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Frankie Magazine 2012 Daily Journal

I found this diary lying on a workmates desk… I’m so in love with it… I have to get one!!!

The Frankie 2012 Daily Journal features super-sweet illustrations from Melbourne artist Amy Borrell, the frankie 2012 diary is full of goodness 365 days a year. With week-to-a-page lay outs, monthly planners and spaces to jot down your best thoughts and ideas, it’s a pretty, cloth-bound pal to carry by your side all year long. This year’s diary also features calling cards to hand out to friends new and old, as well as a secret little pouch so you can stash away those needful bits of paper and other essential goodies. The Diary is 148 x 190 mm and 152 pages.

Visit the Frankie or Amy Borrell websites for more information.

Yours in super-sweet illustrations,

Illustrations worth sharing

I came across these illustrations by Dave Perillo, and just loved them, so I thought I should share them…

Dave Perillo Illustrations

He combines his love for pop culture (cartoons, comics, video games) with this vintage aesthetic to create works of art that are both strikingly bold and brilliantly simple.

Read an interview with Dave and more of his illustrations here.

Yours in illustration inspiration,

Semi-Permanent Brisbane a great inspiration!

This year’s Semi-Permanent Brisbane was an awesome day packed with some really inspiring speakers. The video above, by Supervixen, formed the introduction. The concept represents the conference making an impact on which ever country it arrives at.

Another of my favourite speakers was illustrator/fashion photographer, Kelly Thompson. Having developed a reputation for getting the sass out of models at photoshoots, she often illustrates over the photos or uses her photos as inspiration for her illustrations. Below are a couple of her beautiful illustrations.



 Semi-Permanent hits Melbourne next, over two days 23 and 24 September.

Yours in inspiration,


Generating creativity

I woke up this morning bursting with blog article ideas – weekend outings, upcoming events, social media trends, mind blowing marketing campaigns – but then I got to work, and the words disappeared like water droplets in the desert.

I was stuck at a creative roadblock and regardless of the subject I started on; I failed to find the flow. I started searching online, frantically trying to find a theme that could inspire readers, inspire creativity and give me a topic all rolled into one. But alas, nothing was found. Until that is, I employed a little technique I learnt during a Copywriting course with Ad School last year.

The technique is easy to learn and simple to perform. All it requires is a piece of paper, pencil, a few words (maybe a dictionary will help) and 100 blank boxes on a page.

So I took a deep breath, opened my dictionary and based on the first word that appeared (pineapple) I started drawing whatever came into my head. For one whole minute I let my stream of consciousness flow, and it was refreshing not to have to get it “right” first time around.  I continued doing this, randomly finding words in the dictionary and drawing whatever idea, thought, or image came into my head until 10 minutes had lapsed.

Until that is, I arrived here, telling everyone about the 100-box technique and how it’s a lifesaver for anyone in need of a creative solution.

In times of creative droughts, how do you find and cultivate your creativity?

Yours in creativity,


7 sites every designer and developer must bookmark

Designers and Developers across the world need to keep up with the latest technology and trends or get left behind. It’s just how the industry works. The great thing about both of these professions is that everything we could possibly want to know is readily available, right now, for free.

I won’t hold any more of you eager learners back by raving about why you should check the following sites out, and just cut to the chase, below are a few sites you might not have heard of that are definitely worth the bookmark or RSS subscription.

1. OnTwik

An excellent resource for designers and developers dedicated to showcasing lectures, conferences and other video resources.

2. DesignIsKinky

An Australian art and Design resource that is great for inspiration and finding out what’s on locally.

3. SitePoint

An incredidbly valuable resource targeted at pretty much everyone in the Communication Design industry, great podcasts, great articles and just generally useful references. They even write their own textbooks!

4. Fonts In Use

Fonts in Use is a fantastic typography resource, great for keeping up with trends in type and full of awesome tips and tricks.!

5. YouTheDesigner

This is a cool blog full of interesting and useful print, web and photography tid bits.

6. Bittbox

A great place to find both paid and free resources including fonts, designs, tutorials and showcases of user’s work.

7. Design Float

A DIGG-like website for graphic and web designers that has a nice broad selection of topics presented in a very to the point fashion.

Yours in design and technology,


Designing magic: Disney continues to capture the imagination

At Brio Group we pride ourselves on innovative, exciting, memorable and magic design solutions for our clients. As we continue to push boundaries for your brands and create truly engaging experiences for your clients with our unique brand of Brio magic, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne is celebrating Disney’s timeless magic. ACMI is hosting Dreams Come True, a unique exhibition drawing on the archives of the Walt Disney Animation Research Library.

Lella Smith, archivist and curator of the exhibition, says “Dreams Come True is an exhibition about the art” and as such you would expect it to showcase the illustrations of Mary Blair, Kay Nielsen, Eyvind Earle and Glen Keane – some of Disney’s much loved and award-winning illustrators. However this exhibition is more than just a showcase of a brand’s development and legacy. It highlights that as technology encourages designers to push their creations into new interactive realms, we sometimes forget that once upon a time the most magical of designs come from the painstakingly hand drawn illustrations and ideas grown from the essence of a story.

While it’s somewhat of a trek for Brisbanites, Dreams Come True is a rare opportunity to see an exhibition containing about 600 original concept art, story sketches, final frame cells and of course the films from what is essentially a design studio that has contributed more to our collective memory than any other in the world, all while consistently weaving its own brand of magic for 70 years.

Dreams Come True includes art from Disney’s most loved films such as Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast alongside two of their newest animations, Princess & the Frog and Tangled. It runs until 26 April 2011 at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia

For details visit the ACMI exhibition website.

Yours in classic design,


Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2011

It’s on again! The 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards is back for the year and calling for entries. There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs including a trip to Taipei and cash!

The awards are designed to give higher education students from across the globe the chance to lay down some solid foundations for their future, and get their name out there. Unlike the colouring competitions of old, the ADAA’s allow for a submission of a wide range of media into an equally broad pool of categories. Along side the traditional categories of illustration, photography and print communications, entries can also be submitted into Interactive Media classifications such as browser-based design, mobile design, game design and application development.

If you’re interested in seeing what the judges deemed worthy of a mention or prize last year, visit the website which has over 400 submissions.

Entries can be submitted as an individual, team or faculty so if you’re interested, tell your friends or faculty and get them involved (even if it’s as a competitor), this opportunity is not to be missed!

Yours in design,


Illustration inspiration!

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to get back into illustration and painting, so I’ve been having a little look around cyberspace to get some inspiration and see what styles are out there.

This week I came across some wonderful caricatures which I thought I’d share with you. It’s incredible to see the evolution of illustration and caricature into a realism – the use of depth of field and perspective is really being pushed in these examples. See if you can pick the famous faces, I think the likeness is pretty incredible! What do you think?

To see the full post and more images, click here.

Yours in imagination,


You’re invited to…

I am getting to a certain age where my friends are starting to get engaged, married or having babies. As their token graphic designer friend the tasks generally falls on me to come up with invitations. Now being a designer I don’t want my friends to have run of the mill invitations, I want to have some fun with their invitations and make them as special as the day itself. So I thought I’d share some of the designs and blogs that I have found these lovely pieces on with all of you.

Rifle is my absolute favourite! Created by illustrator, Anna Bond the detail and unique treatment for each and every couples invitations is just beautiful.



Mint is another source of inspiration. Ellie Snow is the creator of some beautiful invitations. Here’s one that she recently produced for her Halloween party.


Then comes Twig and Thistle. This site is full of beautiful fun paper based things but the children’s party invitations and party theme blew my mind.



I could go on for ages about the beautiful invitations I found in my online travels and these are just a few of my favourites.

Yours in design,