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The Power of Twitter


Well it should be common knowledge by now that Julia Gillard has taken the top position as Australia’s Prime Minister. If you did not know of this fact until now, then I guess you have been living under a rock since last Thursday evening, or perhaps you just don’t have a Twitter account.

According to this ninemsn story , the news of our new PM wasn’t broken in a tv, radio, online or print bulletin – it was in fact broken by News Ltd’s Samantha Maiden through one simple tweet: “Labor Mp text: it’s Julia no ballot”. This message of less than 140 characters, as well as other messages tweeted by fellow journalists spread like wildfire through Twitter-land.

I was on Twitter on Thursday night and I have to say, there were tweets popping up left, right and centre about the new PM. I’ll be honest; I didn’t watch the debate (was the debate even televised?), but I didn’t have to. Thanks to the “Tweeties” I follow, I was well informed about the goings on of the debate, and the outcome. It’s amazing how a simple social media tool can keep one so well informed during an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

And it’s not just the news of the new PM that I have heard about before a news bulletin! For example, I knew of both the Haiti and Chilean earthquakes hours before news bulletins even surfaced here in Australia. The power of Twitter is very much underestimated.

To those who think Twitter is a pointless social media website, I urge you to think again. While there are certainly tweets along the lines of “I ate a cupcake for breakfast” and “I love Justin Beiber”, there’s also a lot of very informative and up-to-the-minute information on Twitterland that you just can’t get anywhere else right now!

Tweeting always,

Time’s Top 10 Tech Trends for 2010

foursquare platform

I stumbled upon the Time website the other week (which is fantastic by the way) and found their list of Top 10 Tech Trends for 2010. This list gives a very basic snapshot of some of the amazing applications that are changing the way we live.

The list highlights FourSquare, Facebook Connect, Social Games like Farmville and Bejeweled, Cloud computing for music downloads, Twitter conversations forming the ‘Back Channel’ of a program, Venmo’s new mobile phone technology that allows you to bump your phone with another to issue a payment, user-generated barcodes by Stickybits, Apple’s Flash snub in favour of HTML 5 and of course the iPad.

Check it out for yourself: Time’s Top 10 Tech Trends for 2010

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Fiat – another great advertising strategy


Fiat is asking people to picture themselves not in the car but on the car. Fiat is encouraging fans and owners to go to the website to secure their place on the 500,000th car by submitting a photo and story about their love of the model. This milestone model will carry the headshots (including mine and Paul’s) of 1500 people worldwide. It has just been built, 31 months after the 500 was launched. Pretty impressive hey!

The printed up car will be ready three weeks after the last headshot is added. But fans will have to get in quick as when we added ourselves this week there were only 150 spots left!  And it’s only been up for a week! The car will then feature in all forthcoming events and international motorshows which means my headshot should see quite a bit of the world while I am here at work.

Meanwhile I will also make friends worldwide thanks to Fiat’s clever use of social media in this campaign. Fiat lovers around the world can unite and connect through Facebook! Each photograph and mini bio includes a link to the fan’s Facebook page, opening up the door to connect with like-minded people and continue celebrating the wonderful Fiat 500!

Trust Fiat to come up with such a great marketing strategy that really captures the essence of the brand. I hope our stories will be published somewhere, as I would love to read them all.

Yours in Design


Microsoft launches social media savvy mobile phone to youth market


Microsoft have lifted the veil on their latest mobile phones – Kin One and Kin Two – designed purely with Gen Y, and even Gen Z, in mind. Long gone is the main necessity of a phone to actually administer and receive phone calls … no, today we expect our phones to be multi-level digital communication devices that we only occasionally make phone calls on. You know, when we’re not using it as a GPS, to read the news, to email the office, or to listen to our latest iTunes download. Thank you iPhone, and thank you Blackberry.

Now, the youth of today, prepare yourself … the new Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two mobile phones are designed solely for the social generation. You don’t need separate apps for Facebook, Twitter or MySpace – in fact access to apps is apparently not an option. Instead via the home screen the user can stream live feeds from social networks offering minute-by-minute updates and entertainment. Facebook updates, tweets, photo albums have never been so easily assessable before in an interactive pocket-sized package.

With touchscreens, slideout keyboards, cameras that record high defintion video, the Kin also offers online storage of photos and video through Kin Studio. Manufactured by Sharp and aimed to provide easy access to Microsoft online services, the Kin phones has hit the US market first, followed by Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK.

Social media is rife, influencing how we communicate to our friends, our colleagues and our customers. And now, with the rise of mobile phones supporting social media integration, especially the social-media super savvy ‘the Kins’, who knows where technology will take us next?

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Skinput: Save money on computer screens and just use your own skin!

Can you imagine it? Pressing on parts of our body to activate certain programs or functions.

Hmm, if I touch my left ear the garage door will open! The possibilities are endless!

I was watching the following YouTube video on a post and in one of the comments was mentioned a TED talk about some more amazing human interactive technology. So I’ve put that one up too for you to look at!


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Jetstar flies the social media flag!

This morning I read that more than 71% of businesses intend to increase their use of social media – including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and company blogs – in 2010 (according to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report).

So it was timely when I discovered how Jetstar plan to divvy up their marketing budget. It’s pretty big news as it’s reported as the first major brand to make a dramatic shift of marketing spend into social media. Now, take a guess how much of their marketing spend Jetstar have lobbed into the social media basket?



Nope, not even close.

40%! While it may be bad news for print advertising, it’s telling news for the reality and future of digital marketing. This enthusiastic nod to social media has been described by Jetstar on Mumbrella as a “significant shift in marketing spend” to the new media phenomenon. In the article Jetstar aknowledged that traditional media had become expensive and fragmented.

I believe Jetstar’s push into using sites like Facebook and Twitter illustrate the company is open to follow trends and they recognise how their audience like to communicate.

And the proof is in the pudding. Mumbrella reported the Aussie budget airline trialed social media, including Twitter and YouTube, over the past 18 months, which confirmed their customers were comfortable reacting online. You may recall the 1000 seats for 2c sale through Twitter last year? It sold out in 2 hours!

If that’s indicative of the cool campaigns and customer-happy offers Jetstar may share when they commence their social media saturation in the next financial year, then I shall be following their tweets with credit card on hand!

Yours in design,