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Ben & Jerry’s social media catapult into the Australian market

Social Media is a buzzing with activity stemming from Ben & Jerry’s latest social media campaign. Remember how our team won a truck load of ice cream last year, well I have asked  Rhys Furner, a Digital Marketing Consultant for Reload Media, Brio Group’s digital SEO partner to tell us about their lastest campaign.

If you haven’t tasted the delicious chunks and swirls of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, then I order you to try it now! But what’s even more impressive about B & J’s is their guerrilla social media marketing strategy they have employed with their recent entrance into the Australian market.

Ben & Jerry’s had the unenviable task of breaking into the Australian ice cream and dessert vertical against such industry stalwarts as Baskin Robbins, Cold Rock, Sara Lee, Streets and Peters. The main goal of the current campaign appears to have been to introduce as many Australians as possible to the decadent new range of premium ice cream flavours that is now available in Australia through Ben & Jerry’s.

Top of mind brand awareness was always going to be one of B & J’s primary marketing objectives in any introductory campaign, but it’s the way the company has gone about this which has really started to create some buzz both online and offline.

Introducing the Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Election – a Facebook competition where 8 finalists (who have each been assigned a different Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream flavour) campaign to gain the most ‘likes’ for their delegated flavour.

The winner receives a trip to any Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop in the world and the voters go in the running to win a year’s supply of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! (Quite literally a win-win situation.)

…And guess what? I, Rhys Furner, am one of the 8 flavour campaigners!


As a digital marketing consultant taking part in such a boundary pushing and innovative social media campaign, I am really starting to see the benefits of utilising the power and enthusiasm of passionate brand advocates through creative and tactical crowd sourcing.

Ben & Jerry’s know that their target market is 18 – 35s. They rely on product ambassadors to spread the word about their crazy-delicious ice cream flavours. So what better medium to harness this brand loyalty then social media?

Overall, in just two weeks, the 8 Flavour Campaigners for Ben & Jerry’s have managed to get around 4,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ for their flavours. They have also gained thousands of ‘likes’ for the Ben & Jerry’s Australia Facebook page.

What a way to cause a stir! It just goes to show the power of social media and its ability to push your brand to new levels. All you need is a great concept and the ability to implement it through utilising companies like Brio Group and Reload Media!

And now for the plug!

Picture this…

Caramel ice cream, swirls of golden caramel, plus a helping of chocolate-covered buttery-soft pieces of caramel. It’s enough to keep any voter cool, calm and caramelated!

Vote for Triple Caramel Chunk today and help send me around the world!

Thanks Rhys, we wish you all the best in the competition.

Yours in tasty social media campaigns,


Design your own shoes with Shoes of Prey

When I signed up for a Small Budget Web Success Seminar with Interactive Minds I saw one of the speakers was Mike Knapp from Shoes of Prey. I thought ‘what a great name’ and got on the old google machine to find out who they were.

What I discovered literally made my jaw drop (it actually slackened and filled up with drool) – here was a site where you could completely design your own pair of beautiful shoes (that are in line with this season’s trends) and have them delivered to your doorstep. You can choose the height of your heel (or go for a pair of super comfy flats), add embellishments like bows, buckles and flowers and even choose ankle boots and gladiators. I was so excited I ran into the other office and blurted out a few words…site. design. shoes. awesome. that’s about all I could manage! I LOVE the idea of designing my own show – yeah they’re expensive but I can get exactly what I want and make a shoe that wouldn’t even exist in the retail space.

Anyway what I learned from the seminar was how Shoes of Prey managed to gain a bit of publicity through blogger Blair Fowler aka JuicyStar07 who made this videoblog (or videolog – I think that’s what the kids are calling them these days) which gave Shoes of Prey a boost of 670,000 hits. Pretty impressive that a 16 year old can have that much influence! Well I hope that was educational!

Yours in delicious shoes,

How to grow your fanbase on Facebook

How do I grow the fanbase so more people are engaged and have exposure to the brand?” Every Marketer asks themselves this question when they’re working to build a brand through social network sites.

First, you need to be clear on the rules for promoting a brand through Facebook. From a marketer’s perspective, we recommend reading the Facebook Promotions Guidelines. If you’re across these rules you’ll have a better chance of not getting on the wrong side of Facebook (and in turn get banned, as that wouldn’t be good for the brand you’re promoting!).

There are two main ways to get fans on Facebook:

1) Be likeable

The first way is to become a celebrity or have a well known brand people which people will actively seek out and become a fan as a way of affiliating themselves. In these categories, generally there is no issue in how to get fans. All you need to do is post regular updates and information that’s engaging to fans to keep you top of mind. This will help organically grow a fan base (as when your fans interact with your page, this interaction is spread virally to their Facebook friends). Justin Bieber is famous and has an astounding 21,849,746 Facebook fans and Gucci is a great well known brand that has 3,791,867 Facebook fans.

2) Incentivise

The second way is to have some kind of incentive to ‘like’ your brand. I know this sounds simple and is basic marketing, but there are many ways, and some very creative, to do this. Here are some ideas you could try:

• Give people a discount or a prize for being a fan on Facebook.  They could be weekly draws, like: ‘Mention the special Facebook code when you come in store’ etc.

• Give them something special to engage with once they have liked you. For example, once you become a fan of Barbie on Facebook, you can shop at the exclusive pop-up store in NYC.

• If you have a specific product or service, now is the time to engage with your target market with helpful information, feedback or news from the industry.

A bit of coding goes a long way

Customise a tab in Facebook to act like a landing page where you can create a call to action, sell something or create some intrigue.  You can be really creative with this page as it acts a little like a mini website on Facebook and only requires some simple coding.

Engagment ads on Facebook

At Brio Group we have had a lot of success with Facebook advertising. It can be really specific and you can limit your spend with a pay per 1000 impressions or pay per click (like AdWords). It’s a great way to build awareness to your new product or service, or to build up fans for your brand or product before you launch. If done well this can be one of the most cost effective advertising strategies you will do. I always advise that when advertising on Facebook  remember people are expecting something for FREE or really cheap so promote discounts, giveaways, tell your fans about your competition, etc. Then make sure to link to your customised landing page where there are more details, or a custom tab on your Facebook Page – never just sent them to the Facebook wall.

Appoint a Facebook account manager

My final tip is to get an account manager if you’re really serious with your Facebook Advertising. They will be only too happy to help you work with Facebook to approve competitions, create effective ads and help you get the most of the latest developments from Facebook.

Yours in Facebook marketing,


To goo, or not to goo? That’s Cadbury’s eternal question

Everyone knows them, almost everyone has their own way of eating them, and this year 1,621,728 people “like” them.

Yes, the Cadbury Crème Egg has smashed, crashed, splatted, blended, mouse-trapped and sliced its way onto our TVs and social media sites once again. This time in their limited season “How Do You Goo” Campaign, with an added bonus, GOO DARES WINS!

Now I’m not loyal to many brands and chocolate is certainly no exception, but these little guys with their own personalities and quirks have me coming back for more every year – even to the point where I think I should “stock up” because its going to be a long hard year (or roughly 8 months) before I see them again. Talk about brand loyalty!

However, I’m beginning to believe my loyalty has more to do with the creative campaign that supports the brand as opposed to the actual chocolate or fondant used. My theory proved correct this weekend as I found a competitor’s crème egg on the shelf at my local supermarket, placed right beside my favourite Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

What was I to do – was I to goo, or not to goo?

In the end my partner convinced me to try the competitor’s egg, so I forlornly left my Crème Egg on the shelf and continued shopping. But as we walked the aisles I looked down at that little egg and felt like a traitor – I was forsaking a crème egg’s dream – being split in half with the fondant methodically licked out the center from one side, while the other was eaten whole for full sweetness effect.

So, in ode to the Cadbury Crème Egg I left behind on the supermarket shelf I dedicate this blog (+ video) and encourage people to go forth and Goo because you only have until April 24th.



Yours In Goo Camaraderie,


For more Creme Egg Goo-dness visit the official website.

Using social media to build a brand

Social Media can be a powerful tool when building a brand and shouldn’t be left out of the marketing mix, in fact I believe it should be considered right from the beginning of the planning and design process. As a starting point I have put together Brio Group‘s tips on integrating social media so it can be part of your next marketing strategy.

1: Choose the right channels – it’s important to get clear on who the target market/s are that you want to attract. Make sure you research the new ways this market embrace when they are communicate. Next, list out the communication channels that are being used.

2: Be creative in your approach to using social media channels – don’t just copy what everyone else is doing on social media. There are many opportunities at the moment to stand out by using social media creatively. Consider how are you engaging with the audience, what you want them to do, how the message can be spread and how traditional media can leverage your use of social media.

3. Define your tone of voice for your brand – social media channels give you the perfect platform to define your brand’s voice in the market. Is the brand fun loving, serious and detailed, or conversational? Use social media to ‘speak’ to the target audience on a personal level.

4. Listen to your customers and engage with them – social media channels lets your brand interact with your customers so you can find out what they like most about your product, service … or even team members! Listen and respond regularly to the comments and have a contingency plan in place to deal with negative feedback. At Brio Group, we call it a Social Media Policy. This important document outlines different scenarios and how to respond to negative feedback so it can be dealt with professionally and promptly by any team member. Update your Social Media Policy regularly with any new scenarios that are experienced.

5. Don’t be pushy – the biggest mistake that we see businesses doing with social media is to just push their product or service onto their target markets (fans). That is not the purpose of social media. I always say, “people will buy from businesses they know like and trust”. Social media channels give you the perfect forum to build up this awareness, personality and trust in your brand and should not be exploited with pushy and quick sales tricks and promotions.

We recently developed a new brand and marketing strategy including website build for We integrated quite a few social media components into this project with a pre-launch teaser and  launch campaign through social media channels that was supported by press releases and traditional media interviews and stories. We also set specific measurable marketing goals since the launch that we monitor weekly. The word of mouth spread of SpareTicket in the first month since launch has been phenomenal, mainly due to the power of social media. If you want to find out more about this project have a read of our case study.  If used well, your next campaign can also be a success if you harness the power of social media.

Yours in social media marketing,


Road safety campaign with a difference

We’re all too familiar with the road toll and the impact that serious traffic accidents have on families across the country. We are constantly hearing messages from the police and government urging drivers to take care, slow down and rest when tired while driving.

Along with this, we have become accustomed to the “scare tactics” that are sometimes employed via television commercials in an effort to get the message across to drivers that you are really taking your life into your own hands every time you’re behind the wheel.

As frequent and as shocking as these commercials are, I wonder if a campaign similar to this which was run in the UK this year would have a larger impact with our nation’s drivers.

This campaign was run for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and was developed by the Alexander Commercials agency. When I watched this ad for the first time, it left such an impression on me that I just had to share it.

The campaign is called “Embrace Life – always wear your seat belt” and is and award-winning ad which launched in January this year. The ad has gone viral and has had over 11.8 million views on You Tube and is going a long way to helping to create awareness for safer driving across the world.

Watch below and see for yourself.


Do you think ads like this would impact Australian drivers?

Yours in advertising with impact,


You’re the best chef in the Redlands winner announced

You may remember an article I wrote about the LJ Hooker ‘You’re the best chef in the Redlands‘ competition back in November. The competition, based on a nominate, vote, win premise, drew to a close yesterday resulting in one very lucky winner.

Wellington Point local Ainsley Aitcheson was crowned the ‘Best chef in the Redlands’ and walked away with a very cool $2000 dinner party at the Grand View Hotel, Cleveland Point. That would seriously have to be any foodie’s dream prize!

Ainsley was up against eight other Redlands locals who battled it out in the cyber world, collecting votes off the public, family and friends. The competition awarded the nominee with the most votes the winning prize and title. Ainsley won with flying colours, an impressive 3000 votes! To see her winning entry, click here.

Congratulations Ainsley!

Yours in promotional campaigns,


2010’s best viral videos

The only kind of “viral” we like to share and experience at Brio, is the viral ad/campaign!

With social media taking over a lot of advertising space these days, it’s a given that viral advertising is only growing more popular amongst brands and consumers. Why? Well, the best thing about viral advertising is that it not only excites, engages and intrigues consumers, it also allows consumers to share their experience of a brand with others in a positive way.

AdNews is currently putting together a list of the Top 20 branded viral videos for 2010 and is calling on its readers and site users to submit their favourite advertiser funded videos (national and international) uploaded to YouTube this past year. If you would like to vote or submit entries, all you need to do is to subscribe to the AdNews website.

The judging process will take into consideration not only the creativity of the video but also the popularity of the video. Popularity will be measured through the amount of times a the video has been viewed on YouTube as well as how many times it’s been shared and mentioned via social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and blog posts (ahh, the power of social media!).

The final Top 20 for 2010 list will be revealed on the 3rd of December, however in the meantime here’s a few of my favourite viral ads; some you have probably already seen, some you may not. Enjoy (oh, and if you know of some more great viral ads, please share! We’d love to see them!).

The War of the Salmon: Man vs Bear


Mice One! (don’t turn away from this one half way through … watch it until the end!)


True Beauty


Welcome Back