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B_E_E Clever

I spied this clever marketing on a series of postcards in an eco store in Bellingen, NSW.


B_E_E – ‘Beauty Engineered for Ever’ is a range of cleaning products from New Zealand and these postcards perfectly embodies their drive to be “designed for pleasure, function and the environment”. I just love the way they have interacted their bold products with Mills & Boon style illustrations.


B_E_E is a multi-layered product: designer packaging, latest eco-technology for superior performance, dermatologically tested to be gentle on the skin and they’ve achieved Environmental Choice accreditation meeting the most stringent global eco standards.

Not only is the packaging ultra ‘green’, they smell nice from the essential oils and leave your hands softer too.

Their label designs use witty statements projected boldly over the space of the labels in a bid to stand out on the supermarket shelves next to well known household names such as Sunlight. The design is simple and ingenious, Brigid Hardy, the woman behind this breakthrough brand knew the importance of investing time and money to get the branding spot on before hitting the public.

I have now discovered how easy it is to find their products in Brisbane, you too can find a stockist nearest you >>>

Genius Westfield Facebook Campaign


I’ve just participated in a very sneaky but very clever marketing campaign for Westfield. Knowing full well that I was giving Westfield the rights to advertise on my Facebook page and post notifications without my permission…basically giving them free reign of my page I still signed up and let the sneaky bandits update my status with “All I want for Christmas is a Westfield Gift Card…and yes the evidence is below.


I know full well that I have no chance in winning and I know that I’m just joining the pack of little media monkeys spreading the word, giving Westfield more advertising for absolutely nothing. Maybe, deep down, I just wanted to support the clever kids behind this campaign…I guess I wish I’d thought of it myself. Damn.

Now I’m sure I’m most likely one of the last to jump on this bandwagon as my Facebook page is full of lots of status updates reading exactly the same thing. And they’ll probably be plenty more in the next few weeks. And we’ll probably be all too scared to change our status just in case we get kicked out of the running. I’ll probably just leave mine as is to be sure.

So to anyone out there who see’s my status and is tempted to buy me a Westfield voucher don’t do it. I really want a Freedom or Ikea or Bunnings Voucher instead. It’s a sneaky ploy…it’s not the real me!

I’m guessing a lot of people will be getting Westfield vouchers for Christmas this year.