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What’s in a manifesto


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99 Percent's thoughts on manifestos


A few projects I am currently working on at Brio have got me thinking about manifestos. What is their worth and what makes a great* manifesto?

The manifestos that stick in my mind and are on instant recall are:

Umair Haque’s The Generation M Manifesto

Gen M is about passion, responsibility, authenticity, and challenging yesterday’s way of everything.

Former Brisbane-resident Clare Lancaster’s Women in Business manifesto

LuLuLemon Athletic’s manifesto

Apple’s manifesto for innovation and success

And for those fluent in design, internet and all things aesthetically pleasing you’re bound to have seen or been told about the Holstee Manifesto.


If you fancy printing it out for your home, office or to give to a friend you can, here.

What makes a great manifesto? A few things to consider when you are creating a manifesto:

  • Does it inspire action? A good manifesto should encourage action or change.
  • It should guide your personal or brand intention.
  • Recognise that a manifesto will evolve as you or your brand evolves. Be prepared to reflect upon it regularly to ensure it is always relevant.
  • It doesn’t always have to go public. A manifesto, especially if for yourself, may be something you keep for yourself – a reminder of what you have set out to achieve.

This all begs the questions:

Do you have a favourite manifesto?

Do you have a personal manifesto? Do you think businesses need a manifesto? Are they the new mission and values statements?

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Yours in manifestation,



*definition of “great” is open to interpretation. Afterall we all like different things, don’t we?

A manifesto for business

Clare Lancaster’s manifesto may be labeled as a manifesto for “Women in Business”, but it really is applicable for everyone in business and everyday life.


Clare says: “It’s a collection of words to live by for women who want to make their own path.”

You can download your copy to use as a desktop or to print out to place on your wall for daily inspiration here. If you like this design by Clare she is also about to launch stevie and three, where you will be able to order customisable typographic posters online that will be designed, made to order and printed in London (where Clare now lives). Visit Stevie & Three to be kept up to date on the launch.

What are your words to do business by? What drives you each day?

Yours in words to live by,