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Google in the future

How often do you ask someone a question they don’t know the answer to, and their response is “Google it”?

I came across this video about the evolution of the Google search and it made me realise how much has changed since we started using Google. Little things like Quick Answers (where the answer to your question is listed before your search results) and Instant (where your results come up before you’ve finished typing your sentence) are part of Google’s ever-evolving quest for ultimate user satisfaction. They are working towards being able to provide the answers for questions like “What is the best time for me to sew seeds in India, given that there was a monsoon earlier this year?”
And once they’ve achieved this, they’ll start providing answers to even more complex questions!

Yours in search results,


Google creates playable logo

You will all, I’m sure, be familiar with the Google doodle and how Google is now famous for updating it’s logo on the search page to celebrate famous people and historical events on the day that they occur.

Today, I noticed that Google have one of the most amazing doodles they have produced so far, a playable and recordable digital “guitar”!

Google Playable Doodle

To play the guitar, simply hover your mouse over the strings and bring your inner musician to life. I’m entirely convinced that it would be possible to create a full song using the interface of the doodle, so I am expecting over coming hours and days we’ll see an influx of these recorded and posted up to you tube and shared among social media sites.

The Google doodle is to honor the late Les Paul, the man who was one of the very first electric guitar musicians and built one of the first full solid-body electric guitars. He was an amazing artist and was always innovating new ways and ideas to capture his music. He created new ways to overdub music tracks back in the 1940’s which was really pioneering for that age.

This google doodle really has impressed me with it’s usability and also it’s connection with one of the most famed and greatest musicians of our time.

What does your Google doodle track sound like?

Yours in digital creativity,