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Myer Christmas Windows

Who loves Christmas?  Christmas is that magic time of  year that we all love to hate and every year is upon us before we realise it.  I was in the Brisbane Queen Street Mall this week and noticed the Myer Christmas Windows all alight and alive with beautifully animated characters depicting the classic Christmas story of “The Nutcracker”.

Every year, the Queen Street Mall comes alive with Christmas cheer as families gather wide-eyed to celebrate the annual Myer Christmas Window display. The Christmas Windows are Myer’s gift to the City of Brisbane.  Each year tens of thousands of visitors to Queen Street Mall visit the iconic Myer Christmas Windows display.  This year, they will celebrate 55 years of production.  There is always a specially selected theme – chosen from a story book, nursery rhyme or even the theatre – brought to life in an animation spectacular that ignites the imagination and Christmas spirit in all.

This years tribute to the “The Nutcracker” is not the first time this story has been told in the windows, with the Nutcracker first appearing in the Myer Christmas Windows in 1957 – the second time the windows were ever produced.  Each year, the new theme of the Christmas Windows remains a heavily guarded secret while the clever artists, animators and craftspeople are creating their magic for over six months to bring this Christmas tradition to Myer’s many Christmas visitors.

Why don’t you bring out that Christmas spirit and inner child in you and check them out.  I was very impressed with them this year.

Yours in Christmas


How to use advertising to create a consumer experience

We are all very accustomed to traditional advertising methods but I believe we are starting to see a change towards brands creating more of a consumer experience that makes them memorable and standout in a crowded market place.

AKQA ran a very clever campaign for VW for the new 2010 GTI which was based around an iPhone game that encouraged people to drive the GTI around a track and log the best times to win one of 6 real GTI’s.

Unlike traditional campaigns where it takes you six months to see the results, consumer experience is an everyday exercise, and much harder to control as there are many levels of complexity, but will give you the results almost immediately.

See what they did here:


Yours in Design

Where good ideas come from

This TED talk by Steven Johnson into the generation of ideas is sure to get you spending some extra time at your local coffee shop or dawdling a few minutes longer at the water cooler.

Johnson provides a wonderful insight into the benefits of team work and the open discussion of ideas. He dispels the idea of the ‘epiphany’ and credits good ideas to an intricate network formed through the sharing of ideas over time. The idea could have been building for a while, taking many years to form, but is often refined and polished with contributions from other networks and sources.

With the recent release of facebook movie The Social Network, where intellectual property becomes a precious, money generating commodity, it’s no wonder we protect our ideas with laws and contracts. But in the greater scheme of technological and scientific progression, are we hindering our potential to grow and learn by limiting how much of our knowledge we share?

Do you think intellectual property should be made more accessible?

Yours in idea networking,


Interested in more? Catch the Steven Johnson TED talk: Where good ideas come from

Amazing Digital Landscapes

The creation of Amazing Digital Landscapes appears to be all around us in everything from TV advertising to movies and games. It seems that an increasing number of all entertainment mediums are embracing the creation of digital landscapes.

In fact, so real have these landscapes become, we are inclined to forget the artistic value and history that is being created around us as we are immersed within more digital worlds on a daily basis.

When thinking about memorable digital landscapes, one of the most prominent and recently created examples would have to be that of the world of Avatar. With such amazing effects and beautiful surroundings, it makes me almost want to visit!

Who could forget the epic battles of Star Wars? The most recent instalment of the Xbox 360 console game, Star Wars 2 The Force Unleashed, is an amazing example of the capabilities of our generation and time to create and evolve this amazing form of digital artistry across multiple platforms.

A quick search online for digital landscapes results in thousands of beautifully created universes with a multitude of themes and colours waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

What’s the most amazing digital landscape you’ve come across recently?

Yours in digital,


India Fashion Week showcases fantastic designs

Photo: Courtesy Brisbane Courier Mail

The launch of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week commenced in New Delhi this week. The five day event organised by the Fashion Design Council of India is the largest fashion trade event in the country and will feature more than 115 designers.  At the launch this week, models adorned with giant face and box masks stepped out on to the catwalk wearing the creations of Indian designers Nida Mahmood and Nandita Basu.

The major trend on the first day remained wearability and functionality, with skirts, dresses and confectionary colours and pretty patterns back in vogue.

The Wills fashion week event is one of two major fashion weeks held in India, the other being the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

The Courier Mail has some fantastic images in their photo gallery.  Make sure you check them out and let us know what you think.

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Racing Helmet Design

As an avid fan of motor racing and a racer myself, I love checking out all the drivers racing helmets in the pit lane. But the best helmet designs come from big racing categories such as V8 Supercars in Australia, and the pinnacle of motor sport, Formula 1. My 3 favourite designs are:

1. Kimi Raikkonen – F1
I love the tattoo effects throughout and the colours used. My helmet plans are to be red, black and silver as well to go with my team colours, and I have been taking inspiration from this design.

2. Craig Lowndes – V8 Supercars
Craig designed his helmet when he was in Europe racing with the help of his then current room mate, and the thought process behind this was to be patriotic and keep the Aussie flag waving over there. So he used the Australian colours of green, blue and gold. These days he also now has a cartoon picture of his children on the back of his helmet.

3. Jenson Button – F1
Jenson’s helmet is one of my favourites of all favourites! Everything just flows nicely and it looks so simple yet has a lot of meaning. Once again the patriot act comes in with a big Union Jack on the rear of the helmet (the English flag), with a big JB on the side. All in the English flag colours and style.

Yours in helmet design,

Relaunch announced for least trusted brand Myspace

Myspace was announced as one of 2010’s least trusted brands, according to the survey results compiled by Brand Asset Consulting. While Google, Nokia and Microsoft topped the list of most trusted, Australians rated social media pioneer, Myspace, as one of the brands they have the least confidence in.

Myspace has made a move to combat its fall from grace and its loosing battle against Facebook, by relaunching with a focus on the thing it does best: connecting 120 million global users with music, TV and movies. CEO Mike Leees says Myspace will narrow its focus to target the Gen Y audience.

The new idea positions the user as a curator, where your page will showcase your interests. The relaunch also comes with a totally new look – new logo, page layout and better tools to customise your page design.

What do you think? Will people embrace the new direction for Myspace?

Yours in design,