Android L: announced

After all the fuss, Android L is finally revealed.

The past few months have brought much speculation about the name, with rumours of Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemonade, Licorice and more.

As we now know, Android L is now officially known as Lollypop.

Giovannio Calabrese, creator of the Andriod sculptures for the Google HQ Android lawn, was very tight-lipped about this project, but has been teasing us since early October on his Google+ account.

From announcing his travel to Google HQ for a fresh coat of paint for the previous sculptures to going gaga about Licorice all over his Google+ page, he even called out volunteers for his ‘secret surprise project’.

On 15 October, spectators gathered from all over to be at Google HQ, receiving free lollipops to celebrate the sculpture and launch of the new operating system.

Official Video from Android’s YouTube channel.

Yours in Sweet Surprise,
Brio Team.

Sally Kohn: Don’t like clickbait? Don’t Click. – TEDTalk

In this 4 minute TEDtalk, Sally Kohn, CNN contributor, columnist and pundit, talks about a though provoking topic that concerns everybody – Media – and what we can all do to influence it.

She calls clicking a “public act” that each of us can choose to do or not do to somehow shape what information gets the attention and form the media landscape. She says “Everything we blog, everything we tweet, and everything we click is a public act of making media”, drawing to the point that the Media is no longer controlled by a few powerful elites but by everybody; We are the editors.

In this digital age where everybody gets access to the web, people can choose to be a passive or an assertive contributor. It’s now up to you decide what action you want to take.

Think before you click,
Brio Team

Google Analytics: Is your website hitting the (Bench)mark?

Just last month Google  released a new feature in Google Analytics known as Benchmarking. Needless to say, the geeks among the Brio team are excited.

Benchmarking allows Analytics users to compare data with other companies, under the same industry, that shares their data. There are over 1600 industries to choose from in the Benchmarking menu and the report can be further filtered.

Unfortunately it’s not automatically available and you do need to activate it because it affects your privacy settings. Check out the  steps here to enable Benchmarking in your account.


Reports are found under the “Audience” section of the Google Analytics reporting interface.
(Go to Audience > Benchmarking)

You are able to run reports by Channel, Location and Device and benchmark your website against its industry vertical, size by daily visits and geographic location with the six standard metrics to compare.

Whilst Benchmarking isn’t new to Google (it was an original feature that was removed in 2011 in lieu of a direct email), this is only the beginning of the latest Benchmarking tool. Google will be introducing additional capabilities on this feature soon and we are so excited to see what they will come up with.

Yours in analytics,
Brio Team