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Life’s Better in Print

We very recently launched a new website for our client, Inky’s. You can see it here. What was really exciting about this project was the campaign Life’s Better in Print that we launched simultaneously.

The campaign is designed to reminder us how some things, no matter how digital our lives become, will always be better in print. Books we read, a handwritten letter, the smell of a new magazine.

Check out the posters we designed for it, download them, pin them or share with friends. You can also join Life’s Better in Print on Facebook.


Children’s Art Centre Exhibitions

Having a 20 month old toddler, I know how challenging it can be coming up with new and exciting activities for kids… especially when it’s raining!

This said, I have to share with you my weekend visit to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). They have a great interactive kids exhibition running at the moment called Yayoi Kusama: The obliteration room, 2002 (running 19 November 2011 – 11 March 2012). The obliteration room invites visitors to obliterate the completely white surfaces of a life sized Australian living room, re-created within the Gallery, with coloured adhesive dots.

I could not hazard a guess at how many thousands of dots there are already in the room!

Children's Art Centre Exhibitions

About the Artist: Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is one of the most significant and influential artists working today. When she was a small girl she started seeing the world through a screen of tiny dots. They covered everything she saw – the walls, ceilings and even her own body. For 40 years she has made paintings, sculptures and photographs using dots to cover surfaces and fill rooms. Kusama calls this process ‘obliteration’, which means the complete destruction of every trace of something.

Check out the current kids exhibitions here.

Yours in creative kids entertainment,

What is your trade-off?

My friend, let’s call him Adam, recently sent me the above masterpiece dictating our 10 units of attention. We all have a finite amount of attention we can give and all up, as once was explained to him, there are approximately 10 units we can distribute how we see fit. Within these units you can balance work, friends and family, projects, health and well-being, personal development – you get the idea. But you will always have only 10 units. So, for example, if you’re running all 10 units on work (which let’s face it in agency-land can often happen) you do so at the neglect and detriment of everything else that makes you a well-rounded person.

Our attention is at an all time premium with digital distractions demanding an investment from us at an increasing pace. It seems so simple and basic to commit to taking control of how we allocate our attention and thus time, but a simple act we often forgo for constant connection, extra hours at work and ultimately burn-out.

The 10 unit theory (as we’ll call it) reminds me of a post of Nick Crocker’s,  The Art of the Trade-off, which follows exactly the same premise but with kitchen stove top burners.

“One burner represents your family, one is your friends, the third is your health, and the fourth is your work. In order to be successful you have to cut off one of your burners. And in order to be really successful you have to cut off two.”

– David Sedaris

This time of year is a month where we make resolutions, bust out of the gate gung-ho to achieve them only to burn out early February with a defeated attitude and not a lot to show for it. My suggestion? Let’s look at where we are allocating our units of attention. Are we committing or trading off too much? Is your desire to get fit / get a promotion / make new friends/ loose weight / run a marathon being thwarted by committing too much to one area.

Yours in attention allocation,


Is Your New Year Looking Positive?

With the start of the new year, most of us like to take the time to reflect on the past year and what we will do to make this year better, all with the best intentions, whether it be with New Years’ resolutions or changing your mindset with a positive attitude.
Positivity is contagious.
Is your attitude so positive that others are catching it?
I came across these 7 simple insights  via It’s All About Women. It will completely change the way you feel right this minute and will impact the happiness of everyone around you, too.

Try them and see……

Yours in a Positive Attitude

Braille Burgers

How awesome of a campaign is this…

Fast Food Chain Wimpy Passes a Message to Visually Impaired Customers

Wimpy, a hamburger chain in South Africa, wanted to let visually impaired people know that they offered braille menus in all of their restaurants. To spread the word they built braille burgers that blind people could actually read. With the help of skilled chefs we took sesame seeds and meticulously placed them on burger buns so that the seeds formed braille.

According to Wimpy, its efforts was so appreciated that the three institutions discussed the campaign in their braille newsletters, which ultimately resulted in Wimpy reaching 800,00 visually impaired people.


Yours in awesome campaigns,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



Can you believe it is only two sleeps until Christmas? No we couldn’t either. This year has sped past and here we are at the tail-end of the year.

We’re sure by now you are either on your way to a fabulous holiday destination or soon to be and we want to take a quick moment to wish all our Brio Daily readers a truly Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope you have a safe festive season with the opportunity to put your feet up and celebrate with those you hold near and dear.

Before we depart for the year, however, we have one last request. To help us bring back BrioDaily bigger and better in 2012, we’d love if you took a few minutes to complete our inaugural BrioDaily 2011 Reader Survey. You can complete the survey by clicking here.

Rather than fill your RSS with even more reading when you reconnect to your digital devices in the New Year, Brio Daily will also be taking a holiday and returning on January 3, 2012. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to sharing more creative, digital and brand insights with you in 2012.

Yours in new beginnings,


Brio Group’s Christmas Gift Guide

Do you leave your Christmas shopping til the very last moment? Never sure what to get the creative in your family? Never fear, Brio Group have put together our very own creative Christmas gift guide to lead you in the right direction.

Belinda Vesey-Brown, Managing Director

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Audiobook,$22.79USD

Make sure it is audio so you can listen where ever you are.. to get in all 25 hours of insight on this amazing entrepreneur.

Amber, Studio Manager

Frankie Magazine 2012 Daily Journal, $24.95

This is for the organiser of your family. They’ll look forward to opening it up everyday and getting that warm fuzzy feeling from the beautifully crafted and designed spreads. It is too pretty to pass up! – Get in quick! It is sold out online but still available at some local newsagents or NationState.

Lee, Web Developer

Canvas Pop Instagram Prints, prices start at $29.95USD

 Now you can turn your artistic filter-applied images in to your own pieces of art for the whole family. Printed on canvas and framed, a personalised gift for your loved ones is just a few clicks away!

Craig Brien, Art Director

iLuv Professional iPad case with bluetooth keyboard, $63.60USD

Michael Taylor, Design Account Manager

A day at the Thai Foot Spa

This spa located in New Farm is the first of its kind in Australia and is a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Who wouldn’t love to be given a relaxing day at the spa on Christmas morning? Rejuvenate the creative juices with a selection of treatments that promote inner peace, well-being and good health. Treatments range from 30 mins to an indulgent half day! It’s the festive season – so why not have a champas and order from the mouthwatering menu…

Dawn Wilson, Senior Designer

Typodarium 2012 Calendar, $16.80EURO (approx $22.16AUD)

This is an awesome typography calendar for all lovers of design and type. There’s a tear away for everyday of the year showcasing a different typeface, giving you a daily dose of inspiration and beauty.

Tanya, Senior Designer

Frankie Magazine Subscription, $57

Angie, Office Manager

Henri Matisse Les Velours Framed Serigraph, $325USD

Although at the higher end of the budget, this beautiful Matisse piece would be a great gift for any true fan of his work.

Anya, Senior Designer

Yellow Bird Project Indie Rock Colouring Book, $10
The Indie Rock Coloring Book, designed by Andy J Miller, is an interactive and creative present for any music lover, it doesn’t matter how old they are. It includes 25 hand illustrated designs and games that reference the likes of Devendra Banhart, Bloc Party, The National and heaps of other indie rockers. And best of all, it’s for charity!


Justine, Digital Strategist / Digital Account Manager

Aardvarkonsea Manifesto, $40USD