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Augmented Reality Business Cards

This blog is continued from my previous blog on creative business cards, that think outside the box. Over the last week I’ve been taken into the world of augmented reality and how this amazing technology is changing the way business can connect with their clients/customers. I’ve seen all kinds of amazing ideas, such as a clothing shop that shows you what clothes look like on you, without trying them on. A person stands in front of a screen with a camera and see themselves reflected, like a mirror. They can then select clothes that will appear on them, on the screen.

I was however taken with the reality of an augmented reality business card. These cards can provide a wealth of information including additional text, images and even video just by holding the card up to a webcam. When done right, it yields quite impressive results.

An example of this is shown in the video below, from advertising agency JWT London. They have successfully created a unique and innovative augmented reality business card. They have used image-recognition app Blippar. This app brings real-world images to life with augmented reality to provide overlaid digital information or interactive experiences for the user. By using the app to “blipp” the back of JWT London’s card, you can watch the agency’s showreel on your smartphone and also use the device’s GPS to bring up a map that provides the route to JWT’s office.

Watch the video to see it in action and let us know what you think.



I for one think this is a great use of technology that takes the ordinary business card to a new level of communication. It’s still small and fits in someone’s wallet or back pocket, but shares more information in an interactive and fun way.

Yours in design technology,


Augmented reality in retail

The media has been rife with stories of late about the use of Augmented Reality in advertising, but how about in an actual retail environment?

I ran across this use of augmented reality recently where international fashion retailer Topshop has utilised the Microsoft Kinect platform coupled with augmented reality to create a virtual fitting room in store!

The technology allows the customer to select and “view” items of clothing from the store on themselves in real time. It’s like looking into a gigantic mirror, without actually having to try the clothes on!

The video below will showcase how the technology works, it’s still a little choppy in some instances, but with future expansion and more demand for this type of technology, the quality will only improve.

I can imagine the possibilities for this type of thing in the future. Imagine perhaps an interior decorator who comes through your home and using a handheld augmented reality system can show you virtually exactly how those new curtains, paint and fixtures will look in your home!


Yours in augmented reality,

Augmented Reality is now behind some great new apps

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that more and more people own a smartphone. As a society we love the convenience that they offer, the entertainment value they bring us and arguably, the connection they provide to our social networks, whether that may be in the form of a phone call or text message, or via social networks. It’s almost undeniable that they have the potential to enrich our lives.

Lately, I’ve found myself reading about a technology that is still quite young but growing and developing quickly. A technology that eventually could seamlessly integrate information from our digital/online world and the real world and is readily available everywhere we go. What’s it called? Augmented Reality.

Sounds scary right? Like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, something that would only benefit the gadget lovers of society or the technologically adept … right? Wrong. It may sound technologically advanced or appear to require gadgets or systems that aren’t available yet but that is not the case at all.

The increasing popularity and accessibility of devices such as smartphones, and the relative ease to develop and deploy software for them has provided developers of augmented reality technology the perfect platform to push the boundaries of what we believe is possible.

Just recently, an application called Word Lens was released which showcases not only what augmented reality is capable of but also how it can use existing technology to enrich our life was released. The hardware involved is nothing out of the ordinary, a typical smartphone and its camera is all it takes for this interesting piece of software to recognise shapes, letters and colour to provide information in real time.

Launch the app, point your phone at a sign and you are able to reverse the letters or remove them (the app replaces them with a solid background) but that’s just a demonstration of what it’s capable of. The key feature of this is far more impressive, the ability to translate the signs you point it at in real time. It will overlay the translated text over the original text as if it was never there. At the moment it will only translate from Spanish to English and back and with a few hiccups here and there when it comes to hand writing but it’s an excellent proof of how augmented reality can enrich our travelling experience and help break the language barrier down just that little bit further.

Check out the video and see for yourself!

Yours in technology,