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Miranda Kerr – home for David Jones Colourful Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Runway Launch

I just love Fashion and Fashion Parades and the upcoming Spring /Summer season is sure looking great as seen when fashion designers, Camilla, Jets, Kirrily Johnston, Collette Dinnigan, Carla Zampatti Lisa Ho and signature Alex Perry, showcased their newest creations at the David Jones new season launch in front of 400 guests in Sydney last night. Supermodel Miranda Kerr opened the show in a yellow sequin Camilla kaftan, followed by a showcase of colour and fun styled outfits.

David Jones Womenswear General Manager David Bush said to the Courier Mail Fashion Editor, Laura Stead, “This summer, we want to make you smile. It’s about vibrant, joyful and thrilling fashion”

Miranda, who had a baby 7 months ago, is looking super fit and absolutely stunning. She says her strict exercise regime of squats, pilates and yoga has helped her keep in shape….hhhmmmm, I think natural beauty and those lucky genes may play a part as well.

As stated by Laura Stead in the Courier Mail, “Designers offered up vibrant colour, from Carla Zampatti’s sapphire-blue playsuit to elegant full-length ensembles by Lisa Ho and showcasing signature Alex Perry.”

“Statement swimwear was a stand-out from James Bond-inspired scuba styles by Jets, to all-white pieces which played into another strong trend for summer. Brisbane outfit Easton Pearson led the way in nautical, showing light-weight cotton separates.”

It’s nice to see the bright colours back, and still keeping the all white designs, which I am a big fan of.

Yours in Colourful Fashions
Angie Rapisarda

Rebecca MacKinnon – Let’s Take back the Internet

In this powerful talk from TEDGlobal, Rebecca MacKinnon describes the expanding struggle for freedom and control in cyberspace, and asks: How do we design the next phase of the Internet with accountability and freedom at its core, rather than control? She believes the internet is headed for a “Magna Carta” moment when citizens around the world demand that their governments protect free speech and their right to connection.

Rebecca MacKinnon looks at issues of censorship, privacy, free expression and governance (or lack of) in the digital networks, platforms and services on which we are all increasingly dependent.

Yours in the Internet
Angie Rapisarda

Dancing Auditon for US rapper “Splendour in the Grass” Act

I won’t be going to Splendour in the Grass, but I wish I was. Anya, I am very jealous. I would love to have gone to see the big acts and the dancing.

I am very proud to say that I know Brooke Hindmarsh, who is featured in the centre of the Courier Mail photograph above. I have known Brooke since she was 3 years old as she danced and performed for many years with both of my daughters. Brooke was one of 200 Queensland dancers who auditioned at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Tuesday for a coveted spot performing with US rapper Kanye West who will be playing Splendour in the Grass at Woodford on Friday Night. The audition was run by Czech Republic choreographer Yemi A.D who had the tough task of choosing just 18 lucky girls. All 18 have been sworn to secrecy so I hope Brooke is one of them.

This was great for Brisbane dancers, and as Brooke stated “We never get an opportunity to audition for something like this, usually you have to go to America.

 That’s why so many dancers have turned up.” Seeing Brooke in this photo has brought back many happy memories of my girl’s dancing days.

Yours in Splendid Dancers
Angie Rapisarda

Sixty Years Strong

Tonight the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is celebrating it’s sixtieth year for the Queensland and Northern Territory branches.

AIM members from around Queensland and Northern Territory have been invited to come together to share how AIM has helped them work smarter and also discuss how the institute has grown into what it is today.

AIM facilitates short courses and workshops in any aspect of management so they only concentrate on the areas you need help with most. The bonus of becoming a member is they run members only business related seminars for  week a year. AIM organises local and global inspiring guest speaker sessions for everyone to enjoy. My favourite though is the womens only ‘Onboard to Board’ where a bus-load of professional women are taken to a mystery destination and meet with a super successful woman who has succeeded in getting on a board. We are amazed as we hear their rise to success and we’re welcome to ask questions and mingle. Definitely a great night out!

There will be special presentations and also an opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Congratulations AIM Qld & NT, I’m looking forward to tonight!

Yours in Management,
Amber van Sloten

Ultimate Public Tea Party A Huge Success

On Thursday 30 June 2011 the Brio Group team held the Ultimate Public Tea Party in Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens. We shared 365 cupcakes with the community and raised almost $800 for the Cancer Council as part of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. The event celebrated our milestone: donating the equivalent of 365 gifts of sight by supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation over the past year.

Each cupcake represented one of the 365 gifts of sight we’ve donated in 12 months. The event was a huge success! The Nova Sandman and The Good Guide popped in for some fun too.

I hope you enjoy the video above which is a nice little wrap up of the event.

A huge thanks must go to our wonderful sponsors and media who helped make our event such a success. The delicious cupcakes were supplied by Cake Star and paper by KW Doggett. Thanks to MX, City News, Nova 106.9FM, 96.5 Family FM, The Good Guide and Cancer Council Queensland. Thanks must also go to Terry Kwong from Take Two Productions who produced the video above, thanks Terry!

Find out more at
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Embarrassing typo, can you spell Australia?

I would certainly hope so!

Unfortunately, not only the manufacturers in Hong Kong but also, the contractor in Tasmania who outsourced the cloth badges for the Royal Australian Navy uniforms cannot spell Australia!

The uniforms were made for Navy officers serving in the Middle East. The badge includes an extra “L” in the word Australian. The news was reported by Seven News.


This is one of the worst cases of a typo mistake that I have seen recently, but I have seen many throughout my design career! I’ve seen some that make it to distribution and I have also seen typo’s that have been, thankfully, picked up in proofing or printed but not distributed.

Regardless of when these kind of typo mistakes happen, the cost to business can add up to a surprisingly large amount. Think about it. Time is money, wages are paid in return for time. So if time is spent reviewing, correcting, re-reviewing, rewriting, proofing, reprinting proofs, reprinting etc. then it’s not long before the hours add up and in the case of reprinting, then there is also added cost of consumables. If you want to take it one step further then you could also say that human errors have an impact on the environment. Reprints often may not be able to be recycled because of the process they are made, more trees are needed for paper, the paper needs to be manufactured, freighted, reprinted, redistributed etc. It really is a snow ball effect.

In the case of these Navy badges that are spelled incorrectly, they will need manual labour to remove the badges and sew on replacements and the old ones will not be able to be recycled so they will become landfill or incinerated (either way not good for the environment!). All because of an extra little “L”!

Then of course there is the intrinsic value of a brand being damaged by these mistakes. How often have you seen a mistake on a branded item and thought to yourself, “OMG, I can’t believe these people didn’t see this, what fools!” and you cannot see past the mistake to see what the information is about and therefore would not respond to the message. However there are cases where a deliberate typo or mistake is created to build a viral campaign. A recent example of this was when one of the MasterChef contestants posted a Tweet message about the show to be aired that night, the mistake got passed around the social network along with the brand MasterChef, and the ratings for that nights viewing saw an increase! Is that clever marketing or a mistake gone right?!

Coca-Cola have a very infamous advert that was created by an artist that caused considerable expense and embarrassment to the company in the mid 1980s. It was only meant to be a light-hearted joke but it backfired on the artist. He was not only fired, but also sued. If you want to read a bit more about this deliberate mistake (and you should!) read more here:

There is even a website dedicated to reporting mistakes found in various media (mostly American), visit

Have you seen an unforgettable or unforgivable mistake? Please share it with us.

Yours in always being right!


Rebuilding Christchurch NZ, what an opportunity

After the devastation of the earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand, there are now a number of opportunities arising that may very well see Christchurch be a new world leader in innovation and sustainability.

Although the casualties and mass destruction of infrastructure is of course something that would not be wished upon any community but now after the event the opportunity to build a brand new city is being taken very seriously. In the current environmental situation where all global nations are trying to figure out the best way to move forward to reduce the production of carbon into the atmosphere, one way that experts are tackling this in Christchurch is to design a city that is the most advanced sustainable city on the planet.

This weekend there is a 48 hour event at Lincoln University in Christchurch where 115 design professionals will be putting their heads together on how to rebuild the city. The challenge has been organised by the Christchurch City Council as part of its overall approach to the daunting task of making a new city. There are five areas of the city that the Council have selected that need planning and from the 115 design professionals, three teams are working on each of the five areas.

Out of the key sites four of them are in the red zone including the Cathedral Square, the BNZ Building, the Orion NZ Building, and 90 Armagh Street, including the Avon River and Victoria Square. The fifth site is what used to be the Christchurch Women’s Hospital, which is just outside the red zone.

At the end of the 48 hour challenge a judging panel, including internationally recognised, for Sustainable Innovation in Architecture, architect Andrew Patterson and Alex Cutter, who is the chief executive of the New Zealand Green Building Council.

There have been some amazing stories of rescue and survival from the earthquakes and I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about the new innovations in sustainability, design and community planning that will come from this amazing opportunity that Christchurch has.

From a culture and artistic point of view, I have no doubt that this tragic event will also spark some new ideas and influences on the local artists as they express their feelings and insights from their experiences and also their thoughts on the future of Christchurch.

There is a whole website created for the development of rebuilding the city here . Have a look and see what they will be doing in the future and some of their reasoning behind the process.

This is a small video is Jasper van der Lingen talking on, “A Unique Opportunity for a New City Floorplan.” Visit the website for more videos and information.

Yours in rebuilding,


Incubus livestream promotes new album

Incubus has come up with an exciting way to promote their new album by setting up in their hometown of Los Angeles and hosting their very own livestream for fans to tune into prior to the new album being released.

It’s called “Incubus HQ Live” and runs until July 6. The band will spend time interacting with fans in person and on camera each day between 11am and 6p PT (that’s pacific standard time).

The livestream is being featured on the band’s website which you can check out here: Incubus HQ Live

The band commenced the livestream with not much of a plan in place prior to launch with guitarist Mike Einziger saying “We haven’t really planned a lot of it,” he says. “We’re going to leave a lot of it up in the air. There are a few things that are going to be planned, like I’m the guitarist, so I’m going to do a guitar clinic with fans.”

I find this use of social media and the capabilities of the internet fantastic and to see bands like Incubus take this kind of technology on board and use it to promote themselves and their upcoming album is a good lesson in the power of online space for product (of all kinds) promotion.

With good messaging and on time PR, this digital campaign is sure to be a roaring success for the band.

Yours in clever digital,


Winners announced at Cannes Lions Festival

We’re all very excited about the Cannes Lions Festival which is currently in full swing. Shortlists and winners are being announced daily at the Cannes Lions website and diary entries from Aussie representatives at Cannes are being detailed at Campaign Brief.

The festival describes itself as ‘the world’s only truly global meeting place for creative professionals’ and to win a ‘Cannes Lion’ is widely regarded as the most prestigious award in our industry. The best global talent is showcased over seven days and 57 sessions, and thought-leaders and experts come together to inspire, debate and entertain.

To celebrate the festival Youngbloods are hosting an event at Limes Hotel tomorrow for a night of screening, judging and drinking. $15 will get you entry, a free drink on arrival and canapes. Not to mention the priceless opportunity to hear some of Brisbane’s top dogs cast their vote on who will win what at Cannes. They’ll also be giving away 1 x AdSchool Workshop and a lunch date with a professional in your chosen field on the night.

Tickets are limited and must be purchased prior to the event, buy them here:

But if you can’t make it you can still view highlights from the Festival, interviews with the speakers and photos from around the Palais, as well as all the winners as they are announced, here.

Yours in advertising,

Communication in business

With so many businesses focusing their attention to an online environment through their websites, have you stopped to take stock of how communication takes place in your business?

Traditional methods of communication such as phone and fax are becoming outnumbered by online communication options such as Skype, Instant Messenger programs and most certainly, email.

I was thinking about communication in business today when reading over a recent study done in the U.S. which found that 24% of adults in the U.S. had used the internet to make phone calls. This has grown immensely over the last few years and it got me thinking about how many of those people had thought about integrating internet communications into their service offerings for clients. Here at Brio Group, we make use of programs like Skype to keep in contact with clients who are in different cities to us and also with each other if we are working from different locations.

Other communication avenues to consider are social media, where more often than not, clients and customers will feel comfortable to engage with your business. These could be questions or concerns as well as positive and negative feedback. All of these comments and ideas from your target audience are excellent ways of communicating your message and having a well rounded customer service effort.

Many large corporations are embracing the internet and using it to their advantage when servicing customers and clients.

How does your business communicate?

Yours in great communication,