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Sacred Grounds is good

Sacred Grounds Organic Fairtrade coffee have launched a very cool campaign promoting their ‘good’ coffee. The concept is based around the idea that Sacred Grounds coffee is good, “so you don’t have to be”. The campaign uses a mix of clever copywriting with beautiful typography to produce a seductive and humorous outcome.

The success of this campaign (by The Campaign Palace) is largely due to Sacred Grounds taking a risk. Instead of sticking to safe, monotonous messages about the good qualities of fair-trade, they’ve added a risqué twist that adds fun and gives depth to the brand. They’ve even got away with using the word ‘be-atch’!

Love it?

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Seven with another

Pecha Kucha was on again last night at the Brisbane Powerhouse. The name “Pecha Kucha” comes from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat” which reflects the idea behind the inspirational night – concise speakers who have 20 images x 20 seconds to present their ideas. The stand-out speakers for me were Jessica Huddart and Monique Kneepkens, two graphic designers who collaborated to come up with the idea of “Seven With Another.” They selected creatives who were well established in their own creative field and paired them off with each other, ensuring that the pairs were from highly contrasting creative backgrounds. For example, a graphic designer with a sound designer. The pairs were given the theme of Firsts and had to come up with an artwork that would form part of the Seven With Another exhibition.

Web developer, David Novakovic, was paired with illustrator, Steven Rhodes. Novakovic developed a program to monitor the world’s tweets for any mention of ‘firsts’. The two then collated the data and the most interesting firsts were illustrated by Rhodes.

Product designer, Neil Davidson, was paired with motion designer, Joyce Ho and they looked at the origins of the very first motion design, which came from a 5 stage goat illustration. They created candle holders with these images, so that the candle would flicker to create movement.

Photographer, Skeet Booth, and sculptor, Tony Powell, created a moving sculpture that tackled the question “Who came first, the chicken or the egg?”

See photos of the other artworks on the Seven With Another facebook page.

The next Seven with Another exhibition opens on 27 May 2011.

Yours in design,

Spaces Magazine to help creatives live, work and play in inspired surrounds

The popular creative design magazine Frankie has now launched a new magazine project named ‘Spaces – Where creative people live, work and play’.

Spaces showcases a fantastic global collection of eclectic interiors. This large format magazine explores the favourite space of photographers, graphic designers, vintage collectors and shop owners.

Be inspired by the unique living, cafe, shop and studio spaces this new magazine has to offer and see how passionate creatives are about styling the environment they are surrounded by every day.

Spaces can be purchased at your favourite bookstore or online.

Wouldn’t you just love to get your creative juices flowing and leave your signature mark in your office or room? Alot of the interiors in Spaces were created on a budget, all it takes is your time and imagination.

Your in Design
Amber van Sloten

Queensland Fertility Group – The Caregiver


RED-i Design recently designed a new creative campaign for Queensland Fertility Group. RED-i took an innovative angle by basing the new campaign around positioning Queensland Fertility Group as ‘the Caregiver’. The model of ‘the Caregiver’ was a perfect fit as the characteristics correspond closely with the QFG brand values. The Caregiver is compassionate and motivated by a desire to help others. The Caregiver is pure, natural, gentle and never aggressive or harsh – these characteristics were personified by the use of calm purple colours and soft photography. The core desire of the Caregiver is to support, protect and care for others, just as the core desire of the QFG program is to support, protect and care for their clients each step of the way. The Caregiver is trustworthy and the message of the campaign, “This year over 1500 of our patients will be smiling too”, instills confidence in the brand as a symbol of security and continuity.

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