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Seth Godin – Tribes. Why they are important to marketing.

There is no doubt that the internet opens up many opportunities for each of us to find and communicate with people that have similar interests to us. Most of us have joined a group, a club, or a forum that we visit regularly to talk about or interact with what we love most.

From a very young age I remember taking part in activities organised by the Fiat Car Club. I have continued to attend regular meetings and outings and enjoy talking about my latest restorations or purchases with others in the club, who share my passion. Where the notion of tribes gets interesting is that my father who drives a rare ‘model’ here in Australia, has extended his passion online and joined a forum where he regularly converses with members from all over the world who own the same car. (he has sourced another more detailed way to feed his passion). The forum is specific with a very narrow target group, but the reward for the time he spends participating is extremely high. Checking in on the forum is now part of his daily ritual.

This is what we need to consider when we are marketing, how do we ‘pull’ the right people to our business? Where they want to connect with us. Are we being specific enough about the target group/s and are we providing information that is helpful, useful or gives people a chance to interact with other people with similar interests?

Seth challenges us in this Ted Talk to consider, that we are now living through a change in the way ideas are communicated, spread and implemented. As marketers we need to rethink the ways we are doing things.

You will enjoy this discussion.


When in doubt, link


Hi February, where did you come from?!

This week has turned into a little whirlwind and rather than write a long-read or similar I thought I would share with you all the links I’ve been squirreling into my Instapaper (if you don’t have an account I highly recommend signing up. Takes all the stress of FOMO by saving articles to read later) to read over the weekend when the manic speed of this week drops a few notches.

I hope you find something of interest. Enjoy!


Will you still Facebook when you’re dead?

ifidie is an app hosted by Facebook that allows you to leave a message that will only be published if you die. You install the app, record a video or write a message, then name three trustees from your Facebook friends. After you die, if all three of your trustees agree, the message will be posted on your wall. The app suggests you can leave a proper farewell, reveal a long-kept secret, or tell someone what you really think of them!

So, handy? Or creepy?



But wait, it gets creepier… ifidie used Facebook and Twitter check-ins to track where people were at certain points in time, and called them with the ominous message that DEATH CAN COME AT ANY TIME. The creepy all-knowing voice knew where they were and told them they must go to They called thousands of people and not only did this attract media attention, it actually did increase the traffic to their website.



Yours in taking things too far,



Selleys – “Fast” Dresser

I have to have a bit of a laugh whenever I see this commercial, but ladies, you have to admit, it is very funny and so true. Selleys clever marketing has done it again with their new commercial for Selleys No More Gaps Fast Dry that is obviously very quick and easy to use. The couple in the commercial are about to go out and the woman is undecided about the dress she is wearing, so she goes back to change it. Her very patient partner decides to fix the wall while he waits for her. The quick 20 minute drying feature of this product then allows him to also paint the wall while he again waits for her to go back to find her earrings! Yes, she took 20 minutes to decide what dress to change into. I wonder how long it took for her to find her earrings!

Yours in Selleys Commercials
Angie Rapisarda

How to create a successful LinkedIN Profile

I have been asked quite a bit lately about how a business professional should create a successful LinkedIN profile so I thought I should let everyone know my top 5 tips on creating a successful LinkedIN Profile.

TIP 1 – A Compelling Personal Headline and Photo. Firstly, your personal headline is the first thing that people see so make it compelling. You can put in there the top few things that you do or make a statement that covers who you are, who you help and how you help them.  Secondly, make sure you have a photo of you in your profile, one that represents who you are in a professional sense. It needs to be the proportions of a passport photo and make sure you are smiling.

TIP 2 – Think About Keywords. It is important to think about which keyword/s your prospects use to search for your type of product or service. Pick the strongest one and then get them into your LinkedIn profile in 5 key places. 1. in your headline, 2. experience 3. past experience, 4. summary and 5. specialities.  You will have to keep tweaking the keywords and monitor your ranking over time to keep improving it.

TIP 3 – Add Applications. Applications add more depth to your profile and also help build / support the information in your profile. To add applications click on the menu item – ‘More’ and then down the bottom ‘Get more Applications’. There are a number in here you can add. eg. If you have a WordPress blog you can stream your latest posts on your LinkedIn Page, if you are an author of a book you can link to it on Amazon on your LinkedIN page, if you have created presentations you can link to these via slideshare or google presentation and therefore add value to the people that view your LinkedIN page.

TIP 4 – The Awesome Power of Groups. Groups are a very powerful marketing tool that you can use to build your profile. You can join existing groups and have an expert voice when answering or posing questions. Better still you can start your own group. Make sure your group supports your niche and keywords and will add value to the network you will build. To start a group click on ‘Groups’ in the top menu, then ‘Create a Group’. The benefit of creating a group is you have your details as the owner of that group visible to everyone who joins and in your welcome message you can put in links to your website and also provide your contact details.

Tip 5 – Recommendations. They are great to have on your profile as they show visitors that you are credible. Recommendations are people who know you or have worked with you providing their personal recommendation about the service that you provide. There are many strategies you can take in order to generate recommendations but the best one is to give out recommendations in order to get some in return.

I hope you can see the power of LinkedIN and how it can be a valuable marketing tool for you and your business. Get started today or review and improve your current profile.

Yours in creating a successful LinkedIN profile.



Christmas Apple iPhone advertising

I love my iPhone 4 and couldn’t imagine life without it, but after watching this ad, I found myself thinking should I upgrade to the new iPhone 4S. That is the power of this soft sell ad from Apple. It doesn’t mention Siri or iPhone at all in the ad but yet the messages about the new features was so strong. Watch it yourself and let me know what you think.

Yours in soft selling


The Future of Marketing?

I believe technology is starting to creep into all areas of our life!  I have been making a conscious effort over the last three months to be aware of how everyone I come into contact with is using and interacting with technology.

We are living in an era where we are “talking” to people more often, but increasingly we aren’t verbally talking. Texting and posting on Facebook multiple times a days gives us instant gratification when things go wrong or when we want to share good news. We expect instant responses back and the demand on our time with these communication channels is increasing. We know so much more about each other, sometimes too much, than was ever possible in the past.

With all of this online communication, there is so much depth to our ‘character’ that can be constructed and perceived by reading / filtering the information we produce and share online. The other day I heard a discussion on breakfast radio about how more people break up with their partners over the Christmas period than at any other time of the year, a statistic that has been substantiated by Facebook! We have to realise that all of the information we are writing online is being used for marketing and in particular for gaining an understanding of specific target markets.

I see from my own personal experience, my need to know a lot of information before I will take action. To gain this information is easy – just search online.  From researching products to buy, where to eat, and what others are saying about a particular brand I am wanting to buy – the information is at my finger tips and available in minutes and then becomes data that is used to understand us.

We are also living in a time where we are seeing robots being designed to look after some of the monotonous tasks in manufacturing and being sought as companions in nursing homes (these robots can sounds the alarm if there is a medical emergencies as they are always ‘on’). Robots of the future will be looking after our kids, as a trust worthy baby sitter that knows the games the child likes to play, what a nutritious meal is and will know first aid for added piece of mind for parents.

I have noticed a considerable shift from asking friends and family for advice on personal issues, to these questions being asked of computers / robots with the perception that these technology lead devices will have the better answer, as they have the combined knowledge of the world that is current, unlike that of our family and friends. Have you noticed this too?

With all of this going on in my head,  I came across this YouTube video (actually it sent to me by Simon Phillips from DejanSeo, who like me has the same growing interest in examining and understanding how technology is shaping our communication). This video was originally put together for a marketing conference to spark discussion with the delegates about what the future of marketing could be, based on the current trends in the communication landscape.  Now, since being posted on YouTube, it has had over 205,000 views and has sparked alot of discussion, mostly negative.

Have a look at the video and let me know what you think.

Yours in the future of marketing,


Find the healthier you…

The recent re-branding of MBF, HBA and Mutual Community health funds to Bupa Australia has given birth to the TVC of the year!

The ‘Find a healthier you’ campaign taps into the emotions of the public by asking, what would you do if you met a healthier version of yourself? The creative approach to the campaign takes a non-traditional angle by opting to not highlight the product, but rather pose a question to the public, to reach them on a deeper level and to suggest that Bupa is there to partner with their customers to ‘Find a healthier you’… Smart thinking!

I for one am hooked on the campaign…

Yours in support of Bupa,

A bit of Japanese inspiration

I recently visited Japan and came across these striking posters in a subway station. I believe the posters were part of a campaign promoting the Tōhoku region as a place to visit. This is the region including Sendai, that has recently been effected by natural disasters and in typical Japan style, they are getting straight back to business!

The campaign caught my eye because it incorporates some timeless graphic design principles, taking inspiration from Bauhaus designers like Wassily Kandinsky. It focusses on simplicity, limiting the amount of text and the number of colours for maximum impact. The posters use striking angles, directing the eye and creating a dramatic effect.

The campaign was applied to various posters, ads and flags in transport stations throughout Japan.





Breast Cancer Campaign

Check out these clever print adverts created for The Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore. The idea is to suggest that women should perhaps focus on health and have their breasts regularly checked rather that being obsessed about their bad skin or bad hair. The visuals were created at Republic Studios (body painted illustrations by Andy Yang Soo, and photography by Allan Ng).

Yours in Health,
Guest blogger Julia Lechien