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Racing car design liveries

OK, so I have written about racing helmet designs, but now, I would like to do a post about racing car designs this time. I will specifically be talking about the V8 Supercar Championship car liveries for 2011.

A great livery this year, is the Jack Daniels Racing cars. They have not really changed their designs much over the sponsorship period, but I have always loved the simplicity of it. And when you see it in the flesh, it looks great!

A great looking car this year that has had a bit of a shake up is the Stone Brothers Racing SP Tools Ford driven by Shane Van Gisbergen.

TeamVodafone have changed their livery slightly this year and it looks hot out on track, as they do every year!

I have 2 favourite liveries this year in the 2011 V8 Supercar field, and the first one is the Orrcon Falcon driven by Mark Winterbottom.

My favourite livery for 2011 is… drum roll please!!…

The Bottle-O Falcon driven by Paul Dumbrell. This livery looks absolutely awesome in pictures, and knocks you off your feet in person. I got to get up close to the cars at the start of year at a Testing session at Eastern Creek International Raceway. And this car, is just awesome!… I may be a little biased though with loving the colour green!

Yours in racing car design liveries,


The Genius of Design

The ABC is showing a series called the Genius of Design starting this week on Tuesday evening. It should be compulsory viewing for anyone with an interest in the way design influences our lives.

We live in a designed world, created by a diverse group of specialists that we call designers. This series tells the story of design from the Industrial Revolution to the present day, from the accidental birth of design to the central role it now plays as we struggle with issues of over-production, rampant consumerism and the damage to the environment.
We can look forward to interviews with some of the world’s leading designers, including Philippe Starck, Dieter Rams, Apple’s Leeathan Ive, and Ford’s J Mays.

The Genius Of Design takes us on a journey to explore the ways in which designers over the past 250 years have created the kind of products that we take for granted. Starting with the Industrial Revolution, continuing all the way to contemporary corporations including Apple, IKEA, Ford and Volkswagen, the Genius Of Design tells the story of designers who created the simple everyday objects our great grandparents used, from Wedgwood to William Morris. It also looks at the anonymous designers responsible for ordinary but classical designs for cast-iron cooking pots and sheep shears – forerunners of the commercially produced objects we see on the shelves of our supermarkets and hardware stores. There is a lot to learn from this fascinating story about the history of design, I’ll be watching!

Yours in design,