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Design considerations

I chose this TED Talk to share with the Brio Group team this morning as I liked how Thomas Heatherwick’s London Architect firm considered their designs in a holistic approach. Not only did they consider the impact their designs have on the existing natural and built environment, but they also considered how it affects the audience which are not persay the people working or residing in the buildings but also the general public and passers by.

Heatherwick Studio conceptualises beautifully creative buildings that invite participation and provoke feelings/moments.

I hope you enjoy this TED Talk as much as we did.

Another TED Talk which I discovered and loved, was by a woman of my own heart… Jessi Arrington buys and wears only second hand clothing to reduce her impact on the environment [high 5 sister!]. She has a fantastic personality and rocks in her colourful outfits! She says, “If you believe you’re a beautiful person inside and out, there is no look you can’t pull off!’ Here is another feel good TED Talk…

Yours in awesome TED Talks!
Amber van Sloten

Consumer reviews set to create valuable campaign content

Yes, I am one of those people who still like to read the newspaper. And it was through reading the newspaper that I learnt about this new website called We Like This.

We Like This is a website that allows you to review products and services and write your opinions about them. Through writing your review, you are given the opportunity to tell lots of people about your favourite products, good experiences, and not so good experiences.

Also, you will be reading the opinion of others so that you too can make informed choices about the products you are considering buying.

The products and services are listed by categories e.g Automotive, Clothing and Apparel, Computing, Food and Drink, etc. If the product or service you wish to review is not listed, you’re given the opportunity to suggest the new product and write a review for it. A new product page is then created by the We Like This team.

Your reviews may also be used across press, online and TV. This way, reviews influence even more people. A positive review of a product is very powerful in influencing others and customers’ review can make or break a brand.

When an advertiser’s products or services have been reviewed positively, they are offered the opportunity to licence these reviews into a We Like This formatted advertising campaign which might run across press, magazines, TV and the internet.

A certain criteria must be met before an advertiser is permitted to use the We Like This brand or any reviews in an advertising campaign. The product must have a total rating above 3.5 hearts to be deemed positive and must have received a minimum of 15 reviews.

Consumer opinions about products and services are more powerful than advertising in helping other people make decisions. I may even get to read all the good reviews by real people in the newspaper!

I like this. Do you?

Yours in advertising,

Come Together Brisbane TVC campaign

I really love the new Brisbane City Council’s “Come Together Brisbane” TV Advertising campaign. It’s fun, energetic and fresh and sends the message that its business as usual in Brisbane and this is the place to see and to have fun. I also love the Hungry Kids of Hungary and Ball Park Music’s rendition of the classic Beatles song “Come Together” played in the commercial.

In view of the recent natural disasters experienced in our beautiful city, this campaign clearly demonstrates that Brisbane has bounced back with much renewed enthusiasm and energy and is working together to be better than ever.

Through this campaign, Individuals, Community Groups, Sporting Clubs and Businesses are being invited to share their messages to the world that Brisbane is better than ever and to also become a part of a series of unique exhibitions held throughout Brisbane during the Brisbane Festival. A major prize, second prize and runner up prizes are on offer for the best entries.

You may view the TV commercial and some of the messages that have already been created on the together brisbane website. This campaign makes me feel very proud to be a Queenslander and a Brisbane local.

How would you share your message to the world about Brisbane?

Yours in Advertising

Budweiser pool ball

Just when you thought you had seen all the combinations possible for sports, think again. Budweiser have invented their own nightclub sport known as Pool Ball.

This is a clever marketing stunt by Budweiser who has been very active of late with their viral marketing campaigns. The idea of the “sport” is to combine football (soccer for us Aussies!) with pool, a pub classic. The playing field installed in the bar shown in the video below is a 7 metre long Astroturfed pool table complete with soccer balls that have been painted to represent a full set of billiard balls.

Check out the video below:


As marketers of alcoholic beverages, companies need to be quite careful and highly targeted and strategic in their social media marketing efforts given the worldwide differences in legal drinking ages and the company’s social responsibility to prohibit their advertising being viewed by minors.

I think this video is one of the better viral videos I have seen for quite some time, it’s use of popular sports to promote their product is well executed and very entertaining.

Where can I play?

Yours in clever viral videos,


Tag your TV and get free Pepsi!

We’ve all heard of QR codes and how popular they are becoming in marketing campaigns, but how about a campaign where you interact with your TV?

That’s right, TV advertising has finally come full circle thanks to IntoNow, who have developed a new iPhone App which allows you to “tag” your TV. The promotion has been launched in conjunction with Pepsi, where they are giving TV viewers the opportunity to tag the commercial using their iPhone which then automatically downloads a voucher to their smartphone for a free Pepsi. There are 50,000 free vouchers being given away to the first users who tag the correct spot in the commercial.

The technology is somewhat similar to that of the hugely popular iPhone app Shazam which identifies music by “listening” to it. IntoNow listens to and identifies programs and advertisements on television.

The images of the interface that I’ve seen are really exciting. You are able to instantly review what you’ve tagged plus, you can see all the other users who are tagging the same program or item within a commercial. It’s a totally interactive experience!

The possibilities for this type of technology are exciting, imagine being at the cinema watching the latest blockbuster, tagging the movie and then purchasing merchandise direct from your phone?

The technology is only available in the US at the current time, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this technology on Australian shores.

What do you think of this type of technology?

Yours in very cool technology,


The Queensland Premier’s Design Awards return for 2011

After the success of last year’s event, the Queensland Premier’s Design Awards are back for their secon official year and ready to add more inspiring design ambassadors to their ranks.

So what are the Queensland Premier’s Design Awards you ask?

The awards were started in 2006 when Arts Queensland established the Smart State Designer of the Year Award in conjunction with the Design Institute of Australia. Originally part of a broader Queensland Design Awards program, it was created to recognise design excellence and leadership within the Queensland design industry.  However since inception it has morphed into an annual event recognising how good design – in theory and practice – has a profound effect on business, lifestyle, innovation and of course culture.

Inaugural winner of the Smart State fellowship, Alexander Loterzstain used his winnings to travel, but said what he really got from entering the competition was perspective – after all, the submission process required him to pull together his last (or rather his first) 10 years of work. At the same time 2010’s Emerging Design Leader and environmentally-motivated designer Kent Gration used his winnings to venture into his sustainable furniture’s heartland – The Bamboo Ocean – and absorbed all he could about the manufacturing process behind the materials he used to create beautiful, and functional products.

If good design inspire you to inspire others, head over to The Queensland Premier’s Design Awards and apply now. Submissions close COB Friday 29 April.

Yours in Inspirational Design,


#epicwinning with ASOS Facebook competition

asos facebook competition

I won, I won, I won!!!! Can you tell that I’m super excited? It’s because I’ve won $300 worth of ASOS gear for free! In the words of one wise Charlie Sheen I think that makes me a “#biwinner”. “#epicwinning” indeed!

After I ‘liked’ ASOS on Facebook – one of the largest online fashion retailers which is based in the UK – I entered into their ‘Have one on us’ competition which sees one lucky buyer win their order for free. A winner is drawn every hour of the day, every day and you go into the draw to win your order’s worth of gift vouchers – lucky I had a big order then! They’ll send them to me via email within a week and I’ll have 300 clams to throw at some sweet British threads. ASOS have a serious good range, from super cheap to super designer and expensive, I love it!

Just another reason why I love Facebook! Small giveaways go a long way to keep your customers happy – and keep them coming back!

Sorry my life is so bitchin’ guys – I win here, I win there – ok enough Charlie Sheen quotes!

Yours in #epicwinning,

TQ launches Million Dollar Memo campaign to the world

Businesses around the world will go head to head for a $1 million Queensland travel package in Tourism Queensland’s latest global marketing campaign. Companies and workplaces around the globe would vie for the opportunity to win a luxury Queensland reward as part of the Million Dollar Memo campaign.

On Friday 18 March, domestic and international businesses were issued with a global challenge, in the form of a memo, to compete in the promotion and secure five-star and adventure travel experiences at a range of leading Queensland destinations including the Tropical North, the Whitsundays and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

The Million Dollar Memo challenge to businesses is simple, go to the website,, to tell why your workplace deserves to win $1 million worth of unique travel experiences right here in beautiful Queensland.

Entrants need to create an entertaining 60 second video that shows what makes their company great – and why they think Queensland is the ultimate reward for their staff.

The four-year global campaign, valued at $6.9 million, follows the Best Job in the World promotion and aims to position Queensland as one of the world’s leading destinations for the lucrative travel incentive market.

It doesn’t matter if you have 3000 employees or just three the Million Dollar Memo applies to companies and workplaces throughout Australia and around the world.

The Million Dollar Memo is open to anyone from any organisation, company, business or workplace in any country and will run from 18 March until 1 May.

The competition will consist of three phases; a Top 50 short-list, a Final 20 list and an Incentive Challenge which will see a representative of the final 20 companies travel to Queensland to compete in an Incentive Challenge to be held in unique locations throughout the State from August 23.

For more information, to download the memo and submit entries go to

Yours in Queensland campaigns,


Ben & Jerry’s social media catapult into the Australian market

Social Media is a buzzing with activity stemming from Ben & Jerry’s latest social media campaign. Remember how our team won a truck load of ice cream last year, well I have asked  Rhys Furner, a Digital Marketing Consultant for Reload Media, Brio Group’s digital SEO partner to tell us about their lastest campaign.

If you haven’t tasted the delicious chunks and swirls of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, then I order you to try it now! But what’s even more impressive about B & J’s is their guerrilla social media marketing strategy they have employed with their recent entrance into the Australian market.

Ben & Jerry’s had the unenviable task of breaking into the Australian ice cream and dessert vertical against such industry stalwarts as Baskin Robbins, Cold Rock, Sara Lee, Streets and Peters. The main goal of the current campaign appears to have been to introduce as many Australians as possible to the decadent new range of premium ice cream flavours that is now available in Australia through Ben & Jerry’s.

Top of mind brand awareness was always going to be one of B & J’s primary marketing objectives in any introductory campaign, but it’s the way the company has gone about this which has really started to create some buzz both online and offline.

Introducing the Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Election – a Facebook competition where 8 finalists (who have each been assigned a different Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream flavour) campaign to gain the most ‘likes’ for their delegated flavour.

The winner receives a trip to any Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop in the world and the voters go in the running to win a year’s supply of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! (Quite literally a win-win situation.)

…And guess what? I, Rhys Furner, am one of the 8 flavour campaigners!


As a digital marketing consultant taking part in such a boundary pushing and innovative social media campaign, I am really starting to see the benefits of utilising the power and enthusiasm of passionate brand advocates through creative and tactical crowd sourcing.

Ben & Jerry’s know that their target market is 18 – 35s. They rely on product ambassadors to spread the word about their crazy-delicious ice cream flavours. So what better medium to harness this brand loyalty then social media?

Overall, in just two weeks, the 8 Flavour Campaigners for Ben & Jerry’s have managed to get around 4,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ for their flavours. They have also gained thousands of ‘likes’ for the Ben & Jerry’s Australia Facebook page.

What a way to cause a stir! It just goes to show the power of social media and its ability to push your brand to new levels. All you need is a great concept and the ability to implement it through utilising companies like Brio Group and Reload Media!

And now for the plug!

Picture this…

Caramel ice cream, swirls of golden caramel, plus a helping of chocolate-covered buttery-soft pieces of caramel. It’s enough to keep any voter cool, calm and caramelated!

Vote for Triple Caramel Chunk today and help send me around the world!

Thanks Rhys, we wish you all the best in the competition.

Yours in tasty social media campaigns,


Girls, spend the night at IKEA!

IKEA is a furniture and design marvel. Everything in IKEA screams to me: “Buy me! I am amazing! I am cheap! I look great! You need me!”. I love IKEA like I love chocolate. It’s an addiction. And I know I am not alone when it comes to IKEA love.

So, if you’re an IKEA lover like me, are female (sorry boys!) and live in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, then you may be excited about IKEA’s latest Facebook competition: Spend the Night at IKEA.

Spend the night with friends, fun and whole lot of furniture. You and a friend could win the chance to be part of a girls-only sleepover in your local IKEA store!

For the first time ever in Australia, on Friday March 25th in Sydney and Saturday 26th March in Brisbane and Melbourne, flatpack fans are invited to spend the night in their local IKEA store and enjoy a night of chick flicks, pampering and waiter service from handsome men.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I remember watching a movie in primary school about a group of school kids accidentally locked in a department store and the shenanigans they got up to during the night. Ever since then I have had a desire to be locked inside a store and be left to my own devices. This IKEA competition reminds me of that movie!

If you like the idea of being locked inside an IKEA store with either furniture, handsome men or both, and want to enter the competition (or see a great marketing example run through the social networking site), visit IKEA’s Australian Facebook page.

Good luck!

Yours in IKEA promotions,