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Fiats graphic design flair

The Design Institute of Australia is proud to announce their endorsement of the 2013 Fiat Nationals. The event hosted by the Queensland FIAT car club – a Non for profit organisation, provides the opportunity to highlight the beautiful graphic designs that have accompanied the beautiful cars designs – time after time.

The FIAT nationals will be held on the weekend of the 18-20th of January 2013, drawing Fiat Car Club members, design enthusiasts, and motoring devotees from the Asia Pacific to gather in Ipswich, Queensland. The weekend encompasses a variety of competitive and social events that will include a timed sprint at Queensland Raceway, the 50th “Fiat of Italy Cup” Autokhana, a Show’n’Shine, participation of by other car clubs such as Alpha Romeo car club as well as a Presentation Dinner.

As a the centre point of the Nationals, a vast collection of graphic design, marketing and advertising material and memorabilia will be on display at the Fiat Nationals DIA lounge. The DIA lounge will have activities for people to explore automobile graphic design first hand – a must do for kids looking at becoming designers of the future.

The DIA lounge will be a chill-out spot for adults and children to enjoy the 2013 FIAT Nationals. DIA board member & Designer Marina Kozul says, “The FIAT nationals not only represents a celebration of FIAT cars and the fiat group which includes (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Jeep, Chrysler) but also represents a celebration & acknowledgement to the huge body work made by fiat designers since 1899. The contribution of graphics designers for the automobile is immense.

Since the beginning FIAT graphic designers have been giving a voice and visual communication to FIAT automobiles. As the DIA is a professional body for designers, founded by the design professions, and run and funded by designers;. The DIA is delighted to endorse The FIAT Nationals which shows appreciation for good design. There is nothing more convincing than an example or good design because good design prevails – and FIAT has certainly proved that.

DIA Queensland co-president and Graphic Designer Peter Florentzoz says the fiat posters represent ideas of heroes and crossing frontiers. Those messages accompanied the bold fiats designs – the hero being the everywoman, man and every child looking to cross the next frontier smartly.

Communicating a smart message about an automobile/design/product is just as important as the smart automobile itself. In many cases sometimes the poster was the only way to plant a seed in people’s minds about the possibility in owning a FIAT. The information graphics designers deal with not only requires a sound understanding of text based communication but also requires them to skilfully use the communication properties of symbols, colours and pictures.

FIAT has relentlessly provided that communication worldwide capturing life’s romantic, heroic, and vivacious moments all though graphics design, some say the FIAT campaigns were at the art of graphic design.

For more information on graphic design as a profession visit: www.design.org.au
To see the FIAT graphics design portfolio at the 2013 FIAT Nationals register at: www.fiataustralia.com


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Brand and Design for Business Success – how to ask the right questions

As design and brand specialists, the team at Brio Group are accustomed to fielding loads of questions from our clients about their design and communication needs. To help you know the right questions to ask we’ve enlisted managing director Belinda Vesey-Brown to help.

Q. When designing for a business’s marketing collateral, what constitutes good design?
A. A clear hierarchy of information. It’s pretty simple, but it allows the key messages to communicate correctly – and in the right order for audience engagement. For example, at a top level the audience reads the headline, picture and generally the caption to see if it’s something they’re interested in. When qualifying your business, your audience asks themselves “Do I need this information?” and “Can these people help me?” The next step is the secondary level of information that outlines additional key messages. And finally, at the third level, a general rule of thumb is the more expensive the item, the more detail will be read.

Q. What questions should a business ask their agency?
A. Firstly, I believe it’s important to understand the breadth of service your creative agency offers, as some may be specialists in just one area. Once you learn a little more about their service menus, you can determine if they’re giving you advice on one specific area and perhaps not offering a holistic service – if this is important for your business. It’s vital to understand their turnaround times – is it a one-person business or an agency with a large team who can be flexible with pressing deadlines? Also you should request who will be managing your account and what systems they have in place should they go on holidays. Graphic design forms part of the big picture of your marketing and branding initiatives, so why not ask if they’re clued up with the latest technologies, like social media, and understand how to design for them effectively.

Q. What are the essentials to include in a graphic design brief?
A. I love it when a client has outlined a detailed history of their brand; listed their current marketing collateral and where it is in the market; revealed what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for them; and importantly – has shared with me a deep understanding of their target market. For example, I’d want to know where their target market communicates in all the new channels. If you don’t know, this is something to ask your agency to help out with. And of course, it’s essential to outline your expected timeframes and a budget, if you’re working to a strict one.

Q. What’s one special tip you’d like to share?
A. You can’t think of just one brochure or an advertisement in isolation; it needs to be part of the big picture. One of the questions I ask my client first up is: “How is your new marketing piece going to integrate with your sales process?” Having a total appreciation for your brand and every touchpoint (website, direct mail, press advertising, outdoor, social media, etc) that communicates consistently and leverages on each point is the key to a successful collection of marketing collateral that support each other and has optimum market saturation at the same time. It never really begins and ends with one brochure!

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Yours in communication design,