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Android L: announced

After all the fuss, Android L is finally revealed.

The past few months have brought much speculation about the name, with rumours of Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemonade, Licorice and more.

As we now know, Android L is now officially known as Lollypop.

Giovannio Calabrese, creator of the Andriod sculptures for the Google HQ Android lawn, was very tight-lipped about this project, but has been teasing us since early October on his Google+ account.

From announcing his travel to Google HQ for a fresh coat of paint for the previous sculptures to going gaga about Licorice all over his Google+ page, he even called out volunteers for his ‘secret surprise project’.

On 15 October, spectators gathered from all over to be at Google HQ, receiving free lollipops to celebrate the sculpture and launch of the new operating system.

Official Video from Android’s YouTube channel.

Yours in Sweet Surprise,
Brio Team.

Android’s share of market jumps 600%

In the third quarter of last year, Android accounted for 3.5% of the market, now, they are at 25.5%!

Can you believe it? This puts them ahead of Apple, Microsoft and the makers of Blackberry, with the main takeover prominent in North America.

In the third quarter of 2010 more than 20 million handsets running Android were sold worldwide. In the same time Apple sold 13 and a half million iPhone’s while RIM sold 12 million Blackberry’s.

Google are now in the game with mobiles which started off slow, and is now, the leading OS on Smartphones.

Your in mobile,