Addicted to Pinterest

I admit it, I’m getting addicted to Pinterest. If you feel the same or, better, if you’re trying to take advantage from a marketing POV of people’s addiction to Pinterest, then you should check out this infographic that the guys at Flowtown recently put together.


What Makes You Shop?

Image Source: Kathleen Noonan,

Kathleen Noonan’s Last Word article titled “Things That Make Us Shop”, in the Queensland Life section of the Courier Mail last weekend caught my attention.

Kathleen was referencing River Clegg’s writing of “Buying This Thing Will Make Me Happy”, from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, the literature site founded by author Dave Eggers.

Noonan’s article refers to Cleggs writing about people’s shopping behaviours and the reasons that I’m sure most of us can relate to.

I observe my own daughter who declares herself “bankrupt” at least once a week, however, she always manages to afford at least one pair of shoes and a dress or two that she “just had to buy because they were soooo cheap”. I don’t know how she does it!

In a quote from Clegg’s writing, he says “It’s really cool. They just started making it and not many people have one yet… Other people will look up to me because I own this thing and use it frequently, which will make me very happy. When I’m at a party, for instance, I can wait for a moment when people start talking about how cool it looks from the latest advertisement. Then I can stroll over and take it out and start using it”

Noonan also refers to the thoughts of evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller who wrote in his book Spent, that “humans evolved in small social groups in which image and status are very important, not just for survival, but for attracting mates, impressing friends and rearing children. Today we ornament ourselves in goods and service more to make an impression on other people’s minds than to enjoy owning a chunk of matter.”

My daughter, however, will state that she always shops for “survival” as she never has any clothes or shoes to wear!

The Role Consumerism plays in our lives has gone from something we did out of necessity to something we did as a little treat, once in a while, to today, a replacement for life’s meaningful pursuits.

So, what makes me shop? Obviously, clever marketing and merchandising play a big part, but most of all, great customer service!

Yours in great shopping
Angie Rapisarda

Kickstart your next creative project with some crowd funding

When it comes to producing a documentary or putting together a game there are so many expenses before you even get it to market. Now there is a better way to get your creative ideas off the ground.

Imagine a portal where you can tell everyone about your project and then ask them to pledge some money (if they like your idea) in exchange for the chance to be involved, in some way in what you are producing.

I have been following Double Fine Productions on Kickstarter who set out with a goal of achieving $400,000 in pledges to create a new game and a documentary of the game being made. Founder Tim Schafer put together a great pitch video and then subsequent support videos to tell everyone about his project. It was a compelling video, it gave me a great insight into what Tim was wanting to achieve along with loads of personality and an insight into the difference one person could make my contributing financially.   Tim and his team at Double Fine Productions achieved a phenomenal result of over 87,142 backers and over $3 million dollars raised when the listing ended on March 13th 2012.  Check out the Kickstarter page here.

This is one of the powerful ways the internet opens up many new opportunities for people with creative ideas, and best of all you don’t need experience in looking for the one big backer to get the project off the ground.  I love the fact that supporters are global and they can help you taylor the product for the end user, which in many cases is people just like them.

Pozible is the Australian version, not quite as big as Kickstarter just yet.

Pozible have put together 12 tips to a crowd funding success which anyone considering this approach should consider carefully. They can be summarised as:

1. Plan your project and set yourself a goal
2. You’re inviting people to be a part something – so don’t be afraid to ask for the money
3. Collaboration – who can compliment  you with additional skills to get the project off the ground?
4. Influencers – who do you know that is well known that can support you with the project with endorsements etc?
5. Learn from others – look how others have been successful in attracting pledges for their project
6. Be Sociable – talk about your project at every opportunity
7. Share and connect online
8. Another day, another dollar – build momentum and stay in contact with your audience so they know you are serious in achieving your project
9. Say thank you
10. Without an audience, you’ve got very little – get to know them
11. Reward your supporters – be creative with what you can offer
12. A story to tell – why is your project unique and why should we believe you will see the project through, how did you come up with the idea in the first place?

If you check out the Double Fine Productions page on Kickstarter, you will see how they have met all of the above points to attract the level of funding they did.

Yours in Crowd Funding.



Take the stairs!

On any normal day, due to complete laziness I would probably take the escalator. If you presented me with the opportunity to have ‘fun’ whilst climbing a set of stairs, I’d definitely consider it.

The Fun Project – Piano Staircase was an initiative of Volkswagen to see if by making the daily chore of climbing the stairs to be ‘fun’, would increase the number of people to actually use them. See the results here.


Yours in laziness,


Apple pays dividends, cloning next?

Apple has so much money in fact that they are going to (finally) reward their investors with a $2.65 per share dividend and share buy back plan which will see the company shed $45 billion over the next 3 years.

Personally I think this is such an amazing position for Apple to be in. However I do find it very interesting that this is now happening after Steve Jobs passing and he was not in favour of such things. I don’t think Jobs was greedy at all, I think he just wanted to make sure that the company was financially secure as well as adding to the exclusivity of Apple products. Jobs had never allowed dividends to be paid out to investors, the only time it happened in Apple’s history was when Jobs was not at the helm.

It actually makes me wonder if another business activity by Apple would happen without Jobs being there—Mac Clones. If you are an Apple Mac devotee you would remember that in the 1990’s you could buy cheaper version of an Apple Mac known as a clone. Then shortly after  Jobs returned to Apple the cloning program was stopped. Apple went through a phase where you could only buy an Apple Mac from an Apple store. As wonderful as it may seem to supply such wonderful equipment with such exclusiveness, it was just not viable as a business plan as the demand (at that time) was not high enough. These days though, you can buy Apple products in many different locations and store, but the licensing rules are stringent and enforced which keeps the integrity and credibility of the Apple Mac product family as we see it today. But as I said earlier, I hope that Apple doesn’t go back into old habits just because Jobs is no longer there.

Yours in paying dividends,


Emerging local artists

The IMA: Institute of Modern Art is inviting artists who are 6 years out of art school, who have not yet exhibited at IMA and who were born or are living in Queensland to submit their portfolios to be considered for showcasing at the 2012 Fresh Cut exhibit at the IMA. All you need to do is submit your portfolio by 28 March via:
• email []
• post [IMA, PO Box 2176, Fortitude Valley BC QLD 4006]
• or drop it off at the IMA office [420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley BC QLD 4006]
Note: They will not be returned.

This annual exhibition has been running since 1997 and is a great platform for emerging artists to mingle and share their work and views.

Are you ready to put yourself out there? Hurry as you only have 7 days to enter!

Yours with Art Exhibitions,
Amber van Sloten

Project Possibility

Hear and Say Case for Support Cover

Hear and Say Case for Support Spread 1

Hear and Say Case for Support Butterflies

Hear and Say Case for Support Spread 2


If you are not already aware, we here at Brio are proud supports of Hear and Say. It is an honour for all of us here to be sponsors of Rhylee, who last year through the help of our donation, was given the gift of a cochlear implant. This of course was all made possible by the wonderful organisation, Hear and Say.

Hear and Say is one of the leading non-profit Paediatric Auditory-Verbal and cochlear implant centres in the world. Since 1992 the Centre has taught children who are deaf or hearing impaired to listen and speak.

In this time they have seen incredible growth in the numbers of children and families that come through their programs. As the numbers grow each year, the current Hear and Say Centre location in Brisbane is reaching full capacity and the team want to help as many as they can. Looking to the future and thinking big are key ideas that Hear and Say live by. With this in mind they decided that to keep up with the growth, they needed a new premises to support them now, and into the future. Thus came about the ‘Project Possibility: Under Construction’. With new premises found and purchased, their aim now, is to raise the funds needed to build their dream Centre.

Through our relationship with Hear and Say it’s exciting to see their ideas for the future grow and become a reality. At the same time, it has been fun to work on the look and feel of this booklet which aims to inform who Hear and Say are, what they do, their dreams for the future and how you can help them reach their goals (see image samples above). Our aim was to develop the branding of Hear and Say to be fun and inspiring, because that is what the experience is to be a part of Hear and Say. Whether this experience is as a child and their family within the program, a team member of Hear and Say, or the experience of being a sponsor, it is inspiring and amazing.

So as we have done, we encourage you to help Hear and Say build a future that helps give the gift of speech and sound to so many, by donating here.

Yours in honour of giving,



Well designers, it’s that time of year again! Have you got your tickets for Semi-Permanent yet?

Semi-Permanent is a world leading design conference that to date has hosted 29 events in 9 cities, covering 5 countries, with over 200 speakers and 50,000 attendees. In 2012, Semi-Permanent celebrates ten years of events – that’s a decade full of stories and wisdom from industry idols.

The event covers all disciplines of design, including graphic design, film, fine art, illustration, web design, interaction design, photography, visual effects, animation, graffiti, motion graphics, stop motion, and architecture, and much more.

Find out more here.

Yours in keeping up-to-date,

Shilo Shiv Suleman: Using tech to enable dreaming – TED Talk

Has our technology — our cell phones and iPods and cameras — stopped us from dreaming? Young artist Shilo Shiv Suleman says no, as she demos “Khoya,” her new storybook for iPad, which floats us through a magical world in 7 minutes of pure creativity. I found this very interesting.

Shilo Shiv Suleman is an illustrator, storyteller and iPad book creator.

Yours in Magical Storybook Creation
Angie Rapisarda