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Top 5 Australian Photographers

Such an art… So much talent required… Something I definitely appreciate.

I’d like to share with everyone my top 5 Australian photographers (this was hard to pick!)

WEDDINGS: Marcus Bell, Studio Impressions.

PORTRAITS: Stephen Walker, Grapeshot Studios.

 COMMERCIAL: David Collins, Blackbox Photography.

FASHION: “It’s a tie..” Between HenryK


Georges Antoni.

 Who’s your favourite…?


Yours in photography,


And the Melbourne Cup winner is…

It was another close race yesterday for the winner of the Myer Fashions on the Field ‘Design Award’. The panel of Judges, Nicola Finetti, Jacob Luppino, Anthony Pittorino, Anna Byrne, Kellie Hush, Craig Braybrook and Zandra Rhodes, decided on the design of Australian designer, Anthony Capon.

In true racing style, Capon focussed on the design of the hat – a clock displaying the start time of the Melbourne Cup race. It was supported by a white taffeta skirt, floral gold trimmings, white lace gloves and a spunky black cropped jacket, clinched by an ornate belt.

The delicate and playful ensemble impressed the judges, and Capon won a new Lexus.

Images: Mitch Bear and www.racingfashion.com.au

Yours in fashion,


Made in the Now

Take current news, add an online community to vote the most interesting news article, create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, sell said t-shirt for 24hours online and mix. The result? The latest brainchild from JM:Labs, Made in the Now (MITN).

This fantastic concept creates a new limited edition t-shirt every 24 hours with the design inspired by the highest voted daily news event. MITN only produce the t-shirt after you order further promoting responsible retail.

Recent designs have included Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple, Alexander McQueen’s bequest to his dogs, and the UN’s declaration of the Somalia famine. While the shirts are currently unavailable to back order, you can view the archive here.

What I like most about MITN is its ability to creatively tap into current affairs and the visual interpretation of the story.

Image credit: Mark Lobo Photography

Download the app, visit the website or take part in choosing the daily design topic on Facebook.

Yours in digital show and tell,




Over the last few weeks, you may have seen a poster, scored a lollipop and stickers, or had your photo taken for a promotion about “Antipodium”… So what is it?

Antipodium is an international fashion label that is part of the new ‘Sportsgirls Like’ designer collaboration. Geoffrey J. Finch is the designer behind the label. He lives in London, but is a Queenslander at heart. He finds inspiration in the stylish collective that hang out at his London studio.

The Antipodium collection, Field Day, will be hitting Sportsgirls stores in September. Each piece is named after a location in East London, and takes inspiration from a local festival that takes place every summer. You can get a sneak peak here.

Yours in fashion design,


Botox – or ‘boytox’ – on the rise in males

According to leading studies, and my own personal experiences, women aren’t the only ones benefiting from botox. Since launching in the UK nearly 15 years ago, botox has become the fastest growing treatment in the cosmetic industry.  Now the secret is out that men can have lines erased on their lunch break, the numbers are on the rise, and rightly so in my opinion! Provided you had the resources and inclination, why wouldn’t one indulge in a little ‘real life re-touching’? Whilst I’m only 25, I can certainly see myself in the future ducking out on my lunch break for a quick touch-up.

The process involves injecting a botulinum toxin-A, a bacterial nerve poison, which enhances men’s appearances by using a ‘freezing’ effect. It takes only half a dozen injections to iron out lines around the eyes and freeze the forehead, with the effects being visible in 48 hours.

Of course, there are the potential downfalls of the procedure, which can include headaches, double vision or sagging facial muscles. These are mostly avoided by using quality professionals with good credentials.

As the newfound phrase suggests – why should woman be the only ones concerned with looking good and the signs of aging. With an increase of nearly 50% over the last 12 months, men no longer need be ashamed of a little “boy-tox”.

Yours in support of minor cosmetic surgery,


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I’m finding it fascinating the trend towards the change in beauty, especially in the fashion world. Today’s contributors to the fashion industry are constantly challenging traditional thinking, which inspires people like the Brio Group team to think outside the square. Typically we associate mainstream fashion with beauty (“OMG, that dress is gorgeous”), in the eye of the beholder.

In today’s highly competitive world of creative thinkers, fashion trend setters are forced to push the boundaries of what is considered ‘beautiful’ to stand out in the crowd.

I’d like to make particular reference to fashion models. A few cycles back on America’s Next Top Model there was an entrant called Nicole Fox. This 18 year old, extremely shy and drained of confidence teenager entered the show with the idea of “as if!”.  This girl, who used to eat lunch on the toilets seat at school to avoid the horrifying torments from her fellow peers because of her perceived ‘ugliness’, turned out to be America’s Next Top Model and in the process won a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics!

A true story of challenging what is to be considered ‘beautiful’. Nicole now enjoys the ‘top model’ lifestyle and can truly call herself, beautiful.

Yours in fashion,


Augmented reality in retail

The media has been rife with stories of late about the use of Augmented Reality in advertising, but how about in an actual retail environment?

I ran across this use of augmented reality recently where international fashion retailer Topshop has utilised the Microsoft Kinect platform coupled with augmented reality to create a virtual fitting room in store!

The technology allows the customer to select and “view” items of clothing from the store on themselves in real time. It’s like looking into a gigantic mirror, without actually having to try the clothes on!

The video below will showcase how the technology works, it’s still a little choppy in some instances, but with future expansion and more demand for this type of technology, the quality will only improve.

I can imagine the possibilities for this type of thing in the future. Imagine perhaps an interior decorator who comes through your home and using a handheld augmented reality system can show you virtually exactly how those new curtains, paint and fixtures will look in your home!


Yours in augmented reality,

When fashion & technology collide: Burberry’s Beijing Show

I’m not someone who you would say is “top of the fashion pack” but it goes without saying that I’m mildly interested in the “catwalk show experience”. I like them and when I’m invited to attend, I go, but I don’t often go out of my way to track them down or view them online.

When I do attend, I often gaze with so much admiration you could be forgiven for thinking I’d just met the love of my life and couldn’t take my eyes off them. I watch patiently, carefully putting together next season’s wardrobe in my mind, vowing to track down the items as soon as they’re released for public consumption. I’m pretty sure I even think at some point while in my fashion trance “I should design clothing for a living”, but then the lights come on and I’m awoken to the fact that I may never find, let alone own some of the beautiful designs I’d just witness sashaying before me. What I do own, however is the experience created by the brand, and that brand memory will be mine forever.

My most recent brand “memory acquisition” is from Burberry. Burberry is a historically British luxury brand whose clothing is unsuitable to the harsh Australian climate (for me) and is too much at odds with my current clothing cycle. However they delivered such an unforgettable brand experience with their recent Beijing Fashion show that I’m now looking at their website, “Liking” them on Facebook and finding them on Twitter – I’m a fan with a huge crush on their April Showers showcase.

So how did they blow my brandless cotton socks off?

Like Lynx who stepped outside the box with their technology-born vixens who fell to earth in London’s Victoria Station, Burberry elevated the catwalk experience with their most fashionably dressed catwalk models bursting into snowflakes (amongst other things) at the Beijing Fashion show, adding a touch of magic, personality and interactivity through new technology to their fashion show experience.


This unique twist on the standard catwalk show has created a fresh perception of the brand, in my eyes at least, and inspired my thinking on ways to use technology to create greater interactivity between brands and potential consumers in upcoming campaigns.

Yours in all forms of intertwining design,


PS. As it’s ANZAC day please take a moment to pause and reflect on those who sacrificed so much to give us the lives we have now.

#epicwinning with ASOS Facebook competition

asos facebook competition

I won, I won, I won!!!! Can you tell that I’m super excited? It’s because I’ve won $300 worth of ASOS gear for free! In the words of one wise Charlie Sheen I think that makes me a “#biwinner”. “#epicwinning” indeed!

After I ‘liked’ ASOS on Facebook – one of the largest online fashion retailers which is based in the UK – I entered into their ‘Have one on us’ competition which sees one lucky buyer win their order for free. A winner is drawn every hour of the day, every day and you go into the draw to win your order’s worth of gift vouchers – lucky I had a big order then! They’ll send them to me via email within a week and I’ll have 300 clams to throw at some sweet British threads. ASOS have a serious good range, from super cheap to super designer and expensive, I love it!

Just another reason why I love Facebook! Small giveaways go a long way to keep your customers happy – and keep them coming back!

Sorry my life is so bitchin’ guys – I win here, I win there – ok enough Charlie Sheen quotes!

Yours in #epicwinning,

A campaign to die for: Illamasqua’s ‘Toxic Nature’ colour collection, Autumn 2011

As a make-up lover (yes, make-up is another addiction of mine!), I am often disappointed by the majority of advertising campaigns the high-end make-up brands deliver into the market space every year. They’re often the same drab looking old ads: a model – or in some cases, a celebrity – perfectly manicured within an inch of her life so she appears in the glossy spread without so much as a wrinkle or enlarged pore, wearing foundation, a ho-hum eye colour, mascara that promises the impossible and a glossy pale lip (or if they’re feeling dramatic, a vampy red lip … oooh-ahhh!). You know the kind of ad I am talking about … if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

So when I came across Illamasqua’s Autumn 2011 collection called Toxic Nature, on a blog today (make-up lovers can read about the collection here), and saw the amazing collection’s accompanying advertising campaign, I sat up … and squealed with delight!

Not only is the makeup collection great, but the new ad campaign is TO DIE FOR! Finally! A make-up campaign that makes you think about what else you can do with makeup other than a nude lip and a smokey eye! Yes, unlike the stock-standard makeup advertisement would have you believe, the possibilities to makeup are endless, and it excites me that Illamasqua (a relatively new brand on Australian shores) has decided to showcase its amazing products in and amazing way that allows each product in the collection to shine … oh and the ads are just beautifully art directed; feast your eyes on these:

(Images via The Lip Print)

The campaign reminds me of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, however a much grittier and grown up Alice, and suits the name of the collection, Toxic Nature, and Illamasqua’s tagline “make-up for your alter-ego” perfectly. I am impressed. It’s about time make-up advertising got interesting! Now let’s see if the other leading brands take note!

Yours in advertising,