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Google in the future

How often do you ask someone a question they don’t know the answer to, and their response is “Google it”?

I came across this video about the evolution of the Google search and it made me realise how much has changed since we started using Google. Little things like Quick Answers (where the answer to your question is listed before your search results) and Instant (where your results come up before you’ve finished typing your sentence) are part of Google’s ever-evolving quest for ultimate user satisfaction. They are working towards being able to provide the answers for questions like “What is the best time for me to sew seeds in India, given that there was a monsoon earlier this year?”
And once they’ve achieved this, they’ll start providing answers to even more complex questions!

Yours in search results,


Hey Big Nose!

A great campaign for a product not normally associated with clever marketing, functional yes, clever no … An air conditioning company in Argentina ran a campaign offering discounts on their products to people with big noses, arguing that the big noses needed the filtered air the most. Put your snozz in the instore display, if it’s big enough to touch the sensor, you get the discount!

Jay-Z Decoded – Book Campaign with Bing Maps

As far as advertising campaigns go this is a great one. Highlighting the power of leverage using a celebrity, the public, technology and innovation.

This is what I love about advertising in todays world – technology gives us creative freedom and allows us to interact with a brand in new and interesting ways.

Yours in creative advertising,


Bodies Disappearing into Art

I am in awe of Emma Hack’s beautiful collection of works. There is just no end to this lady’s talent.

She is a diverse multimedia artist, skin illustrator, make-up artist, hairdresser, stylist, photographer, sculptor and keynote speaker. Emma paints models’ bodies to blend in and contrast with backgrounds and then photographs the tableaux to create stunning, eye-catching works.

When you first look at Emma’s creations, it appears that she uses projections or stencils to create such precise fine lines and an accurate reproduction of the wallpaper or image the model stands against, but in reality, she crafts the entire image free-hand. She uses Florence Broadhurst designed wallpapers as well as her own creations or just nature for her backdrops.

Emma’s profile as an acclaimed and talented artist has risen and now also gaining recognition in the music scene as she was the creator of the skin illustrations and wallpaper designs for the film clip for Gotye’s smash hit Somebody That I Used to Know, after being approached by music director Natasha Pinctus. And actually, this was the first time that I saw Emma’s work. The video is truly a great work of art and took 23 hours to create and film.

Emma has also created a short body-art film for Estee Lauder, directed and produced by ex-Adelaidian, Tim Piper. The creation was filmed in Adelaide.

With galleries in London and New York exhibiting her work, her profile can only rise.

Check out more of her beautiful work here.

Yours in Beautiful Art
Angie Rapisarda

What is creativity?

Anyone in the creative industries will know how difficult it can often be describing to someone what you “do” for a living. Being “creative” isn’t easily defined and is not something I think you can learn: you either have it or you don’t. Similarly, the way in which an individual approaches their creativity is a rare and highly personal process.

The video below of Wieden + Kennedy’s John Jay recently did the rounds amongst my creatively minded peers and the executive creative director, recently named as one of the most creative business people in 2011 by Fast Company, talks us through his own creative process.

Watch below to hear more of his thoughts on creativity.


Tell us, what does creativity mean to you?

How do you foster and develop your creativity?

What environments are you most creative in?

Yours in creativity,


Steve Jobs – Resigns In Peace

Well a new day of international mourning was created this week with the announcement that Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple CEO.

To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community:
I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.
I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.
As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.
I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.
I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.


It really was only a matter of time. It has been well reported that Jobs has had health problems mainly in the form of pancreatic cancer, a survivor nonetheless and also a liver transplant. The early signs of Steve not being able to do his role as CEO of Apple were seen when he was unable to commit to one of his eagerly anticipated keynote speeches at a WWDC (Apple Word Wide Developers Conference), but he has always been open about his health.

It should be said though that Steve is not dead, nor has he left Apple at all. Jobs has nobly put the interests of Apple ahead of himself and it has been confirmed that, as he requested, Jobs will continue as Chairman of the Board and will remain with the company in that capacity. To take his place as CEO, Jobs personally recommended Apple COO Tim Cook. Cook has been ‘filling’ in for Steve when on medical leave and the recommendation comes as no surprise.

In 1976 Steve Jobs (21), and Steve Wozniak (26), founded Apple Computer Co. Their first personal computer released was sold for $666.66.

Some time after Apple became a listed company tensions between Jobs and the Apple board (in particular John Scully, who came from Pepsi to head Marketing) led to Jobs resigning from Apple, for the fist time! This turned out to be one of the best things that, in my opinion, ever did.

After that resignation, Steve went on to found two other well known companies neXT and PIXAR. The neXT computer was used to develop the original Word Wide Web system by Tim Berners-Lee. Unfortunately neXT was wiped off the market, but the new venture PIXAR was to become another hugely successful company. You would now PIXAR as the animators of movies such as Toy Story, A Bugs Life, and of course Finding Nemo.

Are you starting to see the incredible vision of this man?!

Jobs returned to Apple after the failure of neXT. The rest is history! All I need to say is two words, iPod and iTunes! But that’s just the start of Steves vision for Apple. Now we have the iPhone, iPad and the fastest computer operating system around, OS X.

I could go on and on about the success and credibility of this man, but I won’t put you through that! You can read more here!

I will leave you with some lesser known facts about Apple and Steve Jobs though:

• Microsoft Office was first made for an Apple Computer
• Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are friends
• There is a third Apple co-founder, Ronald Wayne who relinquished his stocks in Apple for $800!!!
• Wayne created the first Apple Computer logo

And finally for a bit of fun, if you haven’t seen the Mac vs PC TV ads you’re in for a treat! I found on YouTube the whole collection in one clip (below). Enjoy!



New social network to rival Facebook, Twitter and Google

I was reading the Brisbane Courier Mail on Friday and came across this story by Alex Dickinson about “the next big” social network, created right here in Brisbane.

Kondoot – a social network based around live streaming video – was quietly launched last month by a small Brisbane team of young technical programmers and already has users from more than 100 countries signed up, with most interest from the US.

It started out as just an idea last year and has taken a little over a year in the making when a few of them got together to see if it was possible. The tight-lipped technical crew has managed to keep it quiet until now.

Mr Hoad, 24, one of the team’s programmers, said Kondoot was a mash-up of the best features of the major social media websites. “Most of them do only their thing – nobody really covers more than that,” he said. “YouTube, for example, is big into video but the social side is not so good. We add that other dimension.”

The team of 10 who work full-time on the site’s business, legal and IT needs is currently working 18-hour days to develop new features.

Users can “friend” others, just like Facebook, but the main point of difference is the wide range of streaming video options.

Kondoot will allow users to broadcast streaming video from home or work live to the world.

“The video calling and text chatting is there and posting to profiles, but we add another dimension,” Kondoot spokesman Nathan Hoad told The Courier-Mail. “It’s mostly about connecting people and video is just one way to do that. “We think we can make a massive splash in the social media scene.”

Will you make the change to Kondoot?

Yours in social media
Angie Rapisarda

Ultimate Public Tea Party A Huge Success

On Thursday 30 June 2011 the Brio Group team held the Ultimate Public Tea Party in Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens. We shared 365 cupcakes with the community and raised almost $800 for the Cancer Council as part of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. The event celebrated our milestone: donating the equivalent of 365 gifts of sight by supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation over the past year.

Each cupcake represented one of the 365 gifts of sight we’ve donated in 12 months. The event was a huge success! The Nova Sandman and The Good Guide popped in for some fun too.

I hope you enjoy the video above which is a nice little wrap up of the event.

A huge thanks must go to our wonderful sponsors and media who helped make our event such a success. The delicious cupcakes were supplied by Cake Star and paper by KW Doggett. Thanks to MX, City News, Nova 106.9FM, 96.5 Family FM, The Good Guide and Cancer Council Queensland. Thanks must also go to Terry Kwong from Take Two Productions who produced the video above, thanks Terry!

Find out more at
View the photos on Facebook

The Inside Experience – world’s first social film

The world’s first social media powered film will make it’s debut on Monday, 25th July and you’re invited!

The Inside Experience is directed by Disturbia director DJ. Caruso and is the story of 24 year old Christina who has woken up to find herself locked alone in a room. Her only connection to the outside world is a laptop and this is where the social media genius kicks in. The object of the movie is to interact with Christina via the inside experience facebook page. The facebook page is Christina’s link to the outside world and her key to not only figuring out where she is, but to escape.

Members of the Facebook page, which can be found here: The Inside Experience are asked to assist Christina in her escape by posting to the Facebook page wall during specific hours of the day. All times are US time, so if you are as keen on this idea as I am, we are both going to be up very early!

Suggestions and advice given by the social audience are read by Christina and her decisions in the game are made based upon this advice. Of course, there will be a filter applied to the inevitable “not so useful” advice, but on the whole, I think the interest in this movie event far outweighs the users who may attempt to dilute the experience for those who are genuinely participating.

The movie is being sponsored by Toshiba (who supply the laptop that Christina uses in the film) and Intel (the processor on board the laptop), so this is the marketing angle of the movie in full swing, it’s integrated quite smoothly though so there’s no real hard sell on the average user.

I’m pretty excited about this new move by social media into what I like to call “live direction” of a film. If it works, I think we can expect to see more of this type of film being produced, perhaps even via iphone apps in your cinema chair. Imagine the possibilities, heading off to the same movie a number of times with the ending always being different depending on who else is sharing your cinema!

Please, let this idea take off!

Check out the trailer for The Inside Experience below:

Yours in social films,

Celebrate Global Smurfs Day

It seems that anyone can have a day celebrated in their honour. Today, Saturday 25th June has been marked Global Smurfs Day to correspond with the birthday of their creator, Peyo (born June 25, 1928), Had I known this, I would not have given away the extensive range of Smurfs (stuffed, fluffy, hard plastic and talking variety in all sizes) that my girls acquired when they were growing up. This event is likely to breed a new generation of Smurf fans, and I could never be forgiven.

The event will also mark the anticipated July 29 release of “Smurfs 3-D” Animation in movie theatres. Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation will coordinate events all over the world as part of Global Smurfs Day, a worldwide event in anticipation of the release of the Smurfs’ trip to movie theatres. The movie, however, won’t be shown in Australia until September.

Today, Fans in costumes, painting their skin blue and putting on the white hat and shoes, will attend events in cities around the world as the organisers try to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Smurfs (the record stands at 2,510), including Brussels, Belgium (Peyo’s home country); Athens, Greece; Scheveningen (The Hague), Holland; Dublin, Ireland; Mexico City, Mexico; Panama City, Panama; Warsaw, Poland; Moscow, Russia; Johannesburg, South Africa; New York, USA; and London, UK.
Even Apple has had success with the Smurfs since the release of its Smurf Village app. This free app enables users to create their own village full of smurfs.

I think we are in for another Smurf revival. Will you be one of the new breed of Smurf fans?

Yours in Smurfs
Angie Rapisarda