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Employer Branding – how Virgin added ‘Virginess’ to Virgin Active

I love employer branding and when done well it can revolutionise Government Departments, large and even small businesses.

Always on the look out for businesses doing this well, I was excited to find this fantastic presentation by Elaine J0bson, where she shares the principles on how Virgin successfully took the old Health and Raquet club brand and changed it to be part of the distinctive Virgin family.

The key take aways for me from this presentation that can easily be applied to your business or department are:

1. Good is the enemy of Great. You can have a good business but unless you do something different and push the boundaries you will never have a Great business.

2. Culture is everything.  People will be attracted to your business because of your culture.

3. Combine Employer Branding strategies. The service and people strategies need to be combined in order to create a great culture.

4. Create an over arching theme.  For Virgin, they started by having an overarching theme that they called their Love Strategy with a goal to be the ‘Worlds Most Loved’.  They then changed their language around each part of the employee process / experience.  All employees were refereed to as humans and the Virgin brand was in a ‘relationship’ with everyone of them.

• The recruitment process is called Flirting.
• Falling in Love with the brand is the first 90 days.
• The Being in Love phase is where the employees are looking for substance – asking themselves, is this somewhere I would want to stay long term.
• Staying in Love – 12 months plus – is the brand taking their humans for granted?, are they still helping nurture learning and growth?
• Happily ever Active – is a place Virgin have created for people who are scoring a 9 or 10 promoter score and have been with the business over 12 months. It is a place where things just happen – random acts of love.

Very inspiring and very achievable. All we need to do is stop and define the strategy that will take our employer brand to the next level.

Yours in Employer Branding,


5 ways to improve your desk health

We are rocking along to September, and although the year seems to be flying, I’m sure we are all feeling like it’s not going quick enough! Here are 5 quick tips to power through and keep you sitting up straight, to make sure your posture, eyesight and circulation are tip top! Enjoy the Christmas party this year, instead of spending two weeks trying to ease the back pain!

This one caught us out in the design studio. A visitor to our office pointed out the position of our windows and sympathised about the glare we must struggle with on our screens. We had blinds installed a few weeks later and what a difference! Glare can cause eye strain and make you sit abnormally to see the screen clearly, undoing all your hard posture work!

Ladies, this one will catch you out every 10 minutes if you’re not paying attention, yet it’s the easiest one to fix! I paid particular attention correcting this, and after one week, noticed a dramatic difference. I used to get a lot of knee pain when running at the gym, and I found by uncrossing my legs and keeping my feet flat on the floor, I was not only correcting my posture, but also the alignment of my knee with my hip. This will also help your circulation in your legs.

Make sure your chair is positioned to support your lower back. You should be at a height where your knees are level with your hips. Use a foot rest if this helps. Your head should be positioned above your shoulders. This allows the weight of your head to be supported down to the pelvis and into the chair. Slouching forward will put extra pressure on the muscles in the middle of your back and make them work overtime to keep your head up. This could lead to the dreaded stoop! And if you don’t like working overtime, I’m sure your back won’t either!

Objects which you use frequently should be within easy reach, try to avoid repeatedly stretching or twisting. For a designer, if you love your stationary, use a cool stationary holder or container, so everything is in easy reach. Or make use of the storage room (the more you move out of the chair and around the office, the better your circulation will be!)

Your chair should have a 5 star base, not 4 as it may tip over!

I hope this helps to make the time you spend doing what you love, that little bit more enjoyable!

Yours in good health,