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Incubus livestream promotes new album

Incubus has come up with an exciting way to promote their new album by setting up in their hometown of Los Angeles and hosting their very own livestream for fans to tune into prior to the new album being released.

It’s called “Incubus HQ Live” and runs until July 6. The band will spend time interacting with fans in person and on camera each day between 11am and 6p PT (that’s pacific standard time).

The livestream is being featured on the band’s website which you can check out here: Incubus HQ Live

The band commenced the livestream with not much of a plan in place prior to launch with guitarist Mike Einziger saying “We haven’t really planned a lot of it,” he says. “We’re going to leave a lot of it up in the air. There are a few things that are going to be planned, like I’m the guitarist, so I’m going to do a guitar clinic with fans.”

I find this use of social media and the capabilities of the internet fantastic and to see bands like Incubus take this kind of technology on board and use it to promote themselves and their upcoming album is a good lesson in the power of online space for product (of all kinds) promotion.

With good messaging and on time PR, this digital campaign is sure to be a roaring success for the band.

Yours in clever digital,


More than one string to their bow

Painting by Brandon Boyd

I haven’t been to a music festival in a while. In fact, my ticket to Future Music is proudly stuck on my fridge, acknowledging my return to contemporary tunes (from my usual 80s playlist).

What I love about music, is how often it goes hand in hand with visual art. Brandon Boyd, the lead singer of Incubus, is one such artist exploring the many avenues of creativity. He is an artist in his own right, producing large and small scale paintings that explore the similar themes in music – love, loss, anger, fear… You can check out his website here.

Other worthy artists of note are Viggo Mortensen, Jane Seymour and Dennis Hopper. Dennis Hopper was actually an artist and photographer before he was an actor. You can see some of Dennis Hopper’s photography here.

Although some people seem to have multiple creative talents, I think I’ll still leave the windows of my car up when I’m singing my favourite tunes.

Yours in paint and lyric,