About Us

As Graphic Designers we find the industry we work in to be one that provides diversity and excitement. Design has the ability to evolve and find placement with every technological advancement, every new wave of communication, and find its way into the hearts and mind of generations of consumers. We here at Design.o.saurus are passionate about our work and want to share our insight and experiences in this industry.


Belinda Vesey-Brown – Bell-asaraus

Belinda has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Queensland College of Art and has more than 10 years industry experience. The challenge of starting and running a successful design studio would not have been possible without her fantastic design team.


Tanya Heading – Tanya-zinosaurus

Tanya has over 10 years experience and has even worked with Belinda years before she started RED-i Design. Tanya’s is one of the nicest and most efficient designers you would ever meet and many clients request Tanya be the designer on their project. Her patience, knowledge and helpful nature makes her a valuable member of our team.

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