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The RAV4 Outdoor Website

To illustrate the adventurous reputation of Toyota’s Rav4, the car manufacturer built an outdoor website on the Bryanston Cycle Park in Johannesburg.

Parts from the website were brought to life on a 1.8km cycling track that was fitted with sensors, custom-built option bars and WiFi. Cyclists could literally use their bike as a cursor and navigate their way through the outdoor site. They could choose options while on the course to pick which area of the site they wanted to view. They were also able to live tweet during their ride by hitting wooden twitter buttons along the route.

At the end, the cyclist rode through a “refresh” button that refreshed the track for the next cyclist. What a great way to show just how adventurous Toyota’s Rav4 4×4 SUV can be.

See how the participants took to the outdoor site:

Find out more here.

Hey Big Nose!

A great campaign for a product not normally associated with clever marketing, functional yes, clever no … An air conditioning company in Argentina ran a campaign offering discounts on their products to people with big noses, arguing that the big noses needed the filtered air the most. Put your snozz in the instore display, if it’s big enough to touch the sensor, you get the discount!

Choose your words carefully – they could change your world

Words have more power than people give them credit for. In fact writers often scroll through hundreds of words before finding the perfect one, the one word that encapsulates their message completely and correctly.

It’s no surprise then, that effective cut-through communication relies on the mutual understanding of those words and their intended meaning by both sides in the communication equation – sender and receiver. We often forgot that with the rise of social media it’s not enough to simply send your message out into the world; it needs to be understood quickly so it can be processed and acted upon even quicker.

I saw a video recently of a homeless man on the street, his sign saying “PLEASE HELP, I’M BLIND”. He had a few people stopping by and giving money, but nothing that would greatly ease his suffering. He had the right message, but the wrong words to create action in his audience.  His message wasn’t cutting through all the other market place noise.

The clip continues as a professional woman comes into shot. She pauses, picks up his sign. You see her hastily writing something, but you’re unsure what. The homeless man touches her shoes as she puts the sign back into position beside him. The scene changes and more donations are being given to help, the homeless man scrambling to capture all coins in his tin. The professional woman returns after some time and the homeless man recognises her by her shoes, which he’s felt again. He asks with genuine sincerity and appreciation, what did she do to his sign and her reply? “I wrote the same, with different words”.

She used the right words, in the right context to create cut-through communication and connection between sender and receiver, and the effect in this demonstration was profound. Imagine if all your communication was received this way.

Brio Group can help you find the right words to achieve cut-through communication in the busiest of marketplaces. We also offer helpful hints on writing better Press Releases, creating copy for your ads and understanding the rapidly growing business benefits of social media.

Yours in 355 specifically chosen words,


Animation in television advertising

If you’re like me, you’re probably so accustomed to television advertising that you very rarely actually stop to watch how the commercial was made. I saw a fantastic new advertisement this week which prompted me to think about just how many tv ads are now being created that contain animation as opposed to physical elements and people.

The animation that we are starting to see in TV advertising is nothing short of amazing, with technologies and designs that are generally saved for the big screen being added to the budgets of companies the world over. Once I began to pay attention to the advertising I was watching, I soon realised that not only was animation used in commercials across a broad range of industries and products – I found that virtually every commercial I watched contained at least an element that was animated.

I think it shows how accessible animation is in the current marketing space and how marketing of product and services is moving in this general direction, where animated characters, as opposed to actual actors, are promoting product.

I have searched around and found an awesome and fun example of how animation is being used in advertising. Enjoy!


How many TV ads have you watched lately that use animation?

Yours in animated awesomeness,


Hahn Super Dry’s ‘Find a Phone’ promotion


Hahn Super Dry this week launched an advertising and promotional campaign concept that reminds me of those wonderful golden tickets found in five special Wonka Bars in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Hahn’s more adult game of chance is factored around mobile phones hidden in three Super Dry bottles or cans. The lucky finder will be able to use the phone to call a concierge to organise the winning prize: a $20,000 helicopter-chauffeured night out on the town.

This campaign, which has multiple touchpoints like TV, online, point of sale, radio and out of home advertising, is the latest for agency Momentum Worldwide (Australia). To learn more about this campaign, visit their website. Also, to see how they’ve integrated social media for promotional campaigns, look out for the Facebook page activity too

Will this fun promotion be enough to tear committed Tooheys or Coopers drinkers to switch to the low-carb, super crisp, Hahn Super Dry?

Yours in promotional campaigns,


LJ Hooker launches new competition series

LJ Hooker has recently launched the fun, new campaign, You’re the best in the Redlands. The ongoing competition series is hinged on community engagement and operates on a nominate, vote and win basis.

It’s hosted by LJ Hooker Cleveland, LJ Hooker Victoria Point and LJ Hooker Redland Bay and rewards locals for simply being themselves.

The first competition is You’re the best chef in the Redlands. LJ Hooker are asking the public to nominate a foodie friend or themselves for the chance to win the amazing major prize and be crowned the ‘best chef in the Redlands’.

The nominee that score the most votes will win an amazing dinner party to share with 9 friends at the stunning Grand View Hotel‘s Verandah Restuarant, Cleveland Point. Plus the winner will receive an overnight stay for two in the elegant and historical Brighton Room. The Hotel’s Executive Chef  Gilles Debeze will carefully prepare the winner’s gourmet 3-course dinner and select wines that complement each course. This package is worth $2000. Pretty impressive right?

Plus, everyone who votes and nominates will also enter the draw to win one of 10 $50 Lighthouse Restaurant, Cleveland Point, Vouchers.

So, how does it work?
Step 1: Nominate. Go to the You’re the best in the Redlands website and nominate yourself, or a friend, and write a sentence describing why the nominee is the best chef. They may be a BBQ pro, or is it their chocolate cake that’s their speciality?

Step 2: Vote. Go to the You’re the best in the Redlands website and vote for the nominee/s you believe is the best. Everyone who registers gets 20 votes – use them wisely!

Step 3: Share. Use Facebook, Twitter or email to share your nomination, or the nominee who you want to win, with your friends! You could post a link to the competition page on your Facebook profile page, or share a link via your Twitter account – either way, make sure you get your friends to vote! Remember, the nominee with the most votes wins! Voting and competition closes 13.12.10

Step 4: Winner announced. The nominee with the most votes wins the major prize! Bon appetité!

If you live in the Redlands, you’ve no doubt seen the competition billboard at the Cleveland Train Station, and you’ve probably flipped through the pages of the Bayside Bulletin and caught some of the ads … even buses are promoting the competition too! Just this week, the Bayside Bulletin published an article this week, it’s definitely worth a read.

So, if you know anyone in the Redlands, this competition cannot be missed! Get in quick and nominate. You may even win something yourself!

To stay up to date with the very latest competition news and join in the competition’s Facebook community, we recommend ‘liking’ the You’re the best Facebook Page. If you’re a twitterer, why not follow their Twitter page too?

Yours in creative campaigns,