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Happy World Graphic Design Day

Today marks World Graphic Design Day. A day where we designers can celebrate ourselves and the work we do to make the world a visually pleasing place.

It was on this day in 1963 when the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda), the world body for graphic design was founded. Since 1995 designers all over the world have been celebrating the profession of communication design.

So charge your glasses and celebrate leading creatively with us!

Yours in design,

Coaches & trains

Trying to teach yourself to increase your skill levels can be confusing, and hard work, but paying an organisation to train you and your team can be expensive. Is it worth it?

I think the answer has to be yes.

One on one sessions with a coach, or working in small groups, with feedback from other participants, can be an energising way to hone your skills, be exposed to new ideas and ramp up enthusiasm for your particular niche.

Recent experiences with seminars and training days with MYOB have provided me with the latest updates to make sure we are compliant for taxes and payroll, but even better, I came away with more resources and reference material.

After a day spent at their Brisbane Training Centre, brushing up on reporting and analysis, I was given access to a MYOB-designed Business Fitness Review.  This excel based program is a useful tool for working on budgets, and getting some interesting ratios out of your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets.

Whatever your skills, there is always more to know, and often someone interesting to learn it from, so get out there and find your teacher.


Yours in design


State of Design

15-25 July, 2009 – Melbourne


The State of Design Festival showcases Victoria’s best designers and creative teams, and businesses using innovative design. Learn how design can lead business, industry and society towards a better future.

The Festival holds four major programs in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, focused around the 2009 theme ‘Sampling the Future': Design Capital business program, Design For Everyone public and cultural program, Design:Made:Trade industry program, and the biennial Premier’s Design Awards (next held in 2010).

State of Design Festival is an initiative of the Victorian State Government in Australia and is the public face of the Design Victoria Strategy.

Established in 2004, the Festival has had three editions-2004, 2006 and 2008. Starting in 2009, the Festival is now an annual event.

State of Design Festival increases the awareness of the value of design and showcases how design generates innovati on, promotes sustainability and adds value to business and society. Festival programs demonstrate and broadly communicate how the Victorian and Australian design profession can improve living conditions, create sustainable development opportunities, and generate new and innovative products and services; in turn, providing economic benefit for the state of Victoria.

The Festival seeks to articulate how design holds the potential to lead the parallel trajectories of business, industry and society towards a common future. By communicating to Australian and international audiences, the Festival promotes a deeper understanding of design capability and value.

More than 100,000 people are expected to experience one or more of the 75 events across the Festival’s four main programs.

For more information, visit

Courtesy of AGDA, 6 April 2009,

Yours in Design,