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The RAV4 Outdoor Website

To illustrate the adventurous reputation of Toyota’s Rav4, the car manufacturer built an outdoor website on the Bryanston Cycle Park in Johannesburg.

Parts from the website were brought to life on a 1.8km cycling track that was fitted with sensors, custom-built option bars and WiFi. Cyclists could literally use their bike as a cursor and navigate their way through the outdoor site. They could choose options while on the course to pick which area of the site they wanted to view. They were also able to live tweet during their ride by hitting wooden twitter buttons along the route.

At the end, the cyclist rode through a “refresh” button that refreshed the track for the next cyclist. What a great way to show just how adventurous Toyota’s Rav4 4×4 SUV can be.

See how the participants took to the outdoor site:

Find out more here.

You’ve been seen

The images below show a really creative idea of giving the young people of Lebanon what they want. What first appears as advertising for sunglasses, is actually more complex.

A current trend in Lebanon is that young people want to be seen, so to speak, when they go out. They want to be noticed, they want attention and a nightclub called Riviera Privé in Beirut, has given them exactly what they want, while successfully setting themselves up as one of the hottest places in town, to be ‘seen’.

These are massive vinyl stickers placed in the bathrooms of Beirut’s trendy spots to draw attention to Riviera Privé. It is an exclusive beach, pool and bar and lounge area in one of Lebanon’s most famous hotels, the Riviera Hotel.

Bathroom AdvertisingBathroom Advertising 2Bathroom Advertising 3

This is a great example of doing something different and creative to grab peoples attention and get them talking. What do you think?

Yours in advertising,

It must be the Super Bowl…

What is the Super Bowl without the razzle dazzle of big name stars featuring in time-slot specific ads that (generally) lend themselves to being sent to all corners of the internet. Check out the latest which brings back Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller for Honda.


Will you still Facebook when you’re dead?

ifidie is an app hosted by Facebook that allows you to leave a message that will only be published if you die. You install the app, record a video or write a message, then name three trustees from your Facebook friends. After you die, if all three of your trustees agree, the message will be posted on your wall. The app suggests you can leave a proper farewell, reveal a long-kept secret, or tell someone what you really think of them!

So, handy? Or creepy?



But wait, it gets creepier… ifidie used Facebook and Twitter check-ins to track where people were at certain points in time, and called them with the ominous message that DEATH CAN COME AT ANY TIME. The creepy all-knowing voice knew where they were and told them they must go to ifidie.com. They called thousands of people and not only did this attract media attention, it actually did increase the traffic to their website.



Yours in taking things too far,



Lose your licence and you’re screwed

Recently I was researching design ideas on the internet for a project. As you can imagine seeing some awesome ideas from someone else can spark off an inspiration in you, which translates into an awesome concept for the project you work on. One of the things that is so great about the internet is that inspiration is so easily accessible and in global sense as well. You discover gems that you would probably never have seen.

So in my researching I came across this great campaign for the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) in South Australia. The campaign is aimed at young drivers and just how ‘screwed’ they’d be, if they lost their licence.


mac campaign


I am inspired by the quirky humour in this advert. After all as a teenager I couldn’t think of anything worse then being embarrassed by your mum or any of the other situations the adverts play on (eg. trying to pick up girls on bikes, or making out in an expensive taxi). I for one had to laugh at the situations. Even the website is well executed in it’s humour, informing young drivers of the many other ways they’d be ‘screwed’, as well as what actions may cause them to get ‘screwed’. I also like the fact that this isn’t a shock tactics campaign and shows a new approach to target a particular audience. You can check out more about this campaign at www.mac.sa.gov.au/young_drivers/home.

What do you think of this campaign? If you were a young driver do you think you’d stop and take notice?

Yours in inspiring advertising


12 Days of Christmas

A great Christmas campaign that has had alot of people talking and sure puts a smile on my face each time I see it, is the awesomely done Bonds version of the 12 Days of Christmas. This is a well thought out and produced campaign that highlights the Bonds range for everyone this Christmas.

The success I believe is the quirkiness that engages the viewer, that works. Come on, you know you smile at the ‘six geese a laying’ reworked to highlight six pregnant woman in comfy bonds wear and another favourite for me is the ‘eleven pipers piping’, but I’ll let you checkout the video below to see the idea behind that one.

On mention of the video, this showcases all 12 days in one advert. However a fresh concept that I love and think works really well, is that in one advert break, three days are shown in separate mini 10 second ads, with longer ads in between. The unique version of the song grabs your attention every time and I know as soon as I hear it I stop whatever I’m doing to see which day is going to be highlighted and the mini repetition ensures you walk away knowing the brand name behind it.



Also for your information the unique Australian voice you hear singing is Jack Ladder, it’s a little rough but it suits the theme and you’ve never heard, or seen, Christmas carols like this before!

So what do you think of this campaign from Bonds? Do you think it’s successful and what’s your favourite day of Bonds Christmas?

Yours in Advertising


A bit of Japanese inspiration

I recently visited Japan and came across these striking posters in a subway station. I believe the posters were part of a campaign promoting the Tōhoku region as a place to visit. This is the region including Sendai, that has recently been effected by natural disasters and in typical Japan style, they are getting straight back to business!

The campaign caught my eye because it incorporates some timeless graphic design principles, taking inspiration from Bauhaus designers like Wassily Kandinsky. It focusses on simplicity, limiting the amount of text and the number of colours for maximum impact. The posters use striking angles, directing the eye and creating a dramatic effect.

The campaign was applied to various posters, ads and flags in transport stations throughout Japan.





Carlsberg Cinema Bikers Stunt

Carlsberg and advertising agency Duval Guillaume put together a brilliant viral commercial, by pulling a prank on unsuspecting movie goers. They filled a cinema with 148 of the baddest biker boys they could find and only left two seats left, smack bang in the middle. The reactions are priceless, as you will see, with some choosing to walk away and others taking their seats. Those who were brave enough to venture through the scary crowd were treated to a spotlight beam, a round of applause and you guessed it a cold bottle of Carlsberg Beer, while the movie screen shows the phrase ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’. The fun campaign has been hugely successful and has had over 7,000,00 hits alone.

The question I pose to you, is would you take a seat if you were faced with this situation?



Your’s in awesome advertising,

Gruen Planet’s first episode airs tonight


images (3)

The Gruen Transfer is my favourite show. Hands down. It’s required reading (or watching) for those in our industry and gives the rest of the world an insight into what we advertisers do each day.

So naturally I’m busting with excitement for Gruen Planet which airs tonight on ABC1 at 9pm.

Over an eight-week season Gruen Planet will delve into the world of public relations – the world of ‘spin’ with Gruen Transfer host Wil Anderson and panelists Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson.

“Persuasion is persuasion,” says Sampson, pointing out that the techniques used in PR and damage control are not dissimilar to those used to persuade consumers to buy a product.

Topics will include a proposal to run an ad during grand final week asserting that footballers should not be role models, the rebranding of Rupert Murdoch and a pitch to persuade Australians they hate the Melbourne Cup.

Tonight’s episode will focus on the political survival of prime minister Julie Gillard, described as ‘The only leader on Earth more besieged than Gaddafi’. The show will look at how she should be repositioned as a political brand but will also cover SABMiller’s acquisition of Fosters to tackle the question: How do you sell Aussie beers that are no longer Aussie? And do brands really need to worry about patriotism?

The last part of the show will ask contestants to come up with a campaign to convince Australians that they should stop expecting our footballers to be role models in the run up to grand final week for the NRL and AFL.

And for those of you miss tonight’s episode: a repeat of the show will air on Thursday at 9.30pm on ABC2 or you can catch-up with iView.

Will you be watching?

Yours in spin,

Sources: mumbrella.com.ausmh.com.au

An epic Hahn beer commercial

I’m not a beer drinker, but after seeing this new commercial for Hahn Super Dry Beer, I might even be a little tempted to try it. Yes, Hahn has finally revealed its secret brewing process.

Forget the hops, barley, pure water and other ingredients that would normally go into the regular brews, this beer is allegedly made with no other than: kung-fu movies, professional wrestlers, a tower of trophies, a drum set made out of kegs, beer-filled fiberglass pumas and jacked-up DeLoreans which are apparently used to infuse the beer with an essence of “badassitude” that no other beer can match. The Knight Rider theme song is playing in the background. I was immediately very impressed and even curious about what it tastes like.

This is the power of advertising and anyone who can get me even curious enough to want to try a beer is a pure genius!

All jokes aside, I really loved this commercial and found it very entertaining and cleverly produced, but best of all, it’s Australian.

Yours in advertising,