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International Day of Peace – have your peaceful say

International Day of Peace  is such a great inspiration! What better way to put budding design skills to a good use than working on a project which promotes M.A.D (Making a Difference for Peace).

It’s International Day of Peace tomorrow (21st September) so maybe this might inspire your small contribution to the world of design.

Check out the details at Australian Creative.

Yours in design,


Got a bit of Spring Valley Fever?

On Sunday night we saw Schweppes Australia launch a significant multi media campaign for its fruit juice brand Spring Valley entitled ‘Where Spring Comes From’ .

The new campaign, by George Patterson Y&R Melbourne, draws on the skills of multi-award winning US based animation house Psyop to deliver a series of executions that capture ‘the feeling of spring’.

The spots are accompanied by Elvis Presley’s classic Spring Fever and apparently Elvis Presley Enterprises are so delighted with the new work they’re planning to feature the new TVC on the website and Elvis Facebook page.

I really love these ads. They’re fun, fresh and remind me of a magical wonderland I’m sure we’d all rather be. What do you think?

Yours in advertising,

Oprah to host her Farewell Season show at Sydney Opera House


Who would have thought the invaluable exposure Australia received on The Oprah Winfrey Show during the Tourism Queensland “Best Job in the World” could be topped? Just this morning, it’s been announced that Oprah will host part of the final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show in Australia! It’s a major, major PR win for Tourism Australia, giving our great land the sort of magical exposure that money simply cannot buy.

The big news was announced by Oprah to her fans, who collectively flew into a frenzy of excitement when she invited them to come along. Oprah told the audience: “This is my last chance to do something really big. Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world. We’re going to Australia!” As the audience erupted in excitement, the nose of a Qantas jet edged onto the set before John Travolta stepped out of the jet to greet the ecstatic audience. More details of her Farewell Season show can be found here.

Oprah and her audience are believed to visit Australia for about ten days in December where they will explore our country before filming the show at the Sydney Opera House (expected to be dubbed, ‘The Oprah House’!). The show will be part of the 25th and final season.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh today announced that Oprah will visit Cairns during her visit, and told the Cairns Post “it was a phenomenal opportunity” for the tourism industry after the Global Financial Crisis. It’s believed a holiday package based on Oprah’s Queensland trip will be developed and marketed to tourists.

This incredible PR opportunity follows the remarkable  2009 “Best Job in the World” global campaign that searched for an Island Caretaker to set up camp in a beautiful Whitsunday Island’s pad and report back to the world of their experiences. News stations world-wide picked up on the story and the campaign catapulted to massive heights, even landing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where Oprah interviewed the UK winner Ben Southall.

The marketing influence of Oprah is enormous. 2011 looks to be a very interesting, and hopefully very lucrative, year for Tourism Australia. We will be keeping an eye on this story!

Yours in PR-wins,


Creative Social Media and a Meerkat!

Developing a campaign that will be as successful online as it is offline is not always an easy thing to do, especially if you are selling car insurance! It can seem quite dry and boring! But with a bit of creativity British financial company Compare the Market managed to create an extremely successful campaign “Compare the Meerkat” which was a brilliant integrated use of online and offline.
Here is how it worked.

First there was a TVC that played on UK television where Aleksandr Orlov is introduced. Now located on YouTube.

Facebook – There are now over 756,000 fans that like Aleksandr’s site and every time a new person clicks the LIKE button they proudly state their alliance on their own facebook page, for all their fans to see, adding to the exposure.

Twitter - over 40,000 people are following Aleksandr on his twitter page. Twitter allow the campaign to build more on the personality of the brand while adding in links to the customer service aspect of Compare the Market. and

This campaign was very successful and shows the creativity that can be achieved when Social Media is integrated into you marketing campaigns. It has been reported that in the first 3 days of the campaign over three quarters of the monthly quotes target had been achieved for Compare the Market. The year on year uplift in quotes was 45% and vitally, over 50% of the site traffic in the first week was going directly to Finally, the number of quotes is up by 90% on the same period last year.

Yours in Design


Brisbane PARK(ing) Day – 17/9/2010

Have you ever wanted to be a guerilla gardener and put some greenery back into your street? Well here’s your chance! Next Friday (September 17) is PARK(ing) Day in Brisbane. It has become a synchronised global event starting in 2005 to raise awareness about the lack of green spaces in San Francisco’s downtown.

I think this is such a great concept to bring back some colour and energy into our often grey concrete landscapes. Especially in the city. Basically what happens is you find a metered car park, pay your meter fee and setup your piece of green space, when the meter runs out you pack it up and leave it as you found it! You can use whatever materials you like— grass (real or fake), plants, whatever! The organisers also encourage you to include furniture in your installation as it is a way to create interaction with the passers by! So if you see a space next Friday, go and use the space and come back and let us know about it!

Visit  the website for more information on how you can participate. They have some great information including a comprehensive presentation about how to setup your park space!

Yours in sustainability,



Screen • Act • Impact

It’s been another successful year for Media That Matters – a film festival in their 10th year with entrants showcasing their film talents on pressing issues which relate to every day people. The provocative and engaging social-issue documentaries range in topics covering law, the environment, immigration, age, gender, politics… you name it… it’s ‘media that matters’

You can view this year’s winning selection of 12 inspiring films here.

USA | 12:00 | Documentary
Directed & Produced by Julie Winokur
Simultaneously battling cancer and abandonment by her insurance company, one woman fights for her right to health care.

Canada & USA | 11:14 | Documentary
Directed & Produced by Leeathan Skurnik
With the support of family and friends, a 12-year-old experiences the onset of puberty in the fluid space between genders.

USA | 10:36 | Documentary
Directed & Produced by Stacey Muhammad
Young boys reflect on the Sean Bell tragedy, speaking out about their fears and hopes as they approach manhood in a city where the lives of young black men are often cut short.

UK & Canada | 7:54 | Documentary
Directed by Josephine Boxwell, Produced by Laurie Nicholls
Meet Claire and Darren, and take a tour of the streets they used to call home and the daily ridicule they encountered.

DR, Haiti, & USA | 12:00 | Documentary
Directed & Produced by Patrick Smith
One island, two countries, many skin colors. A history of racial prejudice divides the island of Hispaniola.

USA | 5:37 | Experimental, Puppetry
Directed & Produced by Gus Andrews
What do audiences want—naked truth or flawless beauty? Puppets Weena and Erna expose the trade secrets of an industry chasing after perfection.

USA | 6:36 | Documentary
Directed & Produced by Sara Hopman
Day laborers voice their grievances and reflect on the challenges they face as they bide their time in parking lots, hoping that work is around the corner.

China & USA | 7:26 | Documentary
Directed & Produced by Yan Chun Su
What if your hometown ceased to exist? Take one last look at a 2000-year old town before it is flooded by China’s Three Gorges Dam project.

UK & USA | 9:30 | Documentary
Directed by Joel Engardio, Produced by Joel Engardio & Ateqah Khaki
Wrongfully imprisoned and later released, Guantanamo detainees recount their stories as they move on with their lives and chart a course for healing.

USA | 8:18 | Documentary
Directed & Produced by Annalise Littman
Why do consumers ignore our most “green” source of drinking water—the tap? A simple taste test yields eyeopening results.

USA | 5:17 | Documentary
Directed & Produced by Katie Falkenberg
In one of the most impoverished and uninsured areas in the U.S., the inhabitants of the Mississippi Delta grapple daily with an impossible dilemma: do they put food on the table or life-saving medicine in the cabinet?

USA | 8:23 | Documentary
Directed by Galen Summer, Produced by Caitlin Dourmashkin
Entrepreneur Martin Greenfield’s infectious passion and hopeful perspective bring his community and his employees more than just jobs.

They also have an archived collection of past films on the website to entertain you.

It’s a global competition so come on Australia get inspired and join in!

Your in Design,