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Matisse ‘Up Late’

Up late is back at GOMA with the current Matisse: Drawing Life exhibit, running from 20 January-2 March 2012 on Fridays 5.30-10pm.

With an exciting line-up planned….

This Friday 3 February 8.30pm Tyrone Noonan (AUS/USA) – originally from Brisbane :)
10 February Brous (AUS)
17 February Jason Lytle (USA)
24 February Halfway (AUS)
2 March Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (USA) – Tickets selling fast!!!

Catch up with friends for a drink and a bite to eat, check out the extensive Matisse exhibit, experience ‘The Drawing Room’ come to life and enjoy the sweet sounds of live acoustic music performances.

Want to read more on Matisse, check out Angie’s blog >

So yr dilemma is you’re spoilt for choice, Which night will you go? I’ve locked in this Friday, so might see you there!

Yours on the Brisbane Nightlife,
Amber van Sloten

Celebrity Genius

One of my greatest loves is dancing and I appreciate the dedication and hours of hard work that goes into a professionally choreographed dance production having spent 25 years of my life as a “Dance Mum” during my two daughters’ dancing days. Dancing is an Art and it takes a true artist to be able to choreograph and present a great dance routine that will capture the audience’s attention and entertain them with great technique, stage presentation and costumes. One such talented choreographer is Jason Coleman.

Both of my daughters are extremely lucky to have been in Jason’s dance classes when he visited their dance school on a regular basis for Dance Workshops and would choreograph dance routines for them. Jason was also nice enough to invite the parents in to watch on occasions. This was a rare treat.

Jason is currently appearing on the Channel 9 TV show “Celebrity Apprentice”. I have only been watching this show because of Jason. You most likely would have seen either Jason or his choreography on TV, Live Stage or Big Screen. Jason has choreographed for artists such as Christine Anu, Tina Arena, Human Nature, Chaka Khan, Vanessa Amorossi, John Farnham and Kate Cebrano to name just a few. He has also choreographed for TV shows such as Water Rats, G.P, E Street and Popstars and many more.

Jason’s involvement in choreography also includes the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Handover Ceremony for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester and was Director of Choreography for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games in Doha Qatar. He was also Choreographer and Dance Consultant on the feature film “Happy Feet. Jason consequently also played a motion capture performance.

Jasons list of credits is endless and you can read more about him on his Jason Colemans Ministry of Dance site which is the Dance School that Jason runs in North Melbourne.

Yours in Great Dance Choreography

Angie Rapisarda

Bodies Disappearing into Art

I am in awe of Emma Hack’s beautiful collection of works. There is just no end to this lady’s talent.

She is a diverse multimedia artist, skin illustrator, make-up artist, hairdresser, stylist, photographer, sculptor and keynote speaker. Emma paints models’ bodies to blend in and contrast with backgrounds and then photographs the tableaux to create stunning, eye-catching works.

When you first look at Emma’s creations, it appears that she uses projections or stencils to create such precise fine lines and an accurate reproduction of the wallpaper or image the model stands against, but in reality, she crafts the entire image free-hand. She uses Florence Broadhurst designed wallpapers as well as her own creations or just nature for her backdrops.

Emma’s profile as an acclaimed and talented artist has risen and now also gaining recognition in the music scene as she was the creator of the skin illustrations and wallpaper designs for the film clip for Gotye’s smash hit Somebody That I Used to Know, after being approached by music director Natasha Pinctus. And actually, this was the first time that I saw Emma’s work. The video is truly a great work of art and took 23 hours to create and film.

Emma has also created a short body-art film for Estee Lauder, directed and produced by ex-Adelaidian, Tim Piper. The creation was filmed in Adelaide.

With galleries in London and New York exhibiting her work, her profile can only rise.

Check out more of her beautiful work here.

Yours in Beautiful Art
Angie Rapisarda

Young Talent Time revived


Young Talent Time is coming back to TV after 24 years. The TV program that shaped my life, and I’m sure, the life of many families, for over 20 years was the creation of host Mr Johnny Young. My daughter Donna was such a huge fan and wanted to sing and dance just like them, which was why she joined the Johnny Young Talent School in South Brisbane when she was 5 years old. Mr Johnny Young was a regular visitor at the School and also compered all the end of year Concerts. Young Talent Time ran on Channel 10 from 1971 until 1988, creating stars such as Danni Minogue, Tina Arena and Debra Byrne.
The TV series featured a core group of young performers in the vein of the Mickey Mouse Club and a weekly junior talent quest. The Young Talent Team regularly performed popular classics along with the top hit songs of the day. Presented and produced by Mr Johnny Young, the show was famed for closing each episode with a sing-along rendition of The Beatles song ‘All My Loving’. No, sadly Donna did not become famous, but she got to do what she loved for many years, and encouraged her little sister Bianca to do the same, later at the Conroy Dance Centre. Bianca was very fortunate to be able to work on stage alongside ex Young Talent Team members Jane Scali and Philip Gould as orphan “Kate”, in the Musical “Annie” when it played at the Lyric Theatre in 2001.
It has been confirmed that Australian idol finalist and music theatre star Rob Mills will be the host of Channel 10’s revival of the Young Talent Time series. Mr Young will be a co-producer and the network said it would be a ‘‘contemporary take’’ on the original.

Rob Mills (affectionally known as “Millsy”) was a finalist in 2003 Australian Idol series and landed the role of Fiyero for the Australian Premiere of Stephen Schwartz’s blockbuster musical, Wicked. Most recently, Mills appeared opposite Marika Aubrey in Jason Robert Brown’s one act musical The Last Five Years at the Seymour Centre, Sydney.
Will the new series end with Millsy singing ‘All My Loving’ or will the show find a new anthem?

Yours in Young Talent Time

Angie Rapisarda

Dancing Auditon for US rapper “Splendour in the Grass” Act

I won’t be going to Splendour in the Grass, but I wish I was. Anya, I am very jealous. I would love to have gone to see the big acts and the dancing.

I am very proud to say that I know Brooke Hindmarsh, who is featured in the centre of the Courier Mail photograph above. I have known Brooke since she was 3 years old as she danced and performed for many years with both of my daughters. Brooke was one of 200 Queensland dancers who auditioned at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Tuesday for a coveted spot performing with US rapper Kanye West who will be playing Splendour in the Grass at Woodford on Friday Night. The audition was run by Czech Republic choreographer Yemi A.D who had the tough task of choosing just 18 lucky girls. All 18 have been sworn to secrecy so I hope Brooke is one of them.

This was great for Brisbane dancers, and as Brooke stated “We never get an opportunity to audition for something like this, usually you have to go to America.

 That’s why so many dancers have turned up.” Seeing Brooke in this photo has brought back many happy memories of my girl’s dancing days.

Yours in Splendid Dancers
Angie Rapisarda

Splendid art at Splendour in the Grass

As one of the 30,000 or so people donning my gumboots for Splendour in the Grass this weekend, I’m getting excited not only for the big acts, but also for the inspiring Spendour arts scene. This year there will be a range of interactive, digital media, street art, sculpture, peformance art and installations from Australian and international artists.

As part of Splendid (a partnership between Lismore Regional Gallery, Northern Rivers Performing Arts and Splendour in the Grass) artists, Jimmy McGilchrist and Lachlan Dowd will produce an interactive digital media project called Curious Creatures. Strange and beautiful creatures will be projected from the surrounding woods onto the festival fence line, as they roam the perimeter and respond to the actions of passers-by.

Another Splendid project is Close Encounters, by artist Jordana Maisie. A huge 6.5m UFO hovers over the crowd, with its mirrored surface reflecting the world around it. The crowd is invited to send a text to the phone number provided and have their message enter the dialogue appearing on the LED screen that wraps around the edge of the object.

Can’t wait! See you there!

Yours in festival arts,

Hottest 10 Australian album covers

Triple J recently counted down the Hottest 100 Australian Albums, as voted by the Aussie public. When I was compiling my shortlist in preparation to vote, I noticed that the albums I remembered best as a whole, were the ones that I could remember what the cover looked like. It made me wonder if the album cover art had anything to do with how people voted. Below are images of the top 10 albums. While they are pretty diverse, what they have in common is (1) an iconic image and (2) simple supplementary typography.

Counting down from 10…

10. Regurgitator – Unit (my personal favourite!)

A really iconic and minimalist cover that won the 1998 ARIA award for best cover art.

9. The Avalanches – Since I left you.

The concept album was described as a search for love from country to country, relating to the international nature of the records that influenced the album. The cover image tells a story, and is supported by the very simple album title.

8. Wolfmother (self titled)

This album takes a similar approach, with the main illustrative image used to tell the story, plus simple typography that forms the bands logo.

7. The Presets – Apocalypso

Surrealist image + typographical band logo.

6. Powderfinger – Internationalist

Included a series of beautiful illustrations by Michael Mucci and won the 1999 ARIA award for best cover art.

5. INXS – Kick

A surprisingly modern, dynamic and timeless design for an album released in 1987.

4. The Living End – (self titled)

The cover art is based on a photo of the inside of a World War I all-female bomb factory.

3. ACDC – Back in Black

It doesn’t get much more distinctive than this! A timeless rock n roll cover, for a timeless rock n roll album.

2. Silverchair – Frogstomp

A really memorable cover – simple and effective.

1. Powderfinger – Odyssey Number Five

The central image took a different angle and won the 2000 ARIA award for best cover art.

What’s your favourite album cover?

Yours in cover art,


London iTunes festival worldwide

The iTunes Festival 2011 festival kicked off in London yesterday (July 1st). This is an incredible live music festival running for 31 nights and includes spectacular live performances by 62 artists, all at one venue, the Roundhouse in London. The line up includes some great artists including Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Adele Linkin Park, Paul Simon and many more.

Every ticket to the iTunes Festival is free – you simply need to go to and click on the ‘Apply for Tickets’ button. If you’re lucky enough to be in London or know someone there, who doesn’t know about this event, then try your luck for a ticket.

The thing I find really exciting though, is the fact that if you can’t join in the fun (like me), you can watch the shows lives with iTunes on your computer, or with the app you can download. It’s further proof of how far the internet and technology has developed and something I still sit in awe of, that no matter where you are in the world you don’t have to miss out on all the fun.

You can also watch past performances anytime. So even if you can’t be amongst the crowds enjoying the music live, you can be apart of the festival anywhere in the world and at least enjoy watching some of the amazing artists.

Yours in music festivities,

Incubus livestream promotes new album

Incubus has come up with an exciting way to promote their new album by setting up in their hometown of Los Angeles and hosting their very own livestream for fans to tune into prior to the new album being released.

It’s called “Incubus HQ Live” and runs until July 6. The band will spend time interacting with fans in person and on camera each day between 11am and 6p PT (that’s pacific standard time).

The livestream is being featured on the band’s website which you can check out here: Incubus HQ Live

The band commenced the livestream with not much of a plan in place prior to launch with guitarist Mike Einziger saying “We haven’t really planned a lot of it,” he says. “We’re going to leave a lot of it up in the air. There are a few things that are going to be planned, like I’m the guitarist, so I’m going to do a guitar clinic with fans.”

I find this use of social media and the capabilities of the internet fantastic and to see bands like Incubus take this kind of technology on board and use it to promote themselves and their upcoming album is a good lesson in the power of online space for product (of all kinds) promotion.

With good messaging and on time PR, this digital campaign is sure to be a roaring success for the band.

Yours in clever digital,


Guitar baby viral video

We all love a good viral video campaign. And today it’s increasingly difficult to split true home videos from cleverly executed campaigns which appear to feature “home made videos”.

This most recent example comes sporting a glimpse of a new guitar based music game called Rocksmith. The game was first announced by production company Ubisoft in March, shortly after Activision Blizzard announced that it would not be producing any more Guitar Hero versions. The video has gone viral and accumulated over one million views since hitting YouTube on June 6.

The video features a CGI baby who is rocking out to the Black Keys, with the help of the new game. The video does not contain any obvious links to the upcoming game, outside of a small grab of the screen that the game is being played on.

Check out the video below and make up your own mind – simple viral video or very clever viral campaign?

Yours in viral campaigns,