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50 Awesome Upcycled Accessories

I came across a great range of upcycled accessories, and just had to share!

One man’s trash is said to be another’s treasure, and this couldn’t be more true with all of the emerging artists tapping into the creation of upcycled accessories. From Stunning Soda Can Jewelry to Garbage Necklaces. Check out all of the range here.

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And the Melbourne Cup winner is…

It was another close race yesterday for the winner of the Myer Fashions on the Field ‘Design Award’. The panel of Judges, Nicola Finetti, Jacob Luppino, Anthony Pittorino, Anna Byrne, Kellie Hush, Craig Braybrook and Zandra Rhodes, decided on the design of Australian designer, Anthony Capon.

In true racing style, Capon focussed on the design of the hat – a clock displaying the start time of the Melbourne Cup race. It was supported by a white taffeta skirt, floral gold trimmings, white lace gloves and a spunky black cropped jacket, clinched by an ornate belt.

The delicate and playful ensemble impressed the judges, and Capon won a new Lexus.

Images: Mitch Bear and

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Yellow Bird missing. Ransom note found.

I received a rather ominous email the other day from Yellow Bird Project. If you haven’t heard of them, Yellow Bird Project is an organisation that sells t-shirts that have been designed by an array of indie rock musicians. The profits from the shirts go to the charity of the musician’s choice. Their mascot is a little bird who, until now, has been safely residing across their branded materials. As part of a very cool new campaign to get their Facebook ‘likes’ up, the yellow bird has been abducted. According to the demands of the ransom note, the only way to possible to save his life is to ‘like’ the Facebook page. If they get 10,000 likes, the bird might be spared!

The campaign is supported by a range of ‘have you seen this bird’ and ‘save the bird’ posters.

This online social media campaign is effective because it makes you feel emotionally involved with the situation. Will it work? Well, I liked it.

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Trend spotting: Cinemagraphs

Where I once saw GIFs flooding my RSS feeder or Tumblr feed, I’m noticing a new breed of image sauntering its way into internet culture. The Cinemagraph looks like a still image on first glance but feature a subtle area of movement. From hair blowing in the breeze, steam from a coffee cup or the sparkle of a sequin on a high-heel; the motion is “blink and you miss it”.

In an article with The Atlantic, one half of the duo behind this trend Jamie Beck says they are “something more than a photo but less than a video”. Beck (a photographer) and her partner in crime Kevin Burg (a web designer with a background in motion graphics) are based in New York and believe “there something magical about a still photograph – a captured moment in time – that can exist outside the second the shutter captures.”

What fascinates me is the subtlety of the movement. Often you have to look at the image for a moment before realising what elements has been animated. It is simple in it’s beauty. What excites me is the potential cinemagraphs have for branding and advertising for use on websites or digital campaigns. For example, look at their use during New York Fashion Week. I see it lending itself quite nicely to food, lifestyle, travel websites.

You can view Jamie and Kevin’s creations on their Tumblr, From Me To You or on their official website.


For more cinemagraphs visit:

Tripwire Magazine

Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraphs


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Made in the Now

Take current news, add an online community to vote the most interesting news article, create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, sell said t-shirt for 24hours online and mix. The result? The latest brainchild from JM:Labs, Made in the Now (MITN).

This fantastic concept creates a new limited edition t-shirt every 24 hours with the design inspired by the highest voted daily news event. MITN only produce the t-shirt after you order further promoting responsible retail.

Recent designs have included Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple, Alexander McQueen’s bequest to his dogs, and the UN’s declaration of the Somalia famine. While the shirts are currently unavailable to back order, you can view the archive here.

What I like most about MITN is its ability to creatively tap into current affairs and the visual interpretation of the story.

Image credit: Mark Lobo Photography

Download the app, visit the website or take part in choosing the daily design topic on Facebook.

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

Each year I thoroughly look forward to seeing the best of Brisbane fashion unleashed to the public at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. I love getting all ‘suited up’ and wandering down to the 60 metre long marquee that spreads along the Brisbane River in South Bank. I love seeing the new and upcoming models that strut the runway drowning in regional luxury. As always, I can’t wait to see what my favourite designer has been working on for the past year! Once again, I was not disappointed. Brad Webb of Darb Bridal Couture is the master of innovation and craftsmanship. Only this man could send a model down the runway wearing a full skirted, green linen (that’s right, green linen) wedding gown and make her the envy of every bride in town. Not only was the closing piece EPIC to say the least, it was enough for me to finish off my fashion week experience with an OMG!!!




Over the last few weeks, you may have seen a poster, scored a lollipop and stickers, or had your photo taken for a promotion about “Antipodium”… So what is it?

Antipodium is an international fashion label that is part of the new ‘Sportsgirls Like’ designer collaboration. Geoffrey J. Finch is the designer behind the label. He lives in London, but is a Queenslander at heart. He finds inspiration in the stylish collective that hang out at his London studio.

The Antipodium collection, Field Day, will be hitting Sportsgirls stores in September. Each piece is named after a location in East London, and takes inspiration from a local festival that takes place every summer. You can get a sneak peak here.

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How Young is Too Young?!

The fashion world is obsessed with two things: individuality and youth! Top fashion designers and magazine editors search the world to find something different… But now readers ask, how young is too young to be striking a provocative pose? 10 year old, Thylane Loubry has a portfolio that could rival most in the modeling industry. Bloggers and social commentators around the world are going crazy over the 10 year-olds’ spread in iconic fashion magazine, French Vogue.  Although most of the shots are age-appropriate and not alarming, there are a few that display the ‘child’ in an overly suggestive pose… You decide.


images (1)



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Miranda Kerr – home for David Jones Colourful Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Runway Launch

I just love Fashion and Fashion Parades and the upcoming Spring /Summer season is sure looking great as seen when fashion designers, Camilla, Jets, Kirrily Johnston, Collette Dinnigan, Carla Zampatti Lisa Ho and signature Alex Perry, showcased their newest creations at the David Jones new season launch in front of 400 guests in Sydney last night. Supermodel Miranda Kerr opened the show in a yellow sequin Camilla kaftan, followed by a showcase of colour and fun styled outfits.

David Jones Womenswear General Manager David Bush said to the Courier Mail Fashion Editor, Laura Stead, “This summer, we want to make you smile. It’s about vibrant, joyful and thrilling fashion”

Miranda, who had a baby 7 months ago, is looking super fit and absolutely stunning. She says her strict exercise regime of squats, pilates and yoga has helped her keep in shape….hhhmmmm, I think natural beauty and those lucky genes may play a part as well.

As stated by Laura Stead in the Courier Mail, “Designers offered up vibrant colour, from Carla Zampatti’s sapphire-blue playsuit to elegant full-length ensembles by Lisa Ho and showcasing signature Alex Perry.”

“Statement swimwear was a stand-out from James Bond-inspired scuba styles by Jets, to all-white pieces which played into another strong trend for summer. Brisbane outfit Easton Pearson led the way in nautical, showing light-weight cotton separates.”

It’s nice to see the bright colours back, and still keeping the all white designs, which I am a big fan of.

Yours in Colourful Fashions
Angie Rapisarda


Fashion house – Mouawad has unveiled the “Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse”, and what a purse! Retailing for $3.8 million has made the Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive hand bag! Incorporating 18kt gold and 4,517 diamonds, the piece was designed by Robert Mouawad and handcrafted by 10 artisans over a period of 8,800 hours!

You’d want to hold onto this bag tightly to ensure no one snatches this little beauty!

Yours in support of ultimate splurging,