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Can’t remember last night? The Lynx Stream mobile app lets you record it!

Let’s admit it. Some nights are best left forgotten after the third tequila shot. But, being the curious beings that we are, what if every night on the town could be remembered? The good bits, the bad bits … even the ugly bits! Lynx has just launched The Lynx Stream, a mobile phone app that records every status update, tweet, check in, photo or video that you and your mates post.

Initially launched in the UK market, and expected to enter USA, this mobile app creates a socialised experience for consumer and brand. It’s hot on the demographic, it’s as cheeky as the consumer wants to make it, and it’s sharable. The next day you can view your stream and edit out any questionable bits (because, some parts really are best forgotten!) and share it with your mates on social networks.

To see how The Lynx Stream works, check out the preview below:


What do you think of this app? Would you use it?

Yours in mobile phone apps,


New heights in interactive ads: Range Rover’s Being Henry campaign

Interactive advertising has come a long way, there’s more interactive advertising being utilised by large corporations than ever before. I ran across this campaign from Range Rover which I thought was really fantastic.

Do you remember the choose your own adventure books from when you were at school? Making decisions that influenced the outcome of the story and the ultimate fate of the main characters was always exciting and loads of fun, regardless of how many times you’d read the same story. Now, think about this concept in digital form and you’ll understand the concept behind the new Range Rover Evoque campaign – Being Henry.

Range Rover have used this idea very cleverly, they have created a mircosite for the campaign which allows you to choose the adventure of the main character Henry. The campaign involves multiple videos that intertwine to create an overall experience for the user. In all there are 9 unique storylines with a possible 32 different endings. The choices you make with Henry (love, life, work, etc) lead you to your ultimate Range Rover Evoque which you are shown at the end of the video.

The microsite and this arm of the campaign supports the over-arching campaign for Range Rover Evoque.

Check out the trailer for the video below and you can go to the Mircosite via this LINK. I really recommend having a go of the interactive video, it really is a heap of fun and quite amazing what they have done with the interface and videos.


What Range Rover Evoque are you?

Yours in interactive advertising,

Budweiser pool ball

Just when you thought you had seen all the combinations possible for sports, think again. Budweiser have invented their own nightclub sport known as Pool Ball.

This is a clever marketing stunt by Budweiser who has been very active of late with their viral marketing campaigns. The idea of the “sport” is to combine football (soccer for us Aussies!) with pool, a pub classic. The playing field installed in the bar shown in the video below is a 7 metre long Astroturfed pool table complete with soccer balls that have been painted to represent a full set of billiard balls.

Check out the video below:


As marketers of alcoholic beverages, companies need to be quite careful and highly targeted and strategic in their social media marketing efforts given the worldwide differences in legal drinking ages and the company’s social responsibility to prohibit their advertising being viewed by minors.

I think this video is one of the better viral videos I have seen for quite some time, it’s use of popular sports to promote their product is well executed and very entertaining.

Where can I play?

Yours in clever viral videos,


Now here’s how to be creative applying for a job!

In France, Victor Petit in his pursuit of finding an internship at a communication agency took inspiration from an iPhone app that mimics mouth movements to the lyrics of a song by electronic duo CASSIUS. The idea being that you put the phone screen over your mouth so it looks like you are singing!!!

Not my kind of iPhone app personally but at least Victor put the concept into a practical real life use! Victor created a QR Code (which we have mentioned before on Brio Daily) that links through to a brief message spoken by Victor himself. The wow factor is that you place your phone screen over the printed CV that he sent to give you the full picture of his portrait and mouth actually speaking to you!

That would impress me! From a communications agency point of view he has demonstrated that he knows print design and also digital process by using video and new media. Wish I had that kind of technology when I was young and looking for a job!

Here are a couple videos for you to watch… The first is the full film clip of the CASSIUS song, the second is the process of viewing Victors CV.

enjoy… yours in digital media,

Choose your words carefully – they could change your world

Words have more power than people give them credit for. In fact writers often scroll through hundreds of words before finding the perfect one, the one word that encapsulates their message completely and correctly.

It’s no surprise then, that effective cut-through communication relies on the mutual understanding of those words and their intended meaning by both sides in the communication equation – sender and receiver. We often forgot that with the rise of social media it’s not enough to simply send your message out into the world; it needs to be understood quickly so it can be processed and acted upon even quicker.

I saw a video recently of a homeless man on the street, his sign saying “PLEASE HELP, I’M BLIND”. He had a few people stopping by and giving money, but nothing that would greatly ease his suffering. He had the right message, but the wrong words to create action in his audience.  His message wasn’t cutting through all the other market place noise.

The clip continues as a professional woman comes into shot. She pauses, picks up his sign. You see her hastily writing something, but you’re unsure what. The homeless man touches her shoes as she puts the sign back into position beside him. The scene changes and more donations are being given to help, the homeless man scrambling to capture all coins in his tin. The professional woman returns after some time and the homeless man recognises her by her shoes, which he’s felt again. He asks with genuine sincerity and appreciation, what did she do to his sign and her reply? “I wrote the same, with different words”.

She used the right words, in the right context to create cut-through communication and connection between sender and receiver, and the effect in this demonstration was profound. Imagine if all your communication was received this way.

Brio Group can help you find the right words to achieve cut-through communication in the busiest of marketplaces. We also offer helpful hints on writing better Press Releases, creating copy for your ads and understanding the rapidly growing business benefits of social media.

Yours in 355 specifically chosen words,


The rise of mobile marketing in 2011

Mobile phones, it seems everyone has one right? In 2011 people are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. A new study by Microsoft Tag has revealed the cold, hard stats in an interesting infograph.

Marketers, did you know that more than 1 billion of the world’s 4+ billion mobile phones are now smartphones? And of these users, more than a third of Facebook users (more than 200 million) access Facebook from their phone.

However the most interesting statistic I stumbled across is that in three years mobile internet usage is set to overtake desktop internet usage … the whole world really is in our hands, already! This proves that mobile marketing is fast becoming an important part of businesses digital marketing plans.

Below are some key highlights from the infographic:

Yours in mobile marketing statistics,


Levi’s in App Mall World Promotion

Levi’s have come up with an exciting new campaign launched this week in conjunction with Facebook game Mall World.

Mall World is an online Facebook game which allows you to be the boss and run your own fashion boutique. The game was developed by a company named 50 cubes and they have said that as many as 5.6 million users are playing the game every month on Facebook. The promotion was designed by WildTangent, who currently have a number of campaigns live on Facebook on behalf of some major corporate clients.

The game is actually quite addictive, first you go through the game and set up your avatar, here’s mine:

Levi Mall World

The game is designed to engage the user in an online fitting experience which then matches them with the perfect pair of Curve ID jeans. Your character is wearing the Levi Curve ID jeans when you are given the keys to your store.

The object of the game is stock your store with items that your virtual customers are wanting to purchase. This in turn earns you credits which you can utilise to stock your store with even more items. A pretty simple concept, but very effectively executed with rich graphics and a super addictive interface.

The game also offers a number of features which allow you to share the game and the jeans with your friends, making it a truly social experience.

What’s your favourite facebook game?

Yours in Facebook app fun,


Benefits of social network integration for websites

Social network integration for your website is a great way to create a connected experience for your target market. Internet users have come to expect sharing functionalities on websites. Clicking a “like” button or a “share” button is easy and instant, allowing the user to share website content to their friends via social networking sites.

The Benefits for your Business
For business owners, social network integration is invaluable for your brand. When a user shares a website link to their social networking site (like Facebook or Twitter), this material is shared to their entire friends /or followers list, opening up potential for more traffic to your website. Statistics show the average Twitter and Facebook user has about 130 followers and friends respectively.

Peers prefer Peers
It’s been reported that audiences today trust the recommendations and brand feedback from their peers more than the company itself – despite companies now entering conversations online via social media. Therefore – like editorial over advertorial – a user sharing your website link to their social networks is highly valuable.

Links are highly shareable
To add further weight to why social network integration is important to your website, consider this: every 20 minutes, 1 million links are shared via Facebook.

So how to you add social media integration to your website?
There are loads of plugins you can source via Google. If you’ve some coding know-how, you can add these to your website. Alternatively, if you want a more strategic approach to your integration that compliments your digital marketing strategy, we’d recommend enlisting a professional agency.

Yours in social networking for business,