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Putting the “FUN” back into theory

The Fun Theory (a Volkswagen Initiative) argues, “fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better”.  They held a competition for people who had fun ways of encouraging good behaviour.  For example: a ‘bottle bank arcade’ to encourage recycling, ‘piano stairs’ to encourage exercise, ‘the world’s deepest bin’ to encourage people to properly dispose of litter and ‘The Speed Camera Lottery’




The theory is obviously a bit of fun and good marketing but it did have impressive results.  For example, the Speed Camera Lottery ‘game’ reduced the average speed of cars on that road by 22% and the piano stairs meant that 66% more people than normal took the stairs over the escalator.  This gamification of everyday things seems to ‘nudge’ people’s behaviour in profound and measurable ways.  This begs the question, how far can you nudge people and in what ways?



The Fun Theory: that “fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better” seems to have some solid foundations and is becoming more widely accepted and made use of.  Gamification seems set to be a common feature in our lives and one that may make our lives much more fun.


It must be the Super Bowl…

What is the Super Bowl without the razzle dazzle of big name stars featuring in time-slot specific ads that (generally) lend themselves to being sent to all corners of the internet. Check out the latest which brings back Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller for Honda.

Selleys – “Fast” Dresser

I have to have a bit of a laugh whenever I see this commercial, but ladies, you have to admit, it is very funny and so true. Selleys clever marketing has done it again with their new commercial for Selleys No More Gaps Fast Dry that is obviously very quick and easy to use. The couple in the commercial are about to go out and the woman is undecided about the dress she is wearing, so she goes back to change it. Her very patient partner decides to fix the wall while he waits for her. The quick 20 minute drying feature of this product then allows him to also paint the wall while he again waits for her to go back to find her earrings! Yes, she took 20 minutes to decide what dress to change into. I wonder how long it took for her to find her earrings!

Yours in Selleys Commercials
Angie Rapisarda

12 Days of Christmas

A great Christmas campaign that has had alot of people talking and sure puts a smile on my face each time I see it, is the awesomely done Bonds version of the 12 Days of Christmas. This is a well thought out and produced campaign that highlights the Bonds range for everyone this Christmas.

The success I believe is the quirkiness that engages the viewer, that works. Come on, you know you smile at the ‘six geese a laying’ reworked to highlight six pregnant woman in comfy bonds wear and another favourite for me is the ‘eleven pipers piping’, but I’ll let you checkout the video below to see the idea behind that one.

On mention of the video, this showcases all 12 days in one advert. However a fresh concept that I love and think works really well, is that in one advert break, three days are shown in separate mini 10 second ads, with longer ads in between. The unique version of the song grabs your attention every time and I know as soon as I hear it I stop whatever I’m doing to see which day is going to be highlighted and the mini repetition ensures you walk away knowing the brand name behind it.



Also for your information the unique Australian voice you hear singing is Jack Ladder, it’s a little rough but it suits the theme and you’ve never heard, or seen, Christmas carols like this before!

So what do you think of this campaign from Bonds? Do you think it’s successful and what’s your favourite day of Bonds Christmas?

Yours in Advertising


Find the healthier you…

The recent re-branding of MBF, HBA and Mutual Community health funds to Bupa Australia has given birth to the TVC of the year!

The ‘Find a healthier you’ campaign taps into the emotions of the public by asking, what would you do if you met a healthier version of yourself? The creative approach to the campaign takes a non-traditional angle by opting to not highlight the product, but rather pose a question to the public, to reach them on a deeper level and to suggest that Bupa is there to partner with their customers to ‘Find a healthier you’… Smart thinking!

I for one am hooked on the campaign…

Yours in support of Bupa,

Carlsberg Cinema Bikers Stunt

Carlsberg and advertising agency Duval Guillaume put together a brilliant viral commercial, by pulling a prank on unsuspecting movie goers. They filled a cinema with 148 of the baddest biker boys they could find and only left two seats left, smack bang in the middle. The reactions are priceless, as you will see, with some choosing to walk away and others taking their seats. Those who were brave enough to venture through the scary crowd were treated to a spotlight beam, a round of applause and you guessed it a cold bottle of Carlsberg Beer, while the movie screen shows the phrase ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’. The fun campaign has been hugely successful and has had over 7,000,00 hits alone.

The question I pose to you, is would you take a seat if you were faced with this situation?



Your’s in awesome advertising,

Is this a TV Commercial for Tooheys or Christmas?

How many times have you watched a TV ad and wondered what it was going to be about?

I was very intrigued by the recent Tooheys Extra Dry – Nocturnal Migration ad. I feel a little silly because it wasn’t until the last scene that I realized it was a Tooheys Extra Dry Beer commercial, and that was only because it said so. I didn’t really get the nocturnal migration of the stag storyline.

When I first saw this commercial, I immediately thought it had to be something about Christmas. I expected to see Santa in a sleigh somewhere, especially in the scene with the moon as the backdrop. After all, Christmas is only ten weeks away.

In the TV commercial, the stags who are representing Tooheys Extra Dry drinkers, gather together and experience a night out. They unite and share the ultimate journey – the nocturnal migration.

A Tooheys beer drinker probably would have immediately recognised the Tooheys trademark stag, and picked up on the fact that they were advertising their favourite beer.

Yours in TV Commercials
Angie Rapisarda