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Building brands with Archetypes


If you can build a story around your brand that you can tell at every touch point, your team, current customers and, importantly, future customers will have a clear idea as to what to expect from your product or service.

Our strategic approach to brand development involves leveraging logic and emotion, tapping into how a person or brand behaves.

This instinctive yet unconscious understanding of mental architecture is described by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung as ‘archetypes’.

Our approach to building your business is more than creating a logo and a colour scheme.

Archetypes define the soul of your brand and enable you to express it in ways that resonate with universal feelings and instincts. In today’s intensely competitive and complex environment, an emotional appeal is the key prerequisite to effective marketing.

We believe that when archetypal theory is applied to a brand it enables you to separate yourself from your competitors beyond price, product or service, as those can simply be replicated.

A Brand is really about ‘what we and our customers feel and believe’ when they think, touch, see or experience anything related to your business.

A true Brand is the sum of many parts, though fundamentally it is about the ‘head and the heart’ or logic and emotion.

When we identify your brand archetype, we define:

  • Brand personality (archetype) and how it can be used to build brand and culture
  • Supporting brand imagery and elements
  • Brand language and brand story
  • Brand value proposition
  • How to leverage your strapline/tagline throughout your marketing
  • Clear brand direction that can be used to promote new and/or existing products/services.
  • How the brand story can be told at various levels of the sales process.

Many businesses know who they are now and who they want to be in the future but don’t know how to get there. We will define the process you need to evolve into your future brand.

Get in touch to find out more.

Yours in branding


Fiats graphic design flair

The Design Institute of Australia is proud to announce their endorsement of the 2013 Fiat Nationals. The event hosted by the Queensland FIAT car club – a Non for profit organisation, provides the opportunity to highlight the beautiful graphic designs that have accompanied the beautiful cars designs – time after time.

The FIAT nationals will be held on the weekend of the 18-20th of January 2013, drawing Fiat Car Club members, design enthusiasts, and motoring devotees from the Asia Pacific to gather in Ipswich, Queensland. The weekend encompasses a variety of competitive and social events that will include a timed sprint at Queensland Raceway, the 50th “Fiat of Italy Cup” Autokhana, a Show’n’Shine, participation of by other car clubs such as Alpha Romeo car club as well as a Presentation Dinner.

As a the centre point of the Nationals, a vast collection of graphic design, marketing and advertising material and memorabilia will be on display at the Fiat Nationals DIA lounge. The DIA lounge will have activities for people to explore automobile graphic design first hand – a must do for kids looking at becoming designers of the future.

The DIA lounge will be a chill-out spot for adults and children to enjoy the 2013 FIAT Nationals. DIA board member & Designer Marina Kozul says, “The FIAT nationals not only represents a celebration of FIAT cars and the fiat group which includes (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Jeep, Chrysler) but also represents a celebration & acknowledgement to the huge body work made by fiat designers since 1899. The contribution of graphics designers for the automobile is immense.

Since the beginning FIAT graphic designers have been giving a voice and visual communication to FIAT automobiles. As the DIA is a professional body for designers, founded by the design professions, and run and funded by designers;. The DIA is delighted to endorse The FIAT Nationals which shows appreciation for good design. There is nothing more convincing than an example or good design because good design prevails – and FIAT has certainly proved that.

DIA Queensland co-president and Graphic Designer Peter Florentzoz says the fiat posters represent ideas of heroes and crossing frontiers. Those messages accompanied the bold fiats designs – the hero being the everywoman, man and every child looking to cross the next frontier smartly.

Communicating a smart message about an automobile/design/product is just as important as the smart automobile itself. In many cases sometimes the poster was the only way to plant a seed in people’s minds about the possibility in owning a FIAT. The information graphics designers deal with not only requires a sound understanding of text based communication but also requires them to skilfully use the communication properties of symbols, colours and pictures.

FIAT has relentlessly provided that communication worldwide capturing life’s romantic, heroic, and vivacious moments all though graphics design, some say the FIAT campaigns were at the art of graphic design.

For more information on graphic design as a profession visit:
To see the FIAT graphics design portfolio at the 2013 FIAT Nationals register at:


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When a viral video is not a viral video!

This is new from navigation systems TomTom… a take off of some of the top videos that have gone viral this year… Does it work? or is it just a little too lame to go anywhere?

I think it is a good attempt but don’t think it will get the cut through that TomTom may be expecting. In saying that is always refreshing to see a brand take a creative approach to their marketing and be willing to take a risk with something new.

What do you think about this approach?

Tim Leberecht talks Brand Stories

Tim gives a great insight with this TED talk about how your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room. He says “Hyperconnectivity allows companies to be in that room now, 24/7. They can listen and even join the conversation.”

In this talk Tim presents three rules that brands can use to change how their customers / consumers feel about them which then affects what they say about them.

These 10 examples that Tim outlines in this talk are all using his three rules and are doing something totally unexpected. We were only talking today now we love to work with brands who are willing to let us shape a creative idea and then being willing to try something different. It gives them greater cut through than being safe ever will. Here are some brands that have done just that.

1. Patagonia asks consumers not to buy their products.

2. Interflora sends bouquets to customers having a bad day.

3. Semco lets employees set their own hours and salary!

4. Radiohead lets fans set their price for their album.

5. Anthon Berg sells chocolates for good deeds.

6. Netflix offers employees unlimited holidays.

7. Microsoft supports hacking.

8. KLM makes happiness strike again.

9. Frog encourages employee speed-meeting.

10. American Express turns travel into a game.

Yours in being different.


BMW M Presents: The Making of an M Print

Unmatched performance meets another type of one-of-a-kind. Watch the BMW M6 Coupe race from 0 to 60 over paper to create unique autographs for M fans nationwide. Get a behind the scenes look at how Matt Mullins, Chief Driving Instructor of the BMW Performance Driving School, ink, and the BMW M6 Coupe created the M Print.

We love the creative thinking that has gone into this campaign. Who wouldn’t want to receive a copy complete with stone indents. Very collectable.

Well done BMW.

National Business Name Changes

This is an important blog from guest blogger Andrew Nicholson (Mullins Lawyers) where he talks about the importance for business owners to understand the difference between what a registered business name provides in comparison to trademark registration. As a business owner myself I know how important it is to ensure all that we are creating is protected in the long term.  For more information contact Andrew at:



From 28 May 2012, businesses will no longer need to undertake the task of registering a business name in a number of States/ Territories. Under the new system, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) will also maintain a national business names register.

Both company and business names will then be administered by ASIC, Australia wide. Existing business names will be transferred to the new register, with the same renewal date. We suggest that you review the register to ensure that your details have been correctly recorded.

Registering New Names
There are a number of changes to the registration process and it will be necessary to pass a number of criteria before the name is accepted. The online process will also contain links to the trademarks database and the domain name registry, the importance of which is discussed below.

What is the Risk?
Registering a business name is all about compliance and it is required if you are using a trading name other than your own. however, registering a business name will not give you ownership of, or any proprietary rights in, the name. Rather, business name registration merely prevents others from registering an identical or similar name. It is a common misconception that registering a company or business name conveys ownership or an exclusive right to use. That is not the case. The only way to obtain those rights is through trademark registration.

Put simply, the risk is: If you register a business name (or adopt a name/brand) which infringes the rights of others (commonly through trademark infringement, misleading or deceptive conduct or passing off) then you may find yourself the subject of  legal action. The consequences may include one or more of having to rebrand, shutting down while you do so, facing embarrassment with clients/customers and having to pay damages to the other party.

The online system now indicates that applicants should search the trademarks database (to consider whether they are infringing any earlier marks). There are a number of tricks for young players and professional advice should be sought prior to spending time, effort and money in the development of a new name.

You should consider whether it is possible to protect your name through trademark registration, which provides an exclusive right to use the name in relation to your goods and services. Existing businesses should also take care when adopting names for new products or service lines.

Undertaking the necessary searches and protecting your name/brand through trademark registration is relatively inexpensive. Preferably this work should be undertaken prior to using the name or as soon as your new name/ brand and/or logo has been developed.

We can assist you in the above process.

Yours in brand protection,

Andrew Nicholson
Mullins Lawyers 

ABC2 launches new ident.


ABC2 have recently launched a new ident directed by PictureDrift’s Brendan Cook and animation created by Mirage VFX.

The hummingbird was basis of the concept and you watch it transform from its natural state into a bright pink. The magic of this transformation happens after the bird eats from a pink flower. Their aim was to add to the already existing collection of idents and to represent the channel as youthful and a bit quirky. The pink and green colours used are based on the channel colours and is an interpretation on the channels tagline “Always Brighter”. It is colourful, cheery and fun to watch. ABC2  have created a great ident that captures the channels essence and beliefs.

Click to watch ident.

Yours “Always Brighter”,