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ACP launch Magshop app

In the design industry we regularly hear that print is a dying media. Bad news for a magazine publisher right? … Maybe not! ACP Magazines have embraced the digital age and expanded their online magazine store with the launch of a digital newsstand app for the iPad. This app allows you to browse their titles and download a digital range of 16 ACP mags to read on your iPad, including Good Food, Money, Wheels, Dolly, Cleo, Street Machine, Recipes +, and Rolling Stone.

The app is free, but obviously you have to pay for the digital versions of the magazines. Additionally, they’ve developed individual apps for four of the more popular magazines, which you can also purchase through the Magshop app. These apps include extras that you won’t get in the print editions, for example the Women’s Weekly app includes a behind-the-scene videos from the magazine’s celebrity shoots, cooking demonstrations, etc.

“Audiences should be able to access our great mastheads anywhere, and at any time, and the release of this application is the next step in our broader digital distribution strategy,” said ACP Magazines managing director, Phil Scott.

“Magazines have always been a highly engaging medium and tablet devices provide us exciting opportunities to connect with our readers on this platform.”

(Quotes sourced from: www.adnews.com.au)

But if you prefer a hard copy, you can also order or renew your print subscription using the Magshop app.

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Exercise goes Digital

On New Year’s day, I posted about my new year’s resolution which was to get out and becoming more active, enjoying the outdoors. Being the self-confessed geek and lover of all things geek cool that I am, how do you think I felt when I heard about this?!

At the 2011 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last week, Panasonic presented what has to be the ultimate in home fitness, a treadmill that is compatible with AND runs the terrain within real cities via Google Maps.

The technology is amazing, take 1 Nordic Track treadmill, 1 internet connection and some coding genius and you have yourself a virtual, interactive morning run – anywhere in the world!

The treadmill can identify incline and decline on hills and match that with an onscreen visual of the area using the Google Maps interface. This is fed back to the machine which automatically adjusts itself to suit what is being viewed by your eyes on the screen.

Now THAT is exercise, gone digital!

Where will your morning run take you now?

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Amazing Digital Landscapes

The creation of Amazing Digital Landscapes appears to be all around us in everything from TV advertising to movies and games. It seems that an increasing number of all entertainment mediums are embracing the creation of digital landscapes.

In fact, so real have these landscapes become, we are inclined to forget the artistic value and history that is being created around us as we are immersed within more digital worlds on a daily basis.

When thinking about memorable digital landscapes, one of the most prominent and recently created examples would have to be that of the world of Avatar. With such amazing effects and beautiful surroundings, it makes me almost want to visit!

Who could forget the epic battles of Star Wars? The most recent instalment of the Xbox 360 console game, Star Wars 2 The Force Unleashed, is an amazing example of the capabilities of our generation and time to create and evolve this amazing form of digital artistry across multiple platforms.

A quick search online for digital landscapes results in thousands of beautifully created universes with a multitude of themes and colours waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

What’s the most amazing digital landscape you’ve come across recently?

Yours in digital,