearer than that!!! This new level of resolution in the retina display is great for iphone users, especially for reading small type in emails and websites…

BUT… it does cause some headaches for iPhone developers. Why? The main problem is that now with double the resolution this effectively, in pixel terms, doubles the amount of pixels required to fill the screen. One redemption from Apple is that the sizes are now referred to as ‘points’ instead of ‘pixels’. On older iPhones a point=1px, on the iPhone 4 a point=2px; so as long as all measurements are points, you should be right!

What about images and type, you ask! The Apple iOS automatically pixel-doubles the image to display at the correct size. Text also will display at the correct size as type is not a pixel based glyph. However, to take advantage of the crystal clear retina display you wouldn’t want to just double the pixels by scaling the image up, which is where the work around comes in to basically have two sets of images for the two different generations of iPhones. Creating two sets of images with different resolutions can be problematic in the design stage, and this is where I see a shift about to happen in web/mobile web design to take on a more vector like appearance as we have to start accommodating som many different sizes that need scaling up and down from the same artwork. The only form of artwork that is capable of not degenerating from such scaling is the vector format, effectively Adobe Illustrator (not Flash though!!!).

Yours in pixel-pushing


iPhone 4

It’s 1:50 on a Friday. Not like any other day… except this Friday is special. Yes, it’s iPhone 4 day, and I spent my entire lunch break waiting in internet lines to get my very own. Just like everyone else it seems. As my internet froze and I’m still phone-less.

This just won’t do! These little guys know exactly what i’m talking about… I could buy an HTC Evo (it’s apparently better than the iPhone 4)… but it’s just not an iPhone 4!!