Air New Zealand Team up with the Hobbit

With the arrival of ‘The Hobbit’ in cinemas, Air New Zealand created this safety announcement in the style of JRR Tolkien’s classic series.

We were in New Zealand when the Hobbit was released and travelled back to Sydney on an Air New Zealand flight and saw this safety video. It not only made me want to watch the safety message, it cemented the passion that New Zealanders have for their beautiful country and how proud they all must be to have such a world renown movie created there. It showed creativity and also captured that mytical element that is very New Zealand. What do you think?

Yours in inflight safety!


Parking Douche

We have all had an issue with people parking illegally but there is an even bigger problem with this in Russia and so it was social media to the rescue. With a goal to shame those responsible, this campaign used the web and social media to make sure that they never do it again. This is a perfect example of the power of targeted messages. We love it.


Yours in Social Media